757 Chapter 757: The Time

    Xun suggested Long Chen to test the Sword of Time's strength by clashing it with the Flaming Ice Sword, but she only attracted a condescending gaze from Long Chen.

    "Are you stupid? There is no way I'll do something that has the potential to destroy the flaming ice sword. It's a treasure for me! I'm not risking that for my curiosity. I can test the Sword of Time later against enemies of again my other treasures when I get my ancient ring back," Long Chen told Xun as he shook his head

    Xun rolled her eyes and didn't say anything. Even she realized that if Long Chen followed her suggestion, he might lose the Flaming Ice Sword entirely. That was indeed a waste, but in her eyes, that was nothing.

    "Fine. If you don't want to test it, then fine," She said as she sighed

    Carrying the rusted sword in his hand, Long Chen walked back to the Spirit Eagle and continued flying. He didn't have any place to keep the heavy sword at. He only had one Scabbard, and that was only big enough to hold the flaming ice sword, so he could only keep the other Sword in his hand as he flew towards his destination on the Spirit Eagle.

    When it was the time to cultivate, he placed the Sword of Time on his lap before he started Cultivating so that the Sword of Time doesn't fall down.

    Time kept passing slowly as Long Chen continued his Cultivation. Xun, on the other hand, was sitting at the front of the Spirit Eagle.

    The two of them were doing stuff of their own, so none of them noticed the slight change in the sword of time.

    The rusted sword shone briefly before it stopped. Nothing happened after that, but if one was to look really carefully, they might have been able to notice that the Sword of Time, which was entirely covered in rust, has one less speck of rust on it now. It was barely noticeable at first glance, though.


    Days continued passing away slowly. While Long Chen traveled through the air, most of the soldiers traveled through the land, all of them going towards the same destination though.

    The Merchant Union was also busy shifting weapons.

    Hundreds of carriages filled with weapons and armors were traveling towards the North of the Aksha Kingdom. All of them traveled separately and through different routes.

    Days turned into weeks and weeks into a month before most of the guards managed to reach the town that was just on the outskirts of the North Border of Aksha Kingdom.

    The Town was abandoned as the people of this town had left this place since they didn't like the thought of living in this town that didn't have any resources or a land that could be cultivated. The farming here was also not feasible, forcing the citizens to leave and move over to bigger and better places.

    This town was decided to be the meeting location of the Sunai Kingdom army when everyone reached there since the Sunai Kingdom knew about this town being barren.

    Long Chen was the first person to arrive here. The second person to arrive was the General of the Army, who arrived five days after Long Chen.

    He was surprised to see that Long Chen was already living in this town. The information about Long Chen arriving five days before him was shocking to him, but he didn't put much thought to it. Long Chen was a Dragon Squad member, after all, and those guys had plenty of resources. He gave all the credits to them.

    Soon, everyone had arrived in the town just before the decided time. Not a single person was missing.

    "The Weapons and armors are still not here. Could something have happened to them?"

    "Could something have happened to the weapons? How will we fight without them?"

    One fine evening, Long Chen was walking through the town when he heard a little unrest in the soldiers.

    "Don't worry. It's to be expected. The merchant carriages need to go through official entry and exits, and they are checked at various Kingdoms. It's obvious that they would take longer," Long Chen said.

    His calm explanation managed to calm down the guards.

    Soon, the weapons were here as well. The merchant carriages delivered the weapons to the Long Chen and only left after getting his signature on their documents.


    The sun had just started to rise on the distant horizon.

    The soldiers were standing in front of the Army General and Long Chen, fully dressed in armor and with their weapons.

    There was only one person in the entire town who was not wearing an Armor. That man was holding a black rusted sword in his hand that attracted a few strange gazes from the soldiers. He was also wearing a beautiful red robe that had a Phoenix Symbol on it's back. There was a scabbard on his back, which was holding the Flaming Ice Sword.

    No one knew why the person who was going to be commanding them with their army general held the rusted black sword in his hand, but no one dared to ask. No matter what, the man currently had a higher authority than them, and he was also a Dragon Squad Member. None of them deserved to know why he did what he did.

    "Brave Soldiers of the Sunai Kingdom, after a long travel and days of waiting in this town, it's finally the time to leave this place and finish the task we were assigned by his Majesty. No one deserves to stand in our path! No one deserves to obstruct us! We're the people of the strongest Kingdom in the land, and it's time to prove it by taking over the Royal City of Aksha and finishing this war with a strong victory for our kingdom!" Long Chen declared in a stern tone that was audible to everyone.

    Your General will lead you into the Aksha Kingdom. You will advance to the Royal Capital and kill anyone on your way. There shouldn't be many guards that can become an obstruction in your path since our army is attracting their attention on the southern border! Kill anyone and everyone that stands in your path and don't stop until you take over the Royal Palace!" He continued talking about the plan.

    "As for me, I'll do what Dragon Squad does best, assisting from the shadows and killing the powerful enemies. You might not be able to see me, but I'll be near you and appear if you face any problem."
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