777 Chapter 777: Promotion

    Long Chen entered the Royal Palace and went straight to the chambers of the King while the news about him saving the Kingdom was being shared around the Kingdom.

    No guard stopped him this time as they all knew that Long Chen was working for the King now.

    Entering the chambers of the King, he said, "Your Majesty, the mission is successful. I have finished your enemies. The Kingdom is safe from the intruders."

    The King was sitting in deep thought. He didn't even notice Long Chen when he stepped inside.

    Only when Long Chen started speaking did he realize that Long Chen was here. With a surprise on his face, he raised his head and looked at Long Chen.

    "You aren't dead? What did you say? You killed them? Really? The Kingdom is actually saved?"

    It took the King a few seconds to understand what was happening. He still couldn't believe that Long Chen won.

    "Yes. By His Majesty's grace, I was able to remove the troubles haunting the Royal City. We seem to be safe," Long Chen said in a calm tone.

    He knew that the King would be too happy now that he was safe. He could expect that at least, but the king was probably not going to show. That's what he thought, at least.

    "Good Work. You are worthy of praise. I must say we did wrong with you all these years. The Royal Tutor said that you would be bad just like your father who betrayed us, so we were treating you harshly. We should've listened to Vermilion and believed it when he said that it's not necessary for a son to walk on the path of the father," The King expressed his regret on how Long Chen was treated in this kingdom.

    ' Hmm? He still thinks that Fu Chen's father betrayed the Kingdom. Either he's lying, or the Sunai King lied. It could also be possible that he didn't have a hand in it, and it was all done by the Royal Tutor. The question still remains. What actually happened to that guy? Vermilion must know the answer from the way he talked in his letters. As for the king, it doesn't matter since he'll be dead shortly anyway,' Long Chen thought as he gazed at the king respectfully.

    "I can understand, Your Majesty. If I was in your place, I might have done the same thing. I know that it is hurtful when a person close to you betrays you. Anyone would be upset. Despite all that, you let us live and didn't kill us for the sins of that man, and for that, I'm grateful to you," He told the King.

    "Hahaha, you're a really sensible person. I like you. No amount of praise can be enough for you for what you did. You'll be rewarded!" The King said as he laughed heartily.

    "Eunuch!" He called out.

    The door of the chamber opened as a bearded man walked inside.

    "Tell the citizens of our kingdom about our victor. Tell them to arrive in front of our place. I'll introduce them to the person who saved our Kingdom, and our new Army General!" The King told the Eunuch.

    "Yes, Your Majesty," the Eunuch said as he turned back and left.

    The King watched the Eunuch leave before he shifted his gaze to Long Chen.

    "As a reward for your great achievements, you'll be the Army General of our Kingdom from today!" The King said as he smiled.

    ' I was hoping that he would introduce me to the citizens as a hero but making me an Army General? Although that wasn't a part of the plan, I can use that,' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    He simply nodded his head respectfully.

    "I would like to thank Your Majesty for such grace," Long Chen said.

    The King told him to sit. Finding an empty seat amidst the ministers of the Royal Palace, Long Chen sat down.

    The Eunuch had arranged for the announcement to be spread out in the entire Royal City. There seemed to be an atmosphere of celebration within the city as people finally felt safe now that the enemies were dead. They started leaving their houses to the Royal Palace to hear what the announcement was going to be about.


    The King sat on the throne, wondering if he should send Long Chen to fight at the Southern Border to give their forces a better chance to win, but he decided against it. He couldn't be sure that the Sunai Kingdom wouldn't do something like this again. He needed to be wary and keep a strong person within the Royal City to keep the city safe.

    "Minister Wang, we had sent a letter to Vermillion to inform him about the attack on the Royal City. Send another message to give him an update about what happened and to tell him that the Royal City is safe. He doesn't need to come back or send any forces here. Tell him to keep his entire focus on winning the battle!" the King told one of his Ministers.

    The Minister stood up and left the hall after taking permission from the king.


    Two hours had passed since the King sent the Eunuch to announce. Finally, the Eunuch had returned after two hours.

    "Your Majesty, the Citizens are waiting outside," the Eunuch told the King.

    "Oh? Let's go then," the King said, standing up.

    The Ministers also stood up after the King. Long Chen followed suit.

    They all left after the king and went to the balcony of the Royal Palace, where the King was about to give a speech.

    The King stood at the front on the balcony. Long Chen and the other ministers stood behind him.

    "The Citizens of my proud Aksha Kingdom! As you may already know, our Royal City was under attack today by the vile Sunai Kingdom, who decided to attack us from the back. Those Idiots don't dare to fight like brave people from the front, instead of using these trickery!" the King started talking.

    " We lost many of our brave soldiers in this unexpected battle, but I feel happy to declare that we were able to kill every single one of them. Our Royal City is perfectly safe. The biggest share of keeping our city safe goes to only one and only one person. I would like to introduce him to you all and declare something important!" He continued.

    He turned back to invite Long Chen but remembered that it wasn't his real name.

    "Long... Ah, right. That was a name created to shame you. I should address you as Fu Chen," he said.

    "It's fine, Your Majesty. I prefer Long Chen. It's become my identity after all these years. Everyone knows me by this name as well. I would prefer if you call me that," Long Chen replied calmly.

    " Alright. Long Chen, come forward," the King told Long Chen.

    Stepping forward, Long Chen stood beside the King.

    " It was all possible because of Long Chen, who bravely defeated hundreds of enemy soldiers and killed them. I'm sure you all recognize him. We really did bad to him all these years but today only gives us a valuable lesson. If one person is bad, it doesn't mean their son will be bad too. His father was a traitor, but Long Chen proved to be our savior tonight!" The King declared.

    The citizens felt bad about how they behaved to Long Chen. They all looked down, internally apologizing to Long Chen and thanking him for protecting them despite all that.

    " Looking at his heroic achievement, I have made a decision. He would be the Army General of the Aksha Army, responsible for keeping the Royal City safe!" The King declared, looking at his citizens.
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