776 Chapter 776: Wiping his own

    "Too bad I can't send half a man for soldiers of Aksha. These guys are really trash," General Hu snorted.

    A soldier stepped forward with his heavy ax, walking towards Long Chen with big strikes.

    As soon as the man reached near Long Chen, the flow of wind changed as a kick landed on the man's chest, making him fly back.

    The two swords weren't even pulled out yet. Long Chen had managed to beat the soldier with a single kick. His strength had advanced by leaps and bounds since he left the Army. Now he was someone who was a Sky Realm Cultivator. His strength was not something they could compare. Even his physical strength was more than any Cultivation in this world possessed.

    Generally, Hu looked at the soldier that seemed to be lying on his feet. He wasn't moving as if he was dead.

    "He doesn't seem like a normal guard. Ten of you go together and kill him!" General Hu commanded his fellow guards. There seemed to be a hundred guards still left.

    Ten guests stepped out of the group and started running towards Long Chen; However, as they were near Long Chen, he finally pulled out two of his Swords as he moved like lightning. He didn't Teleport this time, though.

    He was only using his movement technique, which was fast but still much slower compared to an actual Teleportation.

    Before General Hu could have any idea of what just happened, he saw gen bodies lying near Long Chen. All ten of the bodies seemed to be headless.

    Long Chen was holding two swords in his hand, both of which seemed to be dripping with blood.

    "Those Swords! Why do you have these?!" Generally, Hu exclaimed in shock as he saw the sword in Long Chen's hand.

    He didn't know that Long Chen was the same person who was sent here with him on the mission to take over the Kingdom.

    He didn't know that these two were the same people; the only difference being that the two used different faces, with none of them being the real face of the actual person.

    "You mean these swords? I took them from a guy who tried to assassinate me. He failed so miserably. I wonder if you can even recognize his corpse now," Long Chen said as he smiled wryly.

    He was amused at the fact that he was reading talking about killing himself.

    "Impossible! How can you be stronger than the monster who destroyed cities in his path? Who exactly are you?* General Hu asked with a look of disbelief on his face.

    "Me? I'm the last line of defense of the Aksha Kingdom. You want to move forward; then you'll have to kill me. The chances of that happening are really negligible, though," Long Chen replied calmly as he started walking toward General Hu.

    "Everyone! He's a strong enemy! Attack together!" General Hu thundered, commanding his men as he ran towards Long Chen with the rest of the soldiers.

    "You're not underestimating me. That's good. It's not good enough, though," Long Chen muttered as he used his Thunder Blade.

    The dark clouds surrounded the clear sky and started thundering.

    Long Chen pointed towards the man with his sword, making the lightning fall in the direction he was pointing at.

    A bolt of lightning fell, straight on top of General Hu, who seemed to be unaware of this skill. He used to think that one needed a Thunder War Spirit to make this happen. As he didn't see a War Spirit Shadow appearing behind Long Chen, he didn't think that a lightning bolt would fall on him.

    Unaware of this possibility, he didn't take any precautions. When the lightning bolt actually fell, he couldn't survive. He died instantly.

    "Your leader is gone. Generally, I wouldn't waste my time in killing the goons, but I can't let you leave now either. You need to die," Long Chen said, glancing at the guards who were still alive.

    Waving his Swords in the air, he walked towards the soldiers that seemed hesitant to battle now. After the army lost its leader, its entire morale was lost, making it even easier for Long Chen to wipe the soldiers.


    "And this is the last one," Long Chen muttered as he thrust his sword inside the chest of one of the Sunai Soldiers.

    He pulled the sword out, letting the man fall on the ground.

    Looking around, he saw the entire place empty. All the Sunai Soldiers were dead. Their bodies laid on the ground as their blood painted the grey road in red color.

    Glancing at some distance, he saw a few citizens looking out from their window. After he killed the last enemy, all the people that were watching the battle while hiding came out of their houses, they started cheering for Long Chen.

    In their eyes, Long Chen was a hero who saved the Kingdom. Some people had recognized Long Chen. They knew who he was. Despite knowing that, they didn't put it against Long Chen.

    'His father betrayed the Kingdom against the Sunai Kingdom, but the son saved us. He's such a nice kid. Not like his father at all. We really did wrong to him for all those years.'

    That seemed to be the thoughts inside the head of most of the people. They were seeing Long Chen in a greater light today.

    "Thank you, young man. You saved our Kingdom," an old noble thanked Long Chen.

    "It's my kingdom as well, Master. It was my duty to save my motherland," Long Chen answered, looking respectful.

    "Hah, you really are a nice kid. We really misunderstood you all these years. Please forgive us, Master," the old man said, apologizing to Long Chen.

    "Don't worry, Master. I can understand it. My father betrayed everyone. It wasn't your fault. Anyone would lose trust in our family after that," Long Chen replied. "I'm glad I got the opportunity to right his wrongs."

    "Anyway, I should be taking my leave now. I need to give this good news to His Majesty as well," He continued before he started to leave.

    Long Chen went back to the Royal Palace amidst the constant praise that was being showered on him for saving the Kingdom.

    He didn't know how fast, but he was sure that this news would be in the entire Royal City within a few hours.

    'That should be enough of recovering the Fu Clan's reputation in this Kingdom. Now it's time to handle the rest of the things,' Long Chen thought as he smiled.
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