768 Chapter 768: I love you

    "Child's play. It's embarrassing to think that these people manage to kill the guy I'm trying to make king here," Long Chan muttered, looking at the freshly dead bodies of the young men that had attacked him.

    "I wonder if someone will find their body or if it'll be eternity like they said," he said as he placed the sword back in his scabbard.

    Leaving the bodies behind, Long Chen left the place.

    Soon, walking out of the forest, he went towards the main market where he was about to find shelter.

    He went to one of the hotels in the town. The Town People recognized him and thus began another round of taunts, which was ignored by Long Chen, who straight went to the hotel he stayed last time when he came with the Dragon Squad.

    "I need a room," Long Chen said to the receptionist. He had talked to the same guy before, but he was in a mask and using a different face and deeper voice last time.

    "Wait, aren't you the son of that traitor? Sorry, we can't give you a room here," the receptionist straight away rejected Long Chen and refused to give him a room.

    "I have enough money, don't worry about that," Long Chen said, thinking that it might be because of money.

    " Money is not the problem, kid. Get a hint! You're the son of that traitor. Everyone hates you. If we give you a room, even we would be in trouble. Our guests might complain if they find out you're staying in our hotel. It's just bad practice," the receptionist said to Long Chen, gesturing to him to leave.

    "Oh? The guests? I wonder what your guests will think if they know that your hotel is the place where the Dragon Squad Members stayed a few months ago when they came here? I do remember seeing the same masked guys who killed the Royal Tutor going in and out of this place often. Let's leave the guests; I wonder how the King would feel when he finds out that you gave room to Dragon Squad members? Let me go ask him," Long Chen said as he smiled. He started walking towards the exit.

    "Ah, wait! Kid! I was joking; come back," the young man at the reception called out to Long Chen as he saw him leaving.

    With a casual smile, Long Chen walked back.

    "Yes?" he inquired.

    "I-i was joking. Of Course, you can get a room here. I'll get you the keys," The young man said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

    Long Chen waited in front of the counter for the keys that were given to him by the young man within minutes.

    "I'll have someone tell you the direction of the room," the young man said before he turned back to call for a servant to take Long Chen to his room.

    'I know where the rooms are. It's not my first time,' Long Chen thought, but he didn't express it out loud. For everyone else, it was his first time here, and he wanted it to stay like that.

    The servant escorted Long Chen to the room he was assigned and left.

    Long Chen sat on the bed after closing the door as he stretched his arms. "What a coincidence. I got the same room that I received last time."

    Long Chen laid down on the bed before he called Xun.

    "What do you need?" Xun asked, still sounding mad that Long Chen had won the bet using cheating.

    " Are you still angry?" Long Chen asked as he smiled wryly.

    "What benefit would getting angry be. You won the bet, so stay happy. I told you, though, you can't ask for any favors like those," Xun told Long Chen as she glared at him.

    "You still do sound angry. Whatever, I need you to keep an eye on this place. I've been feeling really sleepy since I achieved the breakthroughs. My body needs more rest.  Wake me up if something happens," Long Chen said before he covered his body in a blanket and closed his eyes.

    "Making me a guard, hmph," Xun rolled her eyes as she walked towards Long Chen and sat beside him.

    She gazed at his face for a second before she reached out her hand and touched his forehead. She closed her eyes.

    "Hmph, he still has his thoughts blocked from me. He only lets me listen when he wants to say something. This annoying fellow," Xun pouted as she laid on the bed beside him after a brief moment.

    She stayed on the bed, looking at the roof as if she was lost in some deep thought when she felt a hand on her chest.

    "You idiot!" She thundered with a red face as she looked to his side, only to find Long Chen facing her. His eyes seemed to be closed, and his breathing regular. It seemed as if he was still sleeping.

    As for his hand, it was just lying on her chest, not doing anything.

    "Sigh, sleep movement," Xun muttered as she held his hand that was resting on her chest and moved it to the side.

    Just as she finished doing that, she found the hand back in the same position. Long Chen's palm was again resting on Xun's chest.

    "Fine. Sleep if you like sleeping like this,* Xun muttered as she rolled her eyes. She didn't remove his hand now and continued on her thought when she felt his palm make a little movement. It was... squeezing now.

    "You hateful fellow! You're definitely awake!" she let out as she glared at him, but he still seemed to be sleeping peacefully.

    "Fine. Sleep alone!" She said as she moved his hand to the side and moved her body to get off the bed, only to realize that her hand was caught.

    Looking back, she saw Long Chen holding her hand while his eyes gazed deep into her eyes.

    "Release me," Xun said as her face turned red.

    Long Chen didn't reply and just shook his head.

    "Y-you need to sleep. Go sleep," Xun said again as she tried to free her hand, but as she tried to free her hand, she felt a pull.

    Long Chen pulled her closer. Before Xun could realize another, Xun's petite body was lying on top of Long Chen while his hand wrapped around her slim waist.

    "What are you doing? Let me go!" Xun protested to push herself back, but she couldn't.

    "I don't know if I said it before or not, but Xun..." Long Chen muttered but paused.

    "What?" Xun asked, looking into his eyes.

    "I love you," Long Chen said, stunning Xun instantly.
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