770 Chapter 770: Idio

    "Is he going to leave anything for us or not? Whatever, at least we still get to kill the guards of the city," the General muttered as he started walking inside the city.

    "These guys. Why did they establish the entrance so far away from the actual city? No one can even see the guards if they are killed at the entrance. Such an inefficient arrangement," the Army General muttered, expressing the same concern that Long Chen did when he had come here.

    As he walked inside the city, his expressions kept getting worse and worse until he couldn't help but scream out loud.

    " That Monster! He didn't even leave a single guard alive for us to handle this time! Why are we here for?! Are we here for sightseeing?!" The man thundered in anger as he stood in front of the hundreds of dead bodies of the guards that were killed by Long Chen.

    While the Sunai Kingdom's Army Chief calmed down after roaring in anger, a man stepped out of a nearby building with both of his hands resting on the shoulders of two mature women that wore revealing clothes.

    " Master is so great! He made that demon run away with just one glance!" one of the women praised the young man, who happened to be the same guard that Long Chen had pretended to run away from to win the bet with Xun.

    "Hahaha, it was nothing, darling. I'm just so strong; it was obvious that he would run away. The only thing I am regretful about is that I couldn't catch that bastard! He ran away before I could do anything. Don't worry, the next time he comes, I'll kill him. I'm the legendary Warrior of this city, after all," the man replied as he grabbed the breasts of both the women with each of his hands, making them moan lightly.

    The Army of Sunai Kingdom looked back and saw the man in guard uniform.

    "Hah, thank God he at least left one person alive for us," The Army General laughed as he looked at the young man as if he was a lion, looking at his prey.

    The young man was stunned as he saw the hundreds of Soldiers dressed in Sunai Kingdom uniforms.

    The man wanted to cry, but no tears came out of his eyes.

    He saw death closely when Long Chen was standing in front of him after slaughtering everyone. By god's blessing, the monster ran away, fearing him.

    The young man didn't know why that happened, but he decided to use that opportunity to make a name for himself. He was praised by everyone. Women of rich houses started throwing themselves at him, and the man took them all in, enjoying his life. He didn't even bother to go to the Royal City to inform the King about what happened in this city and kept delaying it to have more fun in the city.

    He was just about to leave to tell the King and get his rewards for making the Demon run away, but he again came face to face with death.

    "God! Are you screwing with me?" the young man roared as tears finally appeared in his eyes.

    He dropped down to his knees in fear as he saw Sunai General coming towards him with a sword in his hand.

    "Wait a minute; a single gaze of mine was enough to make that Dragon Squad demon run away. I should be able to handle them all. All I need to do is do the same and stare at them!" the young man calmed down as he thought of what happened in the past.

    Gathering his last bit of courage, he stood up and started looking at the Sunai General with a grin on his face.

    "Hah, You're nothing! Face my fierce gaze and tremble!" the young man said as he intensified his glare while the Sunai General stood in front of him, looking at him like he was an idiot.

    "He's really an Idiot. No wonder that guy left him alive. Even I feel pity for this guy," The General muttered as he sighed.

    Taking pity on the crazy man, he decided to leave him alive like Long Chen did.

    "Hah! It worked! Run, you trash! Run and never return, or I'll kill you!" the young man said proudly as he saw his fierce gaze working just like it did on Long Chen.

    He started laughing, but suddenly, a silver light flashed before his eyes.

    His world turned upside down as his head rolled over and fell down on the ground.

    "I changed my mind. You're too annoying to be left alive," the General muttered as he wiped the blood off of his Silver Blade that had the young man's blood dripping.

    With a thud, the man's body fell down on the ground.

    The two women had already stepped back in fear of the general.

    Looking at the revealing clothes of the beautiful women, the General licked his lips.

    "We seem to be going a little faster than we expected. We can rest here. Guys, you can have fun in the city. I want everyone back in five hours!" he informed his army before he shifted his focus back to the two women.

    Walking closer to them, he held the hands of the two ladies and pulled them towards the house.

    "Come. Let me see if the women of Aksha are as amazing as people claim," The General said as he freed their hands and placed them in their soft butt before he entered the house with them. The smile never left his face.

    For the next few hours, the house was filled with moaning sounds that were filled with pleasure.

    The rest of the army members also didn't waste any time. While some of the army members decided to go drinking, the others chose women instead of beer. They found a woman from the city and pulled them inside various houses.

    After five hours, everything seemed to be over.

    The soldiers that were calming their flames of lust and the soldiers who were drinking; they were all standing in front of the house where the General was. They all stood in proper formation as if nothing happened in the last 5 hours.

    The door of the house finally opened as the General stepped out with a satisfied smile on his face.

    "Nothing less than I expected. Amazing women indeed," the General muttered as he glanced back inside the room where two women were lying on the bed without any clothes.

    He met with the army and departed from the city along with all the guards.
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