762 Chapter 762: Auction House

    "Scared?" Long Chen inquired with an amused smile on his face.

    "Go on; you have a chance. Run away," he said, gesturing to the men to leave.

    The guards thought about his words and took a step back cautiously before they gazed at Long Chen cautiously.

    They turned back and started running away, leaving Long Chen amused. He thought that the guards wouldn't take the opportunity and instead attack him to protect the city. Surprisingly, the city mattered less to them than their lives.

    "Whatever,"  Casually waving his hand, Long Chen walked towards the Shop at the front and picked up the Scabbard, which fit his Sword of Time.

    "Send the bill to the city lord or something," He told the shop owner before he placed the scabbard on his back in cross with the Flaming Ice Sword and inserted the rusted black sword inside it.

    Looking at his free hands, he sighed in relief. "It feels much better to be free."

    "Now, where was I? Killing a few small-time guards wouldn't be much fun on its own, especially when they're running away. Should I wait for the bait to attract big fishes?" He muttered as he glanced at the people who were running away.

    "I do feel hungry, and my Space Law has barely been used today, so I don't need to worry here. Unless Vermilion himself comes here, I don't need to worry at all. As for Vermilion, he should be at the southern border clashing with the Dragon Squad," he muttered.

    "Hey, old man. Where is the nicest restaurant here?" he asked the old man that owned the shop he got his scabbard from.

    "Nicest restaurant? T-that direction, first left. You'll find it. It would have a big board with Xianhu," the old man answered Long Chen after a slight hesitation.

    Throwing a gold coin towards the old man, Long Chen left in the direction he talked about.

    The old man caught the gold coin and looked at Long Chen, wondering what just happened. He didn't understand why Long Chen gave him a gold coin when he didn't need to. Wasn't that person supposed to be an enemy? He didn't know what happened, but he kept the gold coin in his pocket since it was worth a lot.

    Walking inside the restaurant, Long Chen took a seat and started waiting for the order. His clothes attracted a lot of attention. The people who were sitting inside the restaurant started standing up and leaving slowly.

    The waiters and the owner of the restaurant also ran away from the back door, leaving only Long Chen inside.

    "Sigh, what a poor service," muttered Long Chen as he stood up and stepped out of the restaurant. He faced the restaurant and glanced at it for a brief moment.

    Pulling out his Flaming Ice Sword, he got into a Sword Stance.

    "If this place can't take care of a single customer, does it even deserve to exist?" he muttered as he sighed.

    With a wave of his sword, he destroyed the entire building of the restaurant before he started to leave.

    "Where are the leaders of the city? So much destruction has been caused, but they don't appear," Long Chen muttered as he walked through the city. He had only liked one person in the city, and that was the leader of the guards. He even let the other guards run away so that they could inform their leaders.

    He was expecting to be surrounded by now, but nothing like that happened. Other than the scared citizens, he didn't see anyone-the guards Denver to be even more scared than the citizens. Not even a glimpse of them could be seen.

    "It's so easy to rob this city like this. Too bad I'm not going to be in this world for long. I don't need their money at all," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "Hmm? This?" he suddenly exclaimed as he saw a poster on the wall.

    "The Auction of the century? That date, isn't that tomorrow? If the auction is tomorrow, then the items should be inside the auction hall already. They're pretty bold to call or an auction of the century. I wonder what treasures they have to justify this title," Long Chen muttered as he glanced at the poster.

    He noticed the building on the poster and thought that this must be the Auction House.

    Wondering the direction of the Auction House, he walked up to the nearest house and broke the door open.

    There was no one on the street near him, so he couldn't ask anyone. He didn't have any choice but to go inside people's houses to get directions.

    As he broke inside the nearest house, he saw a middle-aged woman hugging her little kid, shivering.

    Feeling somewhat bad for them, he started talking.

    "I'm not here to kill you. I just need direction to the Donhxin Auction House. Just tell me that, and I'll be on my way," he told the woman.

    The woman still looked at him in fear as she answered him with a pale face. She only calmed down after she saw him leave.

    Long Chen reached the auction house that was near the second entrance of the city.

    The auction house seemed to be the same as it was in the picture. It was a red building with metallic gates that seemed challenging to break inside.

    "Do they really think gates can stop people from entering?" Long Chen muttered as he stepped closer to the doors.

    He looked inside through the keyhole before he disappeared and appeared on the other side of the door.

    Stretching his arms, Long Chen yawned as he started walking deeper into the building

    "Stop right there! Who are you?! How dare you break inside the Donhxin Auction House?!"Long Chen had only taken two steps inside when he heard a deep voice from his surroundings. It seemed to be coming from all directions.

    Looking around, Long Chen found no one. It was difficult to find where the voice was coming from.

    "Why don't you stop hiding if you want the answers?" Long Chen responded in a calm tone, waiting for a response.

    "You seem to be eager for death! It looks like, despite the reputation of our Donhxin Kingdom, some thieves will never stop coming after the treasures. I have been expecting a few pests, though. You're not the first one either."

    A deep sigh echoed in the hallway.

    "Stop acting Mysterious, Old Man. When I start doing it, you'll be crying. Just tell me where all the treasures are kept, and I'll let you live," Long Chen said calmly.

    "Men, Kill him and throw his body outside," the deep voice said before it went silent.

    An amused smile appeared on Long Chen's face as he disappeared.

    He appeared on the other hand of the hallway and reached out his hand towards an empty spot. He caught something in thin air.

    He raised his hand towards the sky before he brought it crashing down towards the ground.

    A deep crater was left in the ground as a man's body became visible. Long Chen was holding onto thin air until now, but it seemed like he was holding the middle-aged man's neck who was growling in pain as he was smashed on the ground.

    "H-how?!" the man let out with a look of disbelief on his face.

    " I told you when I start acting Mysterious, you wouldn't like it," Long Chen replied as an amused smile appeared on his face. He clenched his fist, crushing the middle-aged man's neck in an instant.

    "These childish hiding tactics are useless before my Divine Sense. You chose the wrong enemy to use this trick on," Long Chen muttered as he released the man's neck and stood up.
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