758 Chapter 758: Attacking Aksha

    "I don't think I would be needed though, since you have your General with you. Anyway, You will leave in two hours. Prepare for departure," Long Chen said before he turned back to look towards the General.

    "Handle it from here. I'll handle the rest my own way," he told the General before he turned back and left.

    "Men! Prepare for departure! Make this the last fight for the victory of our Supreme Kingdom. Defeat is not an option!'' The Army General motivated the Soldiers, who seemed to be confused as to why Long Chen went back into his room.

    Soon, the army left the small town and began advancing towards the Royal City of the Aksha Kingdom.

    Long Chen sat in his room, comfortable with one of his feet resting on the other.

    "Attack my men. Crush the forces of Aksha Kingdom so that I can crush you later on," Long Chen muttered as he grinned.

    He closed his eyes and folded his arms as he waited for the entire army to leave. After making sure that the army had left, he stood up.

    Stretching his arms, he stepped out of the room and looked around at the empty town.

    Bringing his Spirit Summoning Flute, he started playing it as he waited for the Spirit Eagle to arrive.

    Flapping its sharp wings, the Spirit Eagle came flying and landed in front of Long Chen.

    He sat on the Spirit Eagle as it flew into the air.

    " I miss Snake Monarch and Sun Destroying Condor. The Spirit Eagle is fast, but it's not as fast as any of them. Come to think of it, Xun, tell me one thing," Long Chen suddenly said as he thought of something.

    "What?" Appearing beside Long Chen, Xun asked.

    " I didn't ask you this, but what about the time. I've spent months here. Does that mean the same amount of time has passed in the real world? And what about the time inside the Ancient Ring? How much time has passed inside the Beast Region and the Fake World?" asked Long Chen, looking at Xun.

    " Time?" Xun muttered.

    "Yes, time. How much time has passed in the three places? Don't tell me I'll wake up years later as I did in the first trial," Long Chen inquired with a wry smile on his face.

    "Ah, no. It shouldn't be like that... most probably," Xun let out, but even she looked unsure.

    "Why do you look uncertain! Don't you dare say that you don't know! I'll be really pissed if it's anything like the first time. I'm warning you," Long Chen said to Xun as he looked at her suspiciously.

    "I, ah, I don't really know about that," Xun answered as she smiled with embarrassment.

    Long Chen couldn't help but facepalm himself as he heard her words. He couldn't believe that she seriously said that she didn't know such a basic thing.

    "I expect to wake up at the same time I came here. At most, it can be the same amount of time that I spent here. If it's anything more than that, I'm promising you that I'll break a few things inside the Bloodline Temple the next time I'm called for a trial," Long Chen said, looking in Xun's deep eyes.

    "I'm sure the Bloodline Temple got your message. Leave the rest to it. I don't have any control in whatever happens," Xun replied as she sat down near Long Chen.

    "Where are we going now?" She asked Long Chen.

    "You want to know where? We're going to the Royal City of Aksha," Long Chen replied as he smiled.

    "Why?" Xun asked in confusion.

    "To see the show from the front seat. It'll be fun. Just sit back and enjoy. It's the final stage. Everything will be over soon," Long Chen said as he patted Xun's cheeks.

    He could see the army of the Sunai Kingdom advancing on the ground. He passed by them and reached the outskirts of the next city.

    There were only two cities between the Royal City and the Northern Border of Aksha Kingdom that the Army of Sunai needed to cross to reach the Royal City.

    Long Chen reached the first city while the army of Sunai Kingdom was still a long-distance away.

    "I wonder if I still have the skills. Time to test my abilities," Long Chen muttered as he covered his face with a black devil mask. He also wore the dragon squad robe that highlighted his position as the Dragon Squad Member.

    Reaching out his left hand towards his back, he pulled out the Flaming Ice Sword.

    He held the Flaming Ice Sword in his left hand and the black rusted sword in his right hand.

    " Are you really going to do it? I thought you didn't enjoy slaughter?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    "Who told you that I don't enjoy it? It can be pretty relaxing. It gets my mind off of the stuff I usually overthink about. On the other hand, it's not unnecessary slaughter. It's necessary. I need to finish this trial as fast as I can so I can go back faster. If I need to kill a few, does it really matter at this point? They'll already be dead when the army gets here. It'll just be longer than, and the army will be delayed," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    He took a step forward and jumped down the Spirit Eagle. A deep crater was left in the ground as Long Chen landed on the ground. He just happened to land at the entrance of the city, where four guards were sitting comfortably.

    The guards stood up, shocked at the sight of a man jumping down from the sky with swords in each hand. The man seemed like an enemy, which alerted the guard.

    "I'll go and inform the commander. You handle him," One of the guards said as he started running away.

    " Drop your weapons, remove that mask and give us your identification if you don't want to die!" the other guards warned Long Chen as they pointed their weapons at him.

    "Wait a minute, that robe! It's the Dragon Squad! The Sunai Kingdom has attacked! Kill him!" one of the guards noticed the Symbol on Long Chen's robe as he started running towards him to kill him.

    "Did you say you could run?" Long Chen muttered as he disappeared from his position and appeared in front of the person that was running towards inside the city to inform others.

    The man was shocked and stopped, but it was too late as the sword had already impaled his neck.

    The man dropped to the ground as soon as Long Chen pulled out the sword.

    "It feels just as calming," Long Chen muttered. A smile appeared on his face. "I guess I really am the devil inside the heart."

    "Alright. One down, three to go. Who's next?" Long Chen muttered as he started walking towards the guards.

    "You bastard! How dare you kill him!" the guards screamed as they all attacked Long Chen at once, but before they could reach near him, Long Chen waved his Flaming Ice sword horizontally.

    A bright arc of light left his Foaming Ice Sword and adjacent towards the three guards. The three guards brought their Weapons down to protect themselves, but their weapons were too slow. Before they could even lower their weapons, the bright arc of light crossed their body and cut them half.

    " Good weapon," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the Flaming Ice Sword. "The Seven Forms of Sword Saint works so well with this. If only the Sword of Time was just as good in using Long Range attacks."

    He turned back and stepped inside the Kingdom, leaving the four bodies behind him.
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