769 Chapter 769:Rare

    "I love you," Long Chen said to Xun, stunning her.

    His three simple words made Xun's head go blank as her face turned red. Embarrassed by what was happening, she started struggling even more fiercely to free herself. However, she failed to free herself from the strong arms of Long Chen.

    Long Chen sighed as he gazed at her.

    "Are you embarrassed?" he thought as he smiled wryly.

    "You're embarrassed! Your whole family is embarrassed! Free me!" Xun said in an annoyed tone as he glared at Long Chen, but her eyes opened wide in shock as her lips were suddenly closed by Long Chen.

    She even forgot to struggle briefly as she lost herself in the sweet kiss of Long Chen's lips. Her eyes turned misty as if she had forgotten where she was at the moment.

    The kiss lasted for a few minutes before Long Chen moved his head back and freed Xun's lips to breathe. Xun also got the opportunity to breathe as her lips were finally freed by Long Chen.

    Xun opened her mouth to say something when she raised that Long Chen had removed his hand. He wasn't holding her anymore.

    Placing her hand on Long Chen's chest, Xun propelled herself upwards and got off of him.

    " I said what I wanted to. Now I should really sleep before I lose control of myself and do something more," Long Chen said softly as he folded his arms and closed his eyes. Soon, he fell asleep.

    Xun still wasn't sure if he was actually sleeping this time, so she didn't dare to lay on the bed near him, worried that he might actually go all the way through just like he said.

    She sat on the edge of the bed and kept an eye on Long Chen.

    While Xun was worrying about Long Chen, he was actually sleeping.

    Long Chen had fallen asleep. He had noticed it long ago, but he rarely had any dreams when he slept since he came here. It was mostly just darkness until he woke up. He felt like that was because he probably didn't have any dreams anymore; however, today seemed to be one of the rare few days where he actually had a dream.

    He dreamt something weird, however.

    He dreamt of a person he didn't expect to see-a man who seemed to have blood-red hair. Tian Shen stood in his dream, right in front of him.

    There seemed to be a cruel smirk on his face as he watched Long Chen.

    He reached out his hand and grabbed Long Chen by his neck, raising him up in the air.

    Long Chen tried to free himself, but it seemed as if his body wasn't listening to him. All he knew was that he felt like he was suffocating. As if he couldn't take even an ounce of breath. He couldn't even move his hand to free himself.

    "What... are you doing? We are... not enemies," Long Chen said after a brief struggle.

    Tian Shen heard his words, and his grip became loose. Freeing Long Chen, he watched him fall on the ground.

    " It's not the time. Soon; You'll end up just like him," The man muttered as he turned back and started walking away.

    Still unable to move his hands or legs, Long Cheb raised his head and looked at the back of the man, only to be more shocked as he found Xun walking together with the man, leaving him behind.

    The man and Xun disappeared, leaving Long Chen alone in the barren land. The ground disappeared before Long Chen could even understand anything. Finding himself falling down,

    He found the world turn dark. It was so dark that even he was unable to see anything despite having the law of darkness.

    He did see the little lights shining on the distant horizon that seemed so beautiful. However, he didn't have the time to appreciate nature as he found himself breathless. There wasn't any oxygen for him to breathe.

    Grabbing his throat, he struggled to breathe as his face turned pale due to lack of oxygen.


    Reaching out his right hand, Long Chen sat up. Finding himself in the room and a door in front of him, Long Chen breathed in relief.

    "Just a dream," He muttered as he sighed. "What a weird dream it was. If my dreams are going to be like that, I'm glad I don't have dreams often."

    Turning his head to the side, he saw Xun, sitting there, looking at him.

    "You had a bad dream?" Xun asked Long Chen in confusion.

    "Yeah, a weird dream," Long Chen lamented, looking at Xun.

    " Anyway, how long was I asleep for?" he inquired.

    "You were sleeping for two days," Xun informed Long Chen as she removed the curtain from the window and allowed the light to come inside from the outside.

    "It's the morning of the third day," She said to Long Chen, looking back at him.

    "So long? But that dream was so short. Sigh, so weird," Long Chen muttered as he smiled wryly.

    Standing up, he walked up to the window while stretching his arms.

    "I do feel a lot refreshed now. It looks like my body had adjusted to the sudden increase of Qi after enough rest. As for my experience, I've already reached the Sky Realm before, so stabilizing my foundation shouldn't be hard," Long Chen asked, smiling wryly.

    The army should've departed the first city by now. They should be near the second city. Soon, they'll be on their way to the Royal City, and the fun can begin. I can see a lot of bloodshed in my future to finish this trial successfully," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the average citizens of the Royal City walking back and forth on the road.

    After walking back to the bed, Long Chen sat in a meditative position. He resumed his Cultivation to stabilize his Realm now that his body was adjusted to the sudden jump in Cultivation.


    While Long Chen was cultivating in his room, the Army of Aksha Kingdom left the first city and reached the second city on their path, which was also the last city that stood in their path before they could reach the Royal City of Aksha.

    As the Army entered the city, they were once again surprised to find the dead bodies lying at the entrance of the city.

    The General of the Sunai army couldn't help but facepalm himself as he sighed.

    "That fellow, did he kill the leader of this city as well?"
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