779 Chapter 779: Crowning

    "But, Your Majesty. He's not of the Royal Lineage. Would it not mean the end of your bloodline at the helm of this Kingdom? The Eldest Prince can continue your bloodline as a ruler," one of the Ministers suggested.

    "Yes, Your Majesty. If you don't want him at the helm, you can also make another heir. You should still be able to have a kid," Another minister suggested.

    "Bloodline is fleeting, but the Kingdom is eternal. I don't want my Kingdom to go in the hands of my Eldest Son! As for having another son, I know my abilities. It's not possible for me anymore. As for my health, I don't think I should be able to carry the burden of this Kingdom any longer," Long Chen said as he sighed.

    "I want to go to the frontline to battle one last time to relive my young days again. It's final. Long Chen will be the new King," Long Chen declared.

    "I'll go to him personally and do his coronation myself since the times aren't good. I'll leave on my own after that. Arrange for a carriage for me to leave to the frontlines! I'll be leaving in a few hours!" He continued.

    " Your Majesty, are you really sure about that? You should think again," the ministers pleaded.

    "There's no need to think. It's final," Long Chen said, shaking his head.

    "It's my decree! Announce within the entire Kingdom! I'm going to the frontline, and Long Chen will be your new king from today! I want it announced within the entire Kingdom!" He told everyone sternly.

    "Yes, Your Majesty. We'll respect your wishes!" The Ministers agreed since the King was so adamant.

    "Since you're leaving, I'll arrange for a small army to escort you as we don't have many men in the kingdom," the Minister of Transport told the King.

    "There's no need for that. I just want a horse, nothing else. I can take care of myself within my kingdom. As for the army, there's plenty on the Southern Border!" The Long Chen said, shaking his head.

    The Ministers unwillingly agreed to the suggestion, and the preparations started.

    The decree was announced within the entire Kingdom, shocking everyone who heard it. Long Chen was made the new king since the King had abdicated the throne for him.

    After making sure that everything was arranged, Long Chen left the hall with the ministers and went to the room that was assigned to him.

    "You stay outside. I'll go inside and give him the crown," Long Chen told the Ministers before he opened the door to his room, which he intentionally left open since he knew he wouldn't be able to open it from inside despite knowing from outside since the room was empty.

    He entered the room and closed the door behind him.

    Taking the crown off of his head, he placed it on the bed beside the swords that he had kept back after killing the real king.

    He left the room without his crown.

    "It's done. He still seems to be tired. Don't disturb him anymore," he told the ministers before he started leaving.

    The ministers started following him.

    "Are the horses arranged?" Long Chen asked the ministers as he walked towards the exit.

    "Yes, Your Majesty," the Ministers replied.

    "Don't call me Majesty now. I'm not the King anymore. Anyway, it feels good to be free of the burden of a kingdom. Now I feel like a young Warrior again," Long Chen said proudly as he smiled.

    He stepped out of the Palace and sat on his horse before he left.

    As he walked towards the Southern exit of the Royal City, he saw the citizens on both sides of the road, cheering for him.

    "His Majesty is so great. Going to fight on his own for the Kingdom. Not only that, he gave the Throne to a commoner without thinking about his bloodline or being greedy."

    "That's right! This is a true king! We were so lucky to have him as our King!"

    "Long Live His Majesty!"

    "Long Live His Majesty!"

    "Long Live His Majesty!"

    "Long Live His Majesty!"

    The citizens started chanting.

    Amidst the chants of the Citizens, Long Chen left the kingdom. After going far away from the kingdom, he jumped down off the racing horses and landed on the ground.

    He looked around, and only after finding the whole place empty, he used his Law of Space to create a Spatial Portal having the shape of a door.


    The Royal Eunuch walked to Long Chen's room, who was the new king, to ask for his food preference for dinner.

    He knocked on the door but didn't get a response.

    "Looks like I'll have to disturb him. It should be fine to go in," the Eunuch muttered as he opened the door and stepped inside.

    "Hmm? Where is he?" He muttered as he found the room to be empty.

    Just that, a white spatial portal appeared in front of him, and Long Chen stepped inside, still dressed like the King and in his face.

    "Your Majesty?" The Eunuch exclaimed as he saw Long Chen.


    The Teleportation portal brought Long Chen to his room, but as soon as he stepped out of the portal, he heard someone's voice.

    "Your Majesty?"

    Looking in the direction where the voice came from, he saw the Eunuch standing there.

    " Ah, what're you doing here?" Long Chen exclaimed in surprise as the Portal behind him disappeared.

    The Eunuch slowly started stepping back after finding it suspicious.

    "Sigh, you shouldn't have come inside. I told everyone to stay out, didn't I?" Long Chen muttered as he Teleported behind the Eunuch.

    Grabbing the man's next with his right hand, he crushed it, killing the Eunuch instantly.

    He released the Eunuch, letting his body fall on the ground.

    He changed his clothes and got back to his original clothes.

    He also changed his face back to the face this kingdom's people recognized him with.

    After getting prepared, he looked at the dead body on the ground.

    "Guards!" He shouted.

    The room of his door opened as two guards stepped inside.

    "What were you doing! This Bastard Eunuch tried to kill me since he doesn't like that I'm the king! Is this how you do your duty?! If I weren't alert, I would be dead by now! Go drag him outside, and don't let anyone else enter without my permission!" He told the guards, making an excuse for what happened before he went back to his bed.

    The guards extensively apologized to him before they dragged the body outside and closed the door behind them. They didn't forget to close the door behind them.
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