759 Chapter 759: Facing Phoenix Organization

    "Wait right there! That dress! You Dragon Squad bastard, how dare you enter the city!"

    Long Chen had just entered the city after killing the four guards when he saw the clouds shroud the sky. He heard the shout of someone at some distance.

    Looking in that direction, he found a blue-haired man running towards him.

    There was a Shadow behind him that seemed to be something like a giant that was holding a thunderbolt in his hand.

    " A Phoenix Organization member in this city? What's he doing here? They should be at the southern border or the Royal City," Long Chen muttered as he looked in confusion. He was confused as to why he was here.

    He couldn't even finish his flight when he saw a bright light flash in the sky as a Thunderbolt fell down from the sky.

    "The Fuck!' Even though Long Chen Teleported before the Thunderbolt could fall on him, his voice still echoed in the same spot.

    He appeared behind the blue-haired man and swung his Flaming Ice Sword to wound the man, but another lightning bolt fell from the sky right where Long Chen was standing, making him once again disappear. He couldn't finish the attack.

    "Do you think it would work on me?" The blue-haired man muttered.

    " I'm the Deputy Leader of the Phoenix Organization. These tricks are like child's play in front of my Thunder Giant War Spirit. Now drop down to your knees and accept your death!" the blue-haired man laughed as he looked at Long Chen with a mocking gaze. His purple eyes seemed to be smiling.

    Another Lightning Bolt fell where Long Chen was standing. Long Chen didn't even have the fine to breathe before he had to Teleport again.

    "Report Leader of the Phoenix Organization? The second strongest? No wonder you're so strong, but if you think you have won, then you're underestimating me a little too much, big guy," Long Chen muttered as he raised his sky towards the sky.

    "Thanks for preparing the dark Clouds! That makes things easier for me!" He added as a smirk formed on his face.

    "You like thunder? Let's play with thunder!" Long Chen said as he clenched his fist that was pointing towards the sky.

    His lips opened slightly as two words escaped his lips.

    "Thunder Blade!"

    Long Chen lowered his hand and aimed at the blue-haired man. A thunderbolt fell from the sky, but this time, the target didn't seem to be Long Chen. The Lightning Bolt was conjured by him using his Martial Skill, Thunder Blade.

    The Blue-haired man's expression distorted as he saw a lightning bolt falling towards him. He jumped to the side in a hurry, barely dodging the lightning bolt without being harmed.

    Long Chen just happened to be standing there, waiting for him. A sword came slashing towards him, but before the sword could get near, another lightning bolt fell, but this time it was aiming towards Long Chen, making him teleport again.

    "You're fast. Even when you were shocked, you didn't leave your focus. No wonder you're in a position where you are," Long Chen said as he looked at the blue-haired man in full seriousness.

    "How can you control the thunder-like me? Do you have a Thunder Giant War Spirit, too?" the blue-haired man inquired in a grim tone.

    "It can't be! I don't see any War Spirit Shadow behind you! Your control over thunder can't be higher than me! Also, this ability to appear in a different place instantly! That seems to be from a War Spirit too! I heard about someone like that. Are you the person that killed the Royal Tutor last time? I wasn't there, but I heard stories about you," the blue-haired man said as he glared at Long Chen.

    "That old man? Yeah, I crushed him. It was fun indeed, killing that bastard. You don't have to thank me," Long Chen said as he laughed out loud.

    "Don't worry. I won't thank you. I'll kill you and make the scores equal. There won't be a need for thanks then. You will die today," the blue-haired man said in a grim tone as his deep purple eyes observed Long Chen.

    "If you think your little thunder can kill me, then you can't be any more wrong!" Long Chen said as he grinned. His eyes changed color and became misty white as he glanced at the blue-haired man.

    He started walking towards the man in slow steps.

    "We'll see that!" The blue-haired man said in a grim tone as another bolt of lightning fell from the sky. He didn't stop after that one attack, though. He was ready to attack again if Long Chen Teleported and appeared in a different place, but that didn't happen.

    Long Chen didn't disappear; instead, he did something that made the man's face turn pale. The man couldn't help but take a step back.

    He couldn't believe that he just saw Long Chen throwing away the rusted black sword that he was holding. He raised his hand in the sky and stopped the lighting bolt with his bare hands. He didn't seem to be harmed in the least bit.

    "Was that all you could do?" Long Chen asked the man as he gazed at him mockingly, but he didn't stop.


    The blue-haired man roared in anger as his Wae Spirit Shadow became even denser. It was seeming less illusory with time. Now, it seemed like there was actually a thunder giant flying behind him.

    Two lightning bolts simultaneously fell on top of Long Chen, but it didn't stop there as instantly, two more lightning bolts fell from the sky over Long Chen.

    The light was so bright that it was blinding. The blue-haired man dropped to his knees as he breathed heavily. He had used a lot of his energy to conjure four lightning bolts at the same time.

    He believed that there was no way for Long Chen to survive after this. There was a high chance that his body was going to be turned to ask after this attack.

    He didn't even believe that he would find Long Chen's body there.

    The bright light disappeared, and everything returned to normal.

    The blue-haired man's face returned to normal as he saw Long Chen standing there calmly. There was not even a scratch on his body.

    "How is this possible?! This can't be real! This must be fake!" The blue-haired man muttered with a blank look on his face.

    "You're right, but you're too slow."

    A voice echoed in his eyes as his head rolled down and fell to the ground. His body soon followed suit and fell down.

    The last thing he saw was Long Chen turning illusory and disappearing before he died. He didn't even know how he died before his eyes closed, and the darkness of death shrouded his eyes.

    The real Long Chen stood behind the dead body of the blue-haired man as he watched the dark clouds disappear. His misty white eyes returned to their normal color.

    "The Illusions are just as overpowered as ever. He didn't even know the person he was attacking was not even there. It was fun to see the look in his eyes as he watched his attacks go to waste," Xun said, appearing beside Long Chen.

    "Yeah, it might not be a Supreme Law, but it's still a high-grade law. It is really useful in bluffing and fooling people that can't differentiate between reality and illusion," Long Chen muttered as he turned back and continued on his path.

    He didn't find any person on the street, though. Apparently, people had seen him fight. The information of the Dragon Squad attacking has spread throughout the city. Everyone was hiding in their houses in fear of the Dragon Squad.
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