765 Chapter 765: the be

    "... You don't need to be disappointed. So what if you can't use it in the real world. You can use it here and grow stronger. Isn't it better to be as strong as you can be to finish the Trial faster? No need to be disappointed," Xun said as she saw Long Chen looking disappointed.

    After a deep sigh, Long Chen nodded his head.

    " That's right. I did need strength for what's to come next. Vermilion is going to be strong, and I'll have to face the entire Dragon Squad too. I'll be facing the two kingdoms in a way. I do need strength," He muttered as he started thinking optimistically.

    "It's good that you knew about it, though. Such an incredible cultivation resource, I would never have recognized it after seeing how it looked. Do you recognize anything else that can be helpful?" He asked Xun.

    "I don't recognize anything else, but they must all be things of significant value. It's not that you need these things, though. To finish the trial, you'll need to become the King, and once you're the King, will you really lack the treasures? The only thing this world has left that can be useful to you if the Law Orb, but its location is still unknown. Maybe we'll find it the next second, or we'll never find it. Whatever it is, this thing is really interesting," Xun replied to Long Chen.

    "True. The weapons and everything else is useless. As for defense, I don't think anything here can compare to the Saint Grade Phoenix Blood Robe.  I still need something to wake up my War Spirit, though. A treasure here might be useful," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "I need help. I'll see if there's anyone alive in this place," Long Chen muttered as he left the room.

    He went through the Auction Hall trying to see if someone was left on higher floors, and he did find people. In fact, he found a lot of people. There are no guards here, though. Apparently, all the guards were killed by him. As for the people, they were hiding here.

    "Which one of you knows most about the treasures here? Answer, or you'll all die!" Long Chen thundered in an effort to scare the people to come out on their own.

    Everyone unanimously started looking towards one of the white-haired old men sitting in the back.

    Holding the man by his neck, Long Chen brought him to the treasure hall.

    "Tell me about everyone here and what it can do!" Commanded Long Chen in a stern tone as he threw the man on the ground in front of the treasures.

    "Y-yes," the man stood up slowly, agreeing to Long Chen with a feared look.

    "This is the Goliath Ring. It can make a Barrier in front of you at the cost of half your Qi if you're a Cultivator. If you're not a Cultivator, you'll need Qi crystals to activate it," the man raised the first item, which was a ring. He started talking about the ring and where a person could find the Qi Crystals to power the ring here.

    "Too much Qi consumption for a simple defense. Also, it's a one-time use item. It's useless," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    The old man moved over to the second item, which was a sword.

    "Skip the weapons. I don't need to know about them. In fact, skip all the artifacts. Tell me about the other things," Long Chen said before the white-haired man could start talking about the ring.

    The man started talking about the other artifacts. Soon, he was finished with talking about all the artifacts. Unfortunately, after hearing about them, Long Chen found all the treasures to be useless. He didn't find anything that could help him the way he needed. There was nothing to improve his Cultivators other than the single Qi Enhancement Fruit that he found with the help of Xun at the start.

    There was nothing to help Awaken his War Spirit either.

    With disappointment clear on his face, Long Chen left the building. The White Haired man was stunned to find Long Chen leaving without taking any treasures from this place. All the treasures were precious in his eyes, but Long Chen didn't take even a single one. He didn't understand why he even broke inside the Auction House if he didn't want the most precious of treasures. He didn't realize that Long Chen had taken the one treasure before he even brought the old man down.

    The rotten apple was in Long Chen's pockets before he left the Auction House. As he stepped out, he found both sides of the roads to be blocked.

    The Soldiers were standing on both sides of the roads. It seemed as if this formation was especially to kill Long Chen.

    "Looks like the bait did its work. Xun, want to bet how many I can kill before I'll leave?" Long Chen asked Xun with an amused smile on his face.

    "What's the bet about?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    " If you win, our previous bet will be canceled, and if I win, you'll owe me one thing. I can ask anything in the future, and you can't say no," Long Chen suggested.

    "The one thing I owe can't be anything sexual. Only if you promise that, will I bet," Xun told Long Chen in a stern tone as if she knew what Long Chen might ask if given the opportunity.

    "Sure. I can promise that," Long Chen replied as if he didn't have any sexual favors in his mind at all.

    "Fine. I'll take the bet. I bet that you will kill all of them, and you won't have to run," Xun told Long Chen as she smiled. She knew how strong Long Chen was. Even though there were many warriors here, with the help of his Laws, she had faith that he could kill them all.

    "Let's see how it goes. It seems tough though," Long Chen muttered as he raised his hands and moved them towards his back. He pulled out both the Swords- the Flaming Ice Sword and the Sword of Time.

    Stepping towards what seemed like an army of hundred Warriors, led by two black-robed people, a confident smile appeared on his face.

    "Those two should be the leaders of this city if I'm not wrong. I did hear that the city has two City' Masters. Let's see if the City Master's can guess what's coming their way," Long Chen muttered as he started running towards the left side of the road.

    "Kill the enemy!" The black-robed man commanded his soldiers to go and kill Long Chen, who was still running towards him.

    Watching Long Chen run, he had guessed how much time he would take to come to him. He didn't know that running was just to get within the Teleportation Range.

    Over Fifty Soldiers started running towards Long Chen, leaving only the black-robed man behind. Over fifty soldiers came from the other side of the road, chasing after Long Chen.

    Long Chen was about to be stuck between a hundred soldiers that were coming from both sides, but at the last moment, his eyes turned Starry Black as he disappeared. He was finally within the Teleportation range of two hundred meters.

    "A commander should lead, not hide in the back," A voice arrived in the black-robed man's neck, but before he could understand anything, a rusted black Sword penetrated his chest.

    "There goes the first. Find for the second before I slaughter everyone," muttered Long Chen as he walked towards the army that had finally realized where Long Chen disappeared to.

    The other black-robed man had seen Long Chen Teleport, and now he was worried about his safety. He raised his hand in the sky as a shadow started taking shape behind him.
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