772 Chapter 772: Vermilion Spiri

    Long Chen saw the commotion on the streets as a smile appeared on his face.

    "Finally, it's time for me to join the fun. Not much longer. I'll be the King of this land and of Sunai," Long Chen muttered as he turned back.

    Walking over to the bed, he picked up the Flaming Ice Sword that was still inside its scabbard and placed it on his back. Next, he picked up the black rusted sword, which was also within its scabbard, and placed it on his back.

    "The Sunai Army might recognize me with the Swords. It should be the time for the imposter Long Chen who fooled the Sunai Kingdom to be dead. The real deal will enter the fight now," Long Chen muttered as he opened the door of his room and stepped out.

    Going down the staircase, he left the hotel. The man at the reception watched Long Chen leave with that heavy sword on his back. He was surprised why a kid would have two swords that big, but he didn't interfere. It was good if that troublesome guy was out of this hotel without threatening to expose the hotel for the mistake that they did.

    He had found out that the city was under attack. If Long Chen wished to leave at this time, he wasn't going to stop him. Even if Long Chen died, it didn't mean anything to him.

    He was just waiting for all the guests to return before he could close the hotel doors to protect the hotel.


    Long Chen left the hotel and stood on the street, watching people run away towards their houses. The guards of the city could be seen running towards the Northern Entrance of the city, which made Long Chen be sure that it was the Sunai Kingdom army since they were coming from the North.

    Coincidentally, the Royal Palace was closer to the north than it was to the south, which was one of the reasons Long Chen had chosen the North Side for attacking.

    He could see the guests of this place running towards the North to take part in the battle to protect the city.

    He also started walking towards the North, not seeming to be in a hurry.

    Long Chen reached near the North Section of the city. The place that was previously heavily guarded now had only two guards protecting that place.

    "Yeah, now that the North is being attacked, they wouldn't place guards between the Noble Region and the Commoner Section of the city. That's to be expected. I wonder if there will be guards at the entrance of the palace or not," Long Chen muttered as if talking to himself.

    " Where are you going! You can't go there. The city is under attack. Go back to your home! No one is allowed inside the land of the Royals," the guards said as if warning Long Chen, stopping him from going forward.

    "I know the city is under attack. That's why I wish to meet your king. I have a way to protect everyone and save people!" Long Chen said to the guard.

    "Cheh, you really think too highly of yourself, don't you? Most of our top Warriors are there protecting us. Do you really think you stand a chance of making even the slightest of change in the outcome of this? You're really thinking that you're some bigshot after carrying two swords on your back? Hah, kid, run away. It's not a place for you to play around," the guards said, mocking Long Chen.

    Long Chen wasn't wearing a mask, but he was using the Mask of Mischief to look like Fu Chen; the guards however failed to recognize him and thought he was just some random kid trying to be a hero. If they had recognized Long Chen, their taunts would have been much worse clearly.

    "Sigh, I felt like this would happen. It doesn't matter. I'll meet the King at any cost," Long Chen said as he sighed.

    Bringing his hand towards his back, he placed it on the hilt of the Rusted Black Sword. Pulling it out of his scabbard, he started walking forward.

    "You bastard! You dare to think about attacking us! Kill this kid!" One of the guards said, running towards Long Chen.  The other guard followed suit as he ran towards Long Chen.

    The first guard reached Long Chen first as he slashed with his sword.

    Without using any of his abilities, Long Chen simply swung his sword. His sword clashed with Long Chen's sword. Despite not using his abilities, his raw strength was enough that the guard couldn't even imagine competing. The guard flew back like a broken kite, crashing on the wall of a nearby house while the sword fell out of his hand. The guard, however, was left alive.

    The second guard was stunned as he stopped in his tracks.

    "I'm not here to harm any of you. I could've easily killed that guy otherwise. Not only him, but you would also be lying dead alongside. If you don't want the lives to be lost unnecessarily, take me to your king. I would like to offer him my assistance. If you don't take me to him, I'll force my way to him, but that won't be good for you or your fellow guards," Long Chen said as he looked deep into the man's eyes.

    He also cast a slight illusion that made the guard see the Shadow of a Vermilion bird begin Long Chen.

    "Y-you have the same War Spirit as Master Vermilion? You can really help us then! Please come; I'll take you to His Majesty. Also, thank you for not burning us to ashes," the Second Guard said as he bowed his head before Long Chen.

    "That's fine. Take me to your king. Every second you waste can be dangerous for the existence of this Kingdom," Long Chen said.

    "Please follow me," The Guard said as he started walking towards the Royal Place.

    "You keep guard here. I'll be back soon," he told the other guard who was struggling to stand up before he left.

    Long Chen followed the guard and reached the Royal Palace of the King.

    Five guards stood at the entrance of the Royal Palace, guarding it.

    "That kid? Isn't it that traitor's son? Why is our own man bringing that bastard here?"

    "That's not the least shocking part. Just look at how respectfully he's talking to that bastard. He's destroying the reputation of our guards here! That bastard!"

    The five guards talked amongst themselves as they watched Long Chen being brought here by a fellow guard of the Royal Army.
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