760 Chapter 760: he did this?

    The entire city seemed empty now. No one was visible in the city.

    " I can understand about the civilians, but what about the guards? How can they not come and try to kill me?" Long Chen muttered in confusion as he looked around.

    "Yeah, it's really strange. It's not like you just killed the second strongest person in the Phoenix Organization and scared them. Why are they not coming to fight you? They must be stupid," Xun replied to Long Chen with sarcasm

    "Hey, you don't have to be sarcastic, you know," Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly.

    "Whatever. I am not going to waste my time looking inside all the houses to find the guards. I'll leave the rest to the army. They have already lost their morale. The army should have an easy time taking care of them," He muttered as he sighed.

    He took one last glance around the city before bringing his Spirit Summoning Flute and played it.

    With a screeching sound, a Spirit Eagle came flying and landed in front of Long Chen.

    Stepping on the Spirit Eagle, Long Chen flew away.


    A few hours after Long Chen left the town, the Sunai Kingdom's army arrived on the outskirts of the city, but when they came here, they were shocked at the first sight they saw. The bodies of four guards were lying at the entrance of the city.

    "Don't think too much! Attack and take over the city!" the General commanded everyone in a thundering tone.

    Everyone started running towards the city entrance. They were hoping to be met by the shocked guards who would be surprised by the attacks, but they saw nothing like that. Most of the city roads seemed empty. A handful of guards could be seen on the streets.

    Without thinking too much, the Sunai Kingdom army attacked the guards.

    The Army General stood behind, wondering what had happened here. There were bodies lying at the entrance of the city, and the entire city seemed empty. What just happened here? He couldn't understand what had happened here.

    Soon, his eyes fell on a headless body that laid at some distance.

    He watched the clothes on the body, growing even more shocked at the acknowledgement that these clothes were of the Phoenix Organization. That meant the dead person was from the Phoenix Squad.

    He walked over to the body and rolled the head a little to see the face.

    "Wait, I remember seeing this face. It's the Deputy Leader is the Phoenix Organization! Who could've killed the Second Strongest person in the Phoenix Organization?

    Just as he was wondering who it could be, the face of Long Chen flashed before his eyes.

    He couldn't help but remember Long Chen's words when he said that he would take care of the stronger enemies from the shadows.

    "Is this the work of that guy? Can he really be this strong? Is he going ahead of us, killing the stronger enemies to make things easier for us? That guy is such a Showoff," He muttered as he rolled his eyes.

    "Whatever. It makes things easier for us," He muttered as he grinned. "This must be the reason this city is so empty. He scared the people here when he killed the Deputy Leader of the Phoenix Organization. No wonder there's no one in the streets. They are all hiding in fear of him."

    "I might be intimidated as well if someone managed to kill the leader of the Dragon Squad in front of my eyes," the General said as he sighed.


    Long Chen sat on the Spirit Eagle as he advanced towards the second city that was going to be his last stop before he could get to the Royal City.

    Wiping the blood from the Flaming Ice Sword, he placed it back in the scabbard. He wiped the rusted black sword as well before he placed it on his lap and started cultivating to utilize the time which was spent on the journey.

    "Will you attack the Royal City alone as well, just like you did in the last city?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    Stopping his Cultivation, Long Chen looked at Xun as if showing her that he was annoyed after being disturbed when he was in Cultivation; however, he still answered her.

    "I would have to be an idiot to do that. It would spoil my entire plan. I wouldn't touch the Royal City at all until the army starts attacking. That's when it will be time for me to join in. I'll just attack the next city and then stop, leaving the rest for the army," He answered Xun, shaking his head.

    " Alright. Just make sure that you don't bite more than you can chew. I still think you're underestimating the Spirit Warriors," Xun warned Long Chen.

    "Don't compare me to Tian Shen. That guy drawing in a fight with a Spirit Warrior doesn't mean I will too. He had different strengths and weaknesses, and I have different strengths and weaknesses. I have a different set of laws that he never had. Tell me yourself. Would he have won that time if he had the law of space? Am I right or not?" asked Long Chen in annoyance.

    "That..." Xun stumbled for words before she continued. "If he had Law of Space, he would have won but still. That doesn't change the fact. Underestimating the enemy is always a bad thing. I'm saying this for your own good!"

    "Leave that for me to decide, Xun. I know what I'm doing. I have faith in myself. Let me have faith. I am going to do what I want in any case. That's my Nature. You should already realize that," Long Chen answered Xun as he rolled his eyes.

    " Your nature, right. The nature of the devil who doesn't listen to anyone. Still, even if you decide on your own, keep my words in your mind when deciding. What I do and say is always for your own good," Xun said to Long Chen.

    "Don't worry, Xun. I know that you have my good in your mind, always. But I also have faith in myself. I know what's good for me and what's not," Long Chen responded in a subtle tone.

    He closed his eyes and continued cultivating. Xun didn't disturb him anymore and just sat down, looking bored. She started keeping an eye ahead on the streets.


    A day passed before Long Chen reached the City of Desiam. It was known as the wealthiest city in the entire Aksha Kingdom after the Royal City.

    Most of the Merchant Unions of the Kingdom were situated in this place. They operated from here. This place also had many auction houses that auctioned the treasures. Even the Royal Family came to Desiam to attend a few of the auctions in the past.

    Opening his eyes, Long Chen looked into the distant horizon where a beautiful city was visible.

    He stretched his arms as he stood up with the Sword of Time in his hand.

    "I seriously need a Scabbard for this Sword. It's so tiring to walk everywhere with this sword in hand," he muttered, looking at his sword. A sigh escaped his lips, "I miss my storage ring. I can't wait to get to home."

    The Spirit Eagle started going down as it reached near the city. Long Chen was able to see the guards getting alert as they looked towards him while he was still in the sky.

    " The security gets better the closer I am to the capital. It would be interesting to see how much fun you guys can give me before I break you," he muttered as a subtle smile formed on his lips. He jumped down from the Spirit Eagle, landing right in front of the Guards.
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