773 Chapter 773: Arrested

    " Don't come to assumptions. Let me talk to him myself to know what he's doing. He might be bringing that guy as a prisoner here," The guard in the lead said as he stopped the others from coming to a conclusion. He gazed at the blonde guard who was escorting Long Chen.

    The guard brought Long Chen closer to the palace, but before he could get near, he saw the other guards gesturing to him to stop.

    Understanding their concerns, the Blonde Guard who stood with Long Chen previously looked back at him.

    "You stay here; I'll talk to them. You know, with the current circumstances, they'll be worried," he told Long Chen before he walked towards the other five guards who were guarding the palace.

    "Why are you bringing that traitor's son here? Have you lost your mind?" The guards asked the blonde guard as soon as he reached near.

    The blonde guard was confused at hearing this. He came here to talk to them about this fellow he met. He didn't even ask Long Chen's name in my excitement, but after hearing the words of others, he felt like he was missing something.

    "Traitor's son? What do you mean by that?" The Blonde Guard asked in confusion. "Do you know the person who stands behind me?"

    "Of course we know! Only an idiot wouldn't know who that guy is. He's the son of that guy who betrayed our kingdom. He's the son of Previous Phoenix Organization Leader, Demon!" One of the guards said.

    "What? He's that trash? It can't be! Why would Demon's son have a Vermilion War Spirit?! Even though I didn't get the opportunity to see him previously, even I know that Long Chen has a Purple Mist War Spirit that was discovered in the Spirit Warrior College Entrance Exams! The guy behind me has a Vermillion War Spirit! He can't be the guy you talk about!" The Blonde Guard insisted.

    "What? That guy has a Vermillion War Spirit?" The guard asked in shock.

    "Yeah, he showed me. He even defeated a guard with one strike. This guy is strong. If he's really Long Chen, then it must mean that he was hiding his strength previously!" the Blonde Guard exclaimed as he talked about the past.

    " We can test his War Spirit later! First, tell us why you brought him here!" The leader of the palace guards asked in concern.

    "He approached us and said that he wanted to join the battle to save our Royal City! We thought he was just a kid and joking. When he didn't listen, we even tried to attack him, but he was too strong. He defeated Mang Lia in just a single move without using his War Spirit. Then he showed us his War Spirit and said that he could've killed us instantly, but he didn't want to harm us," the blonde guard said to the others.

    "I was bringing him to meet the King so he could decide if he wanted the help of this guy or not. He's a Vermilion War Spirit holder, after all. And he's strong. He can be the next Master Vermilion," he continued.

    "But he's the son of that Traitor. Even if he's strong, we can't let him join. He'll betray us in the time of need like his father did!" Another guard said.

    "That's for His Majesty to decide. We can only tell him about this and wait for his decision. It would be the negligence of our duty if we don't," the blonde-haired guard said. Since he has brought Long Chen here, he didn't want to push him away.

    The blonde-haired guy remembered Long Chen's threat of killing everyone to reach the King if he had to. He had seen Long Chen's strength even when he didn't use his War Spirit. He didn't even want to imagine what would happen if Long Chen used his Vermilion War Spirit to kill them all. He didn't want that. To protect himself, he needed to get Long Chen to meet the King.

    "Fine. As long as he can prove to us that he has the Vermilion War Spirit, we can present him in front of the King," the leader of the palace guards agreed, nodding his head.

    "Great. I'll get him to show you," the blonde guard said excitedly before he ran to Long Chen and told him to show his Vermilion War Spirit.

    Long Chen took ten steps back before raising his hands in the sky. Using his Law of Illusion, he made a Vermillion Shadow appear behind him. He managed to create the illusion of being a Spirit Warrior who had a Vermilion War Spirit. He had already seen Vermilion bring out his War Spirit against the battle with Dragon Squad Leader, which made it easier for him.

    "Fine. You really have a Vermilion War Spirit. It seems just as strong as Master Vermilion's War Spirit despite you being that young. Come, I'll escort you to our King," the leader of the guard said as he escorted Long Chen inside the palace with four other guards, leaving only one behind.


    " The situation is dire. Send a messenger to the southern border to inform Vermilion and others about what's happening here. We might be needing help."

    The King of Aksha Kingdom was sitting on the throne, talking to someone.

    "Yes, Your Majesty," the person said as he left the Royal Hall, closing the door behind him.

    "Sigh, who knew this Sunai Kingdom would be so cunning. Even though we're the ones declaring war suddenly, they already made the plan to attack us from two sides. Could it be that the entire reason they killed Royal Tutor was because they wanted us to wage war? Sigh, did we fall into a trap?" The King muttered to himself in an empty hallway.

    Suddenly, the door of the Royal Hall was opened. He informed the King about something.

    The King nodded his head. The other four guards entered with Long Chen.

    The leader of the guard told everything about Long Chen, including his Vermilion War Spirit and his suggestion to help.

    The King looked at Long Chen, who seemed to be looking back at him.

    "Do you wish to help us?" The King asked Long Chen.

    "Yes, Your Majesty," Long Chen replied.

    "Despite everything, this kingdom did to you?" the King asked again.

    "Yes. Whatever happened, this kingdom will always be my home. It's my responsibility to protect my home," Long Chen answered proudly.

    "Do you really think we would believe that? There's no way you don't hate us. This must be some scheme of yours. Guards, arrest him and imprison him!" The King scoffed at Long Chen's answers before he commanded his guards.
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