761 Chapter 761: I killed you

    The lead guard opened his mouth to ask something, but before his first word could escape his lips, his eyes opened wide. The sword fell down from his hand as he brought his hand to grab his own throat.

    He caught his neck with his hands, but it didn't seem to be enough. His hands were covered in blood as his head rolled away from his body.

    "Sorry, but I have no time to waste," Long Chen said with a bored look on his face before he disappeared again.

    The rest of the guards were still shocked as they saw their leader die. They couldn't even understand what happened. They were seeing Long Chen standing in front of them, but the next second, he had appeared behind their leader. They didn't even see how it had happened, but their leader's neck was cut in half.

    The Soldiers that stood at the entrance of the cities were mostly Cultivators, but they were a little too weak when they were compared to the Cultivators of the world where Long Chen came from.

    This world had low knowledge of cultivation. Even the best of the cultivation skills that they had in this world was something that could be considered to be low-level Cultivation skills in other worlds. That's why the Cultivation speed was many times lower in this world than it was for an average cultivator in the other worlds that made Cultivators to be much weaker than they could have been, always keeping them in a lower position.

    The strongest of Cultivators in this world could be said to have less value in people's eyes than an average Spirit Warrior.

    Not only the Cultivation skills but even the martial skills that were available in this world were nothing special. They were way weaker.

    The Cultivators here mostly used physical Martial Skills that could make them stronger and increase their Cultivation Skill. Only the strongest of Cultivators here could use Martial Skills that needed qi to be brought out of their body. Those skills could be considered only Low-Level Spirit Grade Martial Skills in the other worlds, but here, even these Skills were treated as treasures that were kept hidden from public eyes.

    Long Chen was amazed to find out about these things more; this only made him understand the situation of the Cultivators here better. He didn't need to worry about his safety in front of the Cultivators as most of the Cultivators couldn't harm him even a little and pass through the protection of the Phoenix Blood Robe.

    It was a Saint Grade Artifact that provided the same level of protection to the Cultivator. Even a Heavenly Grade Cultivator needed to attack multiple times or to use an overwhelming Martial Skill to break his defense. The attacks of these weak Cultivators were not the least bit intimidating for him.

    Five Cultivators lay dead in the ground as Long Chen entered the City, without looking back.

    Surprisingly, he still had to walk for five minutes before he managed to reach the first building. He was amazed that they made the entrance so far away from the place where the city actually began.

    At this rate, he wondered if anyone was even going to find the guards that he had killed.

    "Such an inefficient protection," He muttered. "They placed all responsibility on the shoulders of a few guards. If anyone actually attacked, they wouldn't even know, and the enemy would be inside the city. No city management. Is this really the richest city?"

    He held the blood-covered sword as he reached the true entrance of the city. He found himself straight in a crowded street that seemed like the marketplace.

    There were a few guards that could be seen on the streets, but they seemed to be busy at the shops, looking at items.

    "Hah, I'm here to kill, and no one is even looking at me? It's making me bored," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "Looks like I need to show them some real blood before they do their job," he let out as he started walking towards the guards, but his eyes were attracted by something else. He could see a shop that was selling scabbard.

    One of them seemed to be the same size to fit his Sword of Time.

    He walked towards the shop to see that scabbard. It was something that he really needed.

    As Long Chen walked past a guard, the guard noticed the black sword in his hand. Blood droplets were still falling from it.

    He tapped the shoulder of his friends and pointed towards Long Chen's sword.

    "He definitely killed someone. Let's arrest him! He must be a criminal!" the guards talked amongst themselves.

    They ran towards Long Chen and surrounded him first so he couldn't take any Citizen hostage to run away.

    They were expecting Long Chen to look worried, but all they saw was a smile on his face as they surrounded him.

    "You finally decided to do your job? Are you even guards or what? You're so slow," Long Chen muttered as he raised his gaze.

    He ignored the guards and looked towards the owner of the shop that was selling scabbards.

    " Hey, old man! I know you will run away after the battle starts, but if you dared to take that heavy sword scabbard with you when you run, I promise you that you will die before you take your second step," he warned the old man.

    The old man wiped the sweat off his face as he stepped back from the items in fear. Even though Long Chen was surrounded by the guards and he didn't need to be afraid of him, he still couldn't control himself.

    "What's happening here?" While the guards were about to move to catch Long Chen, a loud shout arrived, attracting everyone's attention.

    "Captain is here?" one of the guards muttered.

    "Captain! We caught a criminal. He has killed someone!" the guard told the bulky man who was coming towards a circle that the guards had formed.

    The bulky man was wearing a golden Armor and had an ax on his shoulder.

    "Oh? Someone dared to kill people in this city. Let me see who's this stupid!" the man exclaimed as he stepped closer. His eyes finally fell on Long Chen, but as soon as he saw the clothes of the masked person, he couldn't help but take a step back in fear.

    "Y-you are a Dragon Squad Member! How did you get inside our kingdom?! Who did you kill?!" the bulky man asked as he pulled out his ax and pointed it towards Long Chan.

    "Who did I kill?" Long Chen nurtured as he glanced at the man. A smirk appeared on his face.

    He disappeared from his position and appeared behind the bulky man who was now pointing his ax at an empty spot.

    "I killed you," a low voice fell on his ears as a black sword penetrated his heart.

    The man coughed out a mouthful of blood as the ax fell down from his hand.


    The painful voice escaped his mouth when the sword was pulled out from his body. He fell down on the ground. Darkness appeared before his eyes as he fell down.

    "Let's finish this fast. I need to meet your king, as well. I shouldn't keep him waiting," Long Chen muttered as he smiled while looking at the Twelve guards that were still standing in the circle.

    The guards that were looking fierce until now had pale faces. The information about the masked person being from the Dragon Squad was enough to intimidate them, let alone watching him kill their leader in the blink of an eye. Most of them had their hands shivering as they looked in Long Chen's eyes.
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