764 Chapter 764: Rotten Apple

    "What can we even do?" Long Ren asked his son, not understanding what he was talking about. Was there something they could do? What was even possible for them? They couldn't contact Long Chen from here. They needed strength to leave this place, but they weren't strong either.

    He didn't know if there was anything possible to be done other than waiting.

    "There is one thing we can do. Finding the Emergency Portal. These Special Places also have an Emergency Portal to go to the real world. I told you before about that. All we need to do is find that," Long Jun told everyone with determination filled eyes.

    " How? Can we even do that? This world is as big as the real world. There are seas, Rivers, forests, and everything. Even though there aren't any life forms other than us; but still, is it even possible for us to find a single portal in this vast world?" Long Ren asked with a concerned look on his face.

    "I don't know if we can find it. I don't even know if it's possible for us to do it, but I do know one thing. We need to find it! We need to do it at any cost for him. His life might be in danger. We can't sit back hand in hand, waiting for bad things to happen. We need to find the portal. Even if he is safe, we still need to find it in case of emergencies in the future," Long Jun said.

    "I agree," Mingyu said, standing up.

    "I agree, as well. We must find a way to check if everything is fine or not and to help!" Zhiqing said strongly as well.

    "W-we want to help too," Xue and Mei chimed in as well.

    One after another, everyone expressed their willingness for this idea.

    Soon, it was decided that everyone would do it. They would go far and wide in search of the portal, and once a person found the portal, they would inform the others.

    Not only the Long Clan members and Long Chen's ladies but even the Spirit Fairies agreed to help in this endeavor.

    In no time, it was decided that everyone in this place would go to look for the emergency portal.


    The battle in the Beast Region was raging between Orion and the Snake Monarch.

    Even though the Snake Monarch could use his abilities to stop Orion in time, Orion wasn't giving him an opportunity. Orion was so fast that even the Snake Monarch was having a hard time keeping his eyes on him long enough to use his abilities.

    "Hah, looks like your abilities are not bad, Little Puppy. The herbs in this place must have helped in your growth a lot. You're still not strong enough to win against your daddy, little guy," the Snake Monarch let out mockingly as it started getting smaller so he could move faster, but that's when a Ball of Shadow came out of Orion's mouth and advanced towards the Snake Monarch.

    The Snake Monarch was hit by the ball of Shadow before he could dodge. As he had become smaller in size, that blow proved to be much worse as he was thrown back and crashed on a tree.

    "That hurt," the Snake Monarch muttered as it started flying again. Its skin had defensive properties as well, which protected him from most of the impact.

    He was not seriously injured due to that, but he did feel the pain.


    As the battle got fiery in the Beast Region, Long Chen was brought to a room inside the Auction House.

    There were even more guards there, but the Twelve Guards who were leading Long Chen informed the guards about the situation.

    The door to the room was opened.

    "All the treasures are inside. You can go inside and see what you want," The guards told Long Chen as they stepped aside, giving him enough space to enter the room.

    With a subtle smile on his face, Long Chen walked inside. He straight moved over to the treasures, intentionally ignoring the guards who were standing outside. He was mostly sure what the guards were going to do, but he still decided to see their reaction.

    As Long Chen entered the room, he heard the sound of doors closing.

    He turned back and saw that the doors were closed.

    "Stay inside with the treasures and wait for our leaders to be here! When the door opens, it will be your death!" the guards laughed outside as if they were mocking Long Chen since they trapped him in the treasure room.

    "These Idiots. Just like I thought. Whatever, the looks on their faces will be worth it," Long Chen muttered as he glanced towards the door.

    It didn't take him even a second before he disappeared.

    The Treasure Room became empty once again until the door opened after a few minutes.

    Long Chen walked inside the treasure room from the front door. The Flaming Ice Sword was in his hand, covered in blood.

    Little droplets of blood trickled down from his Sword, falling on the ground.

    There was no expression on his face as if whatever he did was pretty normal for him. Wiping the Sword, he placed it back in its scabbard before he started going through the treasures that were going to be auctioned.

    "Sigh, I should have left one of them alive to tell me what most of these things were," He muttered as he realized that he didn't recognize most of these things.

    " How is it here?!" Xun suddenly exclaimed as she appeared beside Long Chen.

    "What is here? Don't tell me a Law Orb is here," Long Chen inquired excitedly.

    "Not a Law Orb but something really good. You see that rotten apple?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    "Yeah, I was wondering what it was doing here. Is that thing special?" Long Chen inquired as he picked up an apple that seemed like it was completely rotten.

    "Yeah, that's the rare breakthrough fruit- Qi Enhancing Fruit. You'll gain Qi after eating it that will help you breakthrough! Take it. You can eat it on the way when you're safer. The energy inside it should be enough for you to gain more than a Major Realm Breakthrough. You should be a Sky Realm Cultivator after you eat it!" Xun told Long Chen.

    "What the **? It can bring me to almost the same level that I had in the real world? If it's that rare, I should save it and use it when I go back to the real world!" Long Chen exclaimed as he looked at the rotten apple as if he was looking at a treasure.

    "But it's rotten. Will it still have the same effects?" Long Chen asked Xun, wondering if the fruit was still fine. Its condition did look bad," Long Chen asked Xun.

    " It's not rotten. That's how these things are supposed to look. Don't worry. It's perfectly safe to consume, and its efficiency should be good too," Xun information Long Chen.

    A smile appeared on Long Chen's face as he looked at the fruit. He was a Sky Realm Cultivator in the real world, so he needed a lot more Qi to achieve a breakthrough than he needed now, so this fruit couldn't help him achieve a major breakthrough in the real world; Still, It was a treasure that could make him a Peak Sky Realm cultivator in the real world as far as he could understand.

    Xun broke all his hopes as she continued.

    "This Fruit can't be taken to your world. It'll be destroyed if it's there. It can only stay in the atmosphere of the world where it grew. If you take it to a different world, it'll lose all its Qi before you could even place your lips around it," Xun informed Long Chen, breaking his hopes.

    "But..." She continued.
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