774 Chapter 774: Ending Royal Lineage

    "Guards, arrest him and imprison him!" The King scoffed at Long Chen's answers before he commanded his guards.

    Long Chen heard the King's words, not reacting at all.

    The blonde-haired guard, however, seemed worried. He had seen Long Chen's anger before. He was worried that Long Chen might attack people in rage again. He kept an eye on Long Chen to react in case he did something when other guards went towards him.

    Long Chen watched the guards coming towards him as he smiled.

    "I can understand what you're feeling. I surrender myself, and I'll let myself be arrested. Just remember, you are going to need me. I have seen your army. In two hours, the Sunai Army will be here. You need me more than I need you. I just want to help my kingdom. If you want it to survive, you'll definitely let me out," Long Chen said to the king before he turned back.

    " Don't touch me! I'm going off my own accord. If you don't want to die, don't you dare to touch me!" He thundered as he saw the guards reach out their hands towards Long Chen.

    "You're not a guest but a prisoner! Let us take your Weapons first!" One of the guards roared as he continued reaching out his hands towards the two swords on Long Chen's back.

    Reaching out his hands, Long Chen caught the hand of the man. Swinging him towards the left, he released, making the guard crash on the wall.

    The other guards were stunned as they saw Long Chen throwing fellow guards away.

    They pulled out a sword to forcefully take Long Chen's weapons. Even the king seemed shocked by what he saw. Long Chen's strength exceeded his expectations.

    Before the King could even realize what was happening, he saw the other three guards lying on the floor, groaning in pain. Long Chen still hadn't killed them.

    Only the blonde-haired man seemed to be alive.

    "I told you I'm ready to surrender as long as I'm not touched. I surrendered because I wanted to respect His Majesty's wishes but not because I was a criminal. I won't let myself be treated like one. No one shall trample my dignity. The only reason I didn't kill anyone here was because I respect my motherland and don't want to weaken our forces," Long Chen declared, looking at the guards on the ground.

    "Are you going to take me to the cell respectfully, or should I thrash you and find that place myself?" he asked the blonde-haired guard.

    "Ah, R-right," the blonde-haired guard replied after initial stuttering.

    He glanced at the king, and seeing no opposition; he told Long Chen to follow him.

    "Remember Your Majesty. I might be your last hope. When you feel like you need my help, come to the cell yourself, and I'll still help," Long Chen said, glancing back at the King one last time before he left.

    Long Chen was escorted to the cell with both his Swords still on his back. He was shown a cell whose door was opened by the blonde-haired man.

    As Long Chen entered the cell, the blonde-haired guard closed the door and left.

    "What are you trying to do? You brought the army to take over the Kingdom, and you're trying to help the King against the same army? Aren't you opposing yourself? Just what are you trying to do? You had such a good chance to kill the King and take over the Kingdom. How can you not do it? The Trial would have been over instantly," Xun asked Long Chen, appearing near him.

    "I'm not going against myself. This has always been the plan. I'll take over the Kingdom, and it'll be forceful as well; however, citizens would not oppose me. It'll be a perfectly fair rise to the throne. At Least in the eyes of everyone else," Long Chen said as he grinned his head.

    "First, I need to kill the rest of the princes. The eldest Prince is already expelled from the right of the throne. I need to clear the others as well. Being inside the prison should give me a nice cover," he muttered, looking outside the cell.

    He had already seen the entire palace through his Divine Sense. He had also seen the posters of the princes. Now he had a perfect idea of where each of the Prince was within the Palace

    "The army should surround the Royal Palace within two hours. The King would most probably come to ask for help before that.

    "I still don't get it. Why don't you kill the King as well along with the Princes?" Xun asked again.

    "You don't need to know. All that matters is that I know," Long Chen muttered as a smile appeared on his face.

    His eyes changed color and became starry black as the space around him started getting unstable.

    He disappeared from the prison and appeared in a room where a young man was comfortably sleeping. The man slept so peacefully that it didn't seem like he even knew what was happening in the kingdom.

    Walking towards the bed, he thrust his sword inside the man's chest.

    The man's eyes opened wide as he was stabbed. His lips opened to scream in pain, but he couldn't as his mouth was instantly closed by Long Chen.

    He died instantly. After killing the man, Long Chen covered his body with the blanket before he disappeared.

    It only took Long Chen a few minutes to kill all the princes stealthily. He went back to the prison cell after killing everyone.

    He hadn't even been missing from the cell for 5 minutes. Walking back towards the wall, Long Chen sat with his back resting against the wall.

    He started waiting for the king to arrive as he closed his eyes and started cultivating to utilize his time.


    While Long Chen was resting inside the Prison Cell, the Sunai Kingdom army was committing a Slaughter.

    The King of Sunai had sent one of his best men in this assault team while the Top soldiers of the Aksha Kingdom Army had gone to the Southern Border, unaware of the attack happening in the Royal City.

    The guards who stayed back were good, but they seemed to be failing against the well-trained army of Sunai Kingdom.

    While the Sunai Kingdom army lost ten men, the Aksha Kingdom had already lost a hundred men. They were getting slaughtered with no place to escape since this was the final line of Defence for the Aksha Kingdom.

    "Kill them all and take over the Royal Palace! No one can stop us now!" The Sunai General Thundered as he cut two enemy soldiers in a single attack.
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