766 Chapter 766: Cheating

    A shadow started taking shape behind the black-robed man. The atmosphere suddenly became very chill as the Shadow finished taking shape.

    The Shadow seemed like it belonged to an Ice Giant. It had Ice blue skin and pitch-black eyes. The Ice Giant Shadow that appeared behind the man seemed to be twenty-four times his size.

    Long Chen stood a long distance away from the man; still, he was able to see the Ice Giant Shadow that appeared behind the black-robed man. He was also able to feel the surrounding air turning chilly.

    Feeling the urgency to kill the Black-robed man, he Teleported on the other side of the army, once again making them confused as to where he went.

    The black-robed man, on the other hand, saw everything but he didn't look worried. His eyes had become like pale ice that glared at Long Chen blankly.

    The black-robed man raised his hand and aimed his palm towards Long Chen. The shadow behind the man followed the same motion and aimed his crystalline palm towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen was about to Teleport once again, even closer to the man, but before he could do it, he felt as if his feet had frozen. A layer of ice had appeared around his feet, freezing them.

    "These War Spirits are really intriguing. They're no less than mastering a law. I can't really underestimate them," Long Chen muttered as he disappeared once again and appeared two hundred meters closer to the man, stunning him.

    The man had thought that Long Chen was not actually teleporting, but he was moving so fast that made it difficult to see his movement when he instantly appeared near his enemies.

    There was only a single thought in his head, and it was that freezing Long Chen's feet would make him unable to move just as fast. He even succeeded only to find out how wrong he was. Unaware of understanding anything, he started running, doing the same thing again, but this time he used his entire strength to freeze Long Chen entirely.

    A layer of ice appeared around Long Chen, making him become an ice statue.

    The black-robed man laughed out loud as he watched Long Chen becoming an ice statue. Holding his sword in his hand, he started walking towards the statue.

    With slow steps and a subtle grin on his face, the man walked closer to Long Chen. The Shadow of the Ice Giant that was behind him disappeared into thin air.

    Stopping just a few inches away from the Ice Statue, the man observed it.

    "You caused so much death and destruction in my city. Even ten lifetimes aren't enough to atone for that. Be glad that I gave you such an easy death," the black-robed man said as he raised his silver sword and swung it towards the neck of the ice statue.

    With the slash of a sword, a neck was sliced as a head fell on the ground, followed by the clanking noise of a silver Sword falling on the ground. The Statue still looked intact, though, but the black robed man didn't. His head was lying on the ground, but his body was still standing. After a brief second, his body fell on the ground with a thud as well.

    "It was so cold," Long Chen muttered as he shivered a little while standing behind the dead body. A rusted black Sword was in his hand that was covered with the black-robed man's blood.

    "The statue looks good, though," he complimented before he turned to look towards the remaining guards.

    His clothes still seemed to be wet because of being trapped in the ice statue, but he began to dry them using his Qi.


    After what seemed like a slaughter, Long Chen had managed to kill most of the soldiers except two. Only two soldiers were still living.

    Stabbing his sword in the chest of one of the two guards, he looked back at the last remaining guard that seemed to be shivering.

    The last guard seemed as if he couldn't even move.

    "Man, you're really scary. I'm intimidated by you. I don't want to fight you. It looks like I'll have to run away if I don't want to die! Please don't chase after me," Long Chen said as he looked at the last guard.

    He played his Spirit Summoning Flute and stood on the Spirit Eagle as he flew away, leaving that one guard alive and stunned.

    "W-what just happened?" the guard muttered blankly as he looked at the distant back of Long Chen.

    Watching Long Chen fly away, he started to believe that he actually left. The battle was over. He was the last man standing who had managed to make the demon run away.

    Raising his sword in the sky, he thundered, "The Demon is gone! We win!"

    The people that were hiding in the nearby houses stepped out of their places as they heard the shout of the man.

    After realizing that they were safe now and a single guard had won, they started cheering and praising the guard like he was a deity.

    Far away from the guards, Long Chen was still standing on his spirit eagle. With a subtle grin, he glanced back at the guard.

    "Why did you leave the last guard alive?" Xun appeared near him and asked in confusion.

    "He was intimidating. I didn't want to fight him. I thought he was capable of killing me," Long Chen told Xun as he sighed.

    "Oh right, On that note, you lost the bet. You said I'd be able to kill everyone, but I failed and had to run away. You owe me a favor now," he said to Xun as he smiled wryly.

    After a moment of silence, Xun's face turned red as she furiously yelled at Long Chen. "You bastard! You did it intentionally to win the bet. Intimidating Guard my ass! You cheated!"

    "I didn't cheat. I won fair and square," Long Chen said with an innocent smile on his face.

    "It's not fair! The bet is not valid!" Xun protested fiercely. She didn't believe that Long Chen cheated like this. Djd he take her for a fool? She wondered.

    "It's all fair. I didn't cheat anything. The bet was simple. It was how many people I would be able to kill. I didn't kill them all. Now whatever the reason may be, I failed in killing everyone, so I won," Long Chen said as he chuckled lightly.

    Patting Xun's face gently, he sat down on the Spirit Eagle.

    "I'm going to eat the Qi Enhancing Fruit. Keep an eye on the surroundings for me. I'll be breaking through during the journey. Don't disturb me unless the danger is near," He said to Xun before he brought out the rotten apple from his pocket and started eating it.

    As he finished eating the apple, he felt a strange energy filling his body that was only getting more and more powerful.

    "Don't waste time and start absorbing the energy. If you don't, your foundation will be damaged from the excess energy," Xun told Long Chen as she saw the uncomfortable look on his face after he finished eating the fruit.

    Listening to Xun's advice, Long Chen closed his eyes and started utilizing his Cultivation Skill to absorb the energy in his Martial Space and in his body.

    Time kept passing slowly as Long Chen stayed immersed in his Cultivation, unaware of the time that passed.

    During this time, his Cultivation saw a massive growth thanks to the enormous amount of energy his body had received.  Matched with his high-grade Cultivation Skill, his supreme body, and his vast Cultivation experience, he achieved breakthroughs every other hour.

    It was the second day, and the Spirit Eagle was getting near the Royal City of the Aksha Kingdom when Long Chen slowly opened his eyes.

    "You woke up. I thought I'll have to force you to wake up," Xun told Long Chen as she smiled. "How are you feeling?"

    "It feels so good to be back at the realm I was in the real world. I'm a Third Stage Sky Realm cultivator. The effects of this fruit were really amazing," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    Standing up, he stretched his arms as he yawned. "I feel tired. I need to sleep."

    Taking off his Dragon Squad Clothes, he got back into normal clothes since he didn't want to enter as an enemy. The method he used to approach other cities was different than what he needed to do here.

    He didn't want to be an enemy here, but something else. Also, he didn't need to clear the path here. He did clear enough of the obstruction for his army so they could attack the Royal City faster. All he wanted to do now was to wait for the army to get here and watch the show begin.

    Entering the royal city was relatively tough after the attack on the Royal City by the Dragon Squad last time.
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