771 Chapter 771: Here

    Two more days passed as Long Chen stayed inside the room, cultivating all day and night.

    He didn't talk to Xun during this time as he placed all his focus on Cultivation. Xun stayed inside the room, keeping an eye on the door to make sure that no one came in to disturb Long Chen and to put his life in danger.

    With the arrival of another breakthrough, Long Chen slowly opened his eyes with a satisfied smile on his face.

    "I am really jealous of this body. I wish I were cultivating here with my real body and with the same potential and abilities. Such fast Cultivation, and it'll go to waste," Long Chen muttered, glancing at Xun.

    "I don't think you need to be jealous. Your real-world body isn't bad. And it'll only get better and better when your real body's bloodline gets more and more converted," Xun told Long Chen, shaking her head.

    "How much of this godly bloodline concentration do I need to be on the same level as this body?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "Not much. This body is good, but not that good. If you had the same experience that you had now, same skills and only fifty percent of this godly bloodline at the start, your Cultivation would be just as fast," Xun told Long Chen, talking to them about his bloodline and talent.

    "Fifty percent? Heck, I have to go through all the trials to get to the same level as this body I get in this world?" Long Chen muttered as he smiled wryly.

    He was somewhat amazed after knowing the potential of this body, but still, he somewhat expected it after seeing what he was able to achieve in such a short time.

    "Whatever, this bloodline is still very good. The only reason I was strong enough to save my father, who I didn't even know was alive," Long Chen said as he sighed. He had realized that if Xun hadn't come into his life, and if he hadn't started his journey to get stronger after listening to Xun's words, he wouldn't be where he was.

    Without the ring and Xun, Long Chen would be at the bottom of the cliff, unable to get out; dying at the bottom eventually. Even if he had managed to come out, at best, he would be living a moderate life in the Long Clan inside the Dragon City. He would never have met Mingyu, Zhiqing, or any of his women. He wouldn't be able to find out about his father being trapped or to save him. He wouldn't be able to form friends like the great friend that he made along the way.

    Everything good that happened to him was credited to the ring and Xun. There were many bad things that happened along the way as well, but as long as he and his closest family members were alive, he didn't care for the bad. The good most certainly outweighed the bad in his mind, even if he changed throughout this journey from the man he wanted to be.

    "Yeah, look at the positive and don't think too much. As long as you maintain your progress in the future, everything else is going to be fine as well. The future shouldn't be too bad. All you need is strength. Get so strong that even I won't be able to harm you if I wanted to. That's the strength you need. Get there, and the world shall belong to you," Xun told Long Chen, looking away from him.

    "Hah, No matter how strong a man can get, his woman will always have an edge on him," Long Chen said jokingly as he stood up and walked over to the window.

    "How many days has it been this time?" he asked, looking outside the window at the beautiful street.

    " You've been cultivating for three days here. I was getting bored, looking at the empty door. I don't get it. Why do I even need to keep watch? You're here, not as a Dragon Squad Member but as Fu Chen of Aksha Kingdom. Who would even try to harm you here?" Xun inquired as she yawned.

    "Hah, don't think that will work on me. I know you can't sleep as a Spirit of the Ring. That fake yawn won't work on me," Long Chen said, laughing.

    "Tch," Xun rolled her eyes at getting caught. She wasn't really sleepy, but she was getting bored as Long Chen cultivated all day and night. She wanted to see her side and talk to her once in a while, stopping his Cultivation. She couldn't express it herself, but she missed talking to Long Chen when he didn't talk to him for days.

    She didn't understand what it was, but a sudden urge and feeling arose in her heart every time he didn't talk to her for over a day.

    She wanted him to remember her and to talk to her. She wanted him to be there for her. She wondered what this feeling was. All she could describe it was an indescribable feeling.

    "At Least tell me why you're worried someone might attack here," Xun asked Long Chen.

    " Have you forgotten? Vermilion is still alive. I still doubt him to be the one that sent people to kill me after pretending to help me since only he knew that I was leaving the city."

    " Also, there might still be many people that know about that and want to kill me, including some Phoenix Organization members that know if Vermillion wants to kill me. Even though the chances are rare since Vermilion most probably isn't here, I still don't want to be a sitting duck here. With you around, keeping an eye on everything, I feel safer," Long Chen explained to Xun about his concerns.

    "Oh. I didn't think of that," Xun muttered as she walked closer to him and stood beside him, looking outside the window.

    "Yeah. I wonder where the Sunai army is. If it has been three days like you said, then they are really late. They should be here half a day ago if they were on time. Are they procrastinating along the way?" Long Chen muttered as he wondered where the army could be when he suddenly saw a guard running throughout the city as if announcing something to the citizens. Those who heard the announcement started running away, back to their houses.

    "This commotion?" Long Chen muttered, looking at the commotion on the streets. It seems like the Sunai Army is here," he let out as a smile appeared on his face.

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