767 Chapter 767: Culpri

    The Royal City of the Aksha Kingdom was still decently guarded despite the fact that most of the army was sent to the border to fight against the Sunai Kingdom in the battle that was going to define the future geopolitical climate of the two kingdoms.

    Generally, the Royal City should have weakened protection in times like that, and it was true for the Royal City as well. However, the protection was still adequate compared to all that since the Royal Family was angry at the defence of the Royal City after the Dragon Squad managed to kill the Royal Tutor within his home.

    The King had fired the Royal Commander and selected another man for managing the protection of the city. The new commander used all his limited available manpower and resources to make sure that there wasn't any problem in the security of the Royal City.

    The airspace was protected by the Guards, who constantly flew on the border, only getting down when there was someone else to take their place.

    The ground was also adequately protected as wires were placed on all walls, and people were assigned to guard the walls to make sure that no one entered the city through the walls.

    Even though Long Chen was quite far away, he was able to see the flying beasts and the guards patrolling the air near the kingdom.

    "The security seems to be improved now. How unexpected. It's still not enough to do anything against the approaching army, but they can see me. It's not the right time for that," Long Chen muttered as he stopped his Spirit Eagle near a tree.

    Getting down of his Spirit Eagle, he sent it back.

    Placing his back against the wall, he stayed there for a while as he tried to remember the time he spent in the royal city to find a place that might be empty without any guards. He didn't want to appear out of thin air inside the city and kill the people in case they managed to see him.

    "The hotel we stayed at? No, some other guest might be there. Not safe. That rooftop? No," He kept thinking of places before shaking his head as he sighed.

    None of the places he could think of ensured complete protection.

    "That's right. The first where our hut was. That should be empty. Even if I kill anyone there, no one would be there to see," Long Chen muttered as he suddenly thought of something.

    After determining a place, he stood straight. His eyes turned Starry Black, and the space started getting unstable around him. A door shaped Spatial Portal opened in front of him, the other side of which led to an isolated forest inside the Royal City.

    Entering the Portal, Long Chen stepped out from the other side of the portal. His feet landed on pale yellow tree leaves that were surrounding the ground of the forest. Looking back, Long Chen noticed that the small hut seemed to be destroyed.

    "Sigh, even this place is gone. Must be the people that came chasing after us that night," Long Chen muttered, staring at the rubble of the broken hut.

    Ignoring everything, he started walking towards the center of the city. He had taken off his mask and returned to the face of the young man he was pretending to be, known as Fu Chen. Everyone called Fu Chen as Long Chen to mock him since they thought his father betrayed the Kingdom and joined the Dragon Squad. Dragon meant Long, making people call Fu Chen as Long Chen, implying that he was an illegitimate child of the Dragon Squad.

    Long Chen hadn't used this face in a long time; no one knew about it though.

    As soon as he entered the Sunai Kingdom, he had changed his face. The face everyone saw inside the Sunai Kingdom, including Wu Xun, was not the face of Fu Chen at all. He pretended to be Fu Chen in the Sunai Kingdom while using a fake face. Only in front of Mi Liayi, he had used the face of Fu Chen; All part of his scheme.

    Finally returning to Fu Chen's face after a long time, he started walking towards the center of the city.

    Just as he was about to leave the forest, he saw a small group of young men sitting there, smoking and drinking.

    'These idiots can't find a better place to do this?' Long Chen thought as he rolled his eyes. Deciding to ignore them, he continued walking on his path; however, it didn't go peacefully.

    One of the young men saw Long Chen.

    "Hah, isn't this that bastard son, Long Chen? I did hear that he survived; to see him standing here, it's fascinating!" the young man let out loudly.

    "He's a real insect, isn't he? We left him barely breathing last time, and he still survived! This bastard son just never dies!" Another man replied as he glared at Long Chen.

    "Why don't we kill him now then?" The third person chimed in.

    "We can't. It's against the city rules. That's why we attacked him in the first place outside the city. We can't do anything to him here except beat him to a pulp," The First person said, shaking his head in disappointment.

    "Oh, Come on. We're in this place. No one comes here. Let's just kill him and finish the job we left hanging last time. Finish this Traitor's Sin! We can bury him in this place easily. No one will know!" Another man said, standing up as a cruel grin appeared on his face.

    "So it were you guys who killed him. I was wondering who could've done this. I shouldn't really be annoyed since it was in his destiny to die the moment I opened the door to this place. However, I'm still pissed," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "What the ** are you talking about? Don't think anyone can come to save you! No one comes here! Your body will lie here for eternity, and no one will know! Say your last prayers!" a young man said to him as he grinned.

    " You did say one right thing. No one comes here. No one would even find the bodies. I don't need to hold back here," Long Chen said as he grinned.

    He brought his Flaming Ice Sword out of its scabbard as he started walking towards the man.

    "Hah? You got a sword, and you think you're some bigshot? Guys! Kill this Bastard!" the young man in the lead said as he brought his sword out as well.
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