780 Chapter 780: Bloodline Temple Prophecy

    Sitting on the bed comfortably, Long Chen smiled pleasantly.

    "The Trial should be completed now, right?" Long Chen asked Xun, who was still inside the Bloodline Temple.

    Xun stood inside the bloodline temple, which was shining brightly at the moment.

    "Looks like he finished the trial. He was fast. I really thought he would take years when he came here. He exceeded my expectations. I wonder what he did. I'll have to see after leaving this place," Xun muttered as she looked at the walls of the Bloodline Temple, where a few words were taking shape.

    "The second part of the Prophecy is appearing since he finished the Third Trial. Good. Just a few more, and it'll be complete," Xun muttered as she looked at the wall.

    "The first part of the Bloodline Prophecy is already with us. I wonder what the second part will be. There should be three or more parts if I'm not wrong. The Bloodline and the Prophecy we worked so hard for. Finally, it's close to completion," she let out as she walked towards the wall where the words had finished taking shape.

    "The Traitor of the Blood, Trapped in Eternal Flames. The rise of a Phoenix at the end of the moon," she read the words.

    "The Traitor of the Blood? Is this talking about Tian Shen? Or could it be about the history of the bloodline? Trapped in eternal flames? Rise of a Phoenix... It might be the Rainbow Phoenix who will probably appear since the Ancient Myriad Beast has appeared near Long Chen. It's so different from the first part of the prophecy," Xun muttered as she frowned.

    " The First Part of the prophecy was deciphered. The Second Part is still shrouded in mystery. I'll need more information to understand it," Xun said as if talking to herself.

    The golden words that were on the wall for over ten minutes finally started to get blurry until they eventually disappeared.

    Xun finally took her eyes off of the wall and disappeared.

    She appeared near Long Chen, who was lying in bed calmly, tired after calling for Xun for over ten minutes.

    "Congrats on finding the third trial. You did great!" Xun complimented Long Chen as she appeared near him.

    "Ah, you made me so tired. I called you for so long, and you're appearing now," Long Chen replied with a wry smile.

    "I was collecting your rewards. It took time," Xun replied as she smiled.

    " Rewards? You mean I wouldn't get them inside the Bloodline Temple? I won't need to select rewards from random choices like last time?" Long Chen asked in surprise.

    "Not really. You'll still need to do that. Most of your rewards are still inside the Bloodline Temple, but I managed to bring one which I think you will need before leaving this place," Xun told Long Chen.

    "What is it?" Long Chen asked in confusion, looking at Xun.

    "You were concerned that you'd have to leave the body you worked so hard to Cultivate here, right? That reward will help you with that," Xun told Long Chen.

    "A storage ring with which I can carry the body outside? So what, I can't use two bodies at the same time. I'll still prefer my main body. Or could it be a Corpse Puppet Art with which I can make a dead body into a puppet I can use in fights? That'll waste it's potential. I don't see anything that can help me without me having to leave my real body.

    "There is a way," Xun said as she smiled.

    While Long Chen waited for her to explain further, Xun brought a small booklet out of thin air and gave it to Long Chen.

    Holding the booklet in his hand, he read it.

    " Eternal Soul Transmigration Technique?" Long Chen muttered as he opened the book and started reading it.

    "No way! So this is what you meant! But if I do this..." He muttered in shock as he finished reading the book.

    "It's not harmful in the least, and you'll get rid of a problem as well. The benefits are way more with you using it," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Fine. I'll think about it. If I feel that it is worth it, I'll do it before it's time to leave," Long Chen said as he sighed.

    "I'm sure you'll do it. You know that it is a good idea as well," Xun said before she disappeared.

    "Eternal Soul Transmigration Technique..." Long Chen muttered as he laid down on the bed.

    "She is right. If it is as I understand it, I wouldn't be losing anything. I'll still have to think about it," he let out as he smiled wryly.

    Long Chen stayed inside his room for the entire day, waiting before the news about him becoming the King spreads everywhere, including the southern Border. To not waste his time, he cultivated to make himself even stronger.

    It was only during the next morning that he got off the bed and left his room.

    "Your Majesty, Good Morning."

    The guard greeted him like a king as he walked through the hallways of the palace. A Golden Crown rested on his head.

    He went to the Throne Room, where the ministers were supposed to be. He had already sent a guard to deliver the message to all ministers to be here during the day.

    ' Ah, right. On my way back, I need to bring Mi Liayi here as well. She would be surprised to see her son being the King. She lived her life in poverty, getting beaten for every coin. I wonder how she will feel when she is the owner of the entire wealth of this Kingdom,' Long Chen thought as he entered the Throne Room.

    All the ministers stood up to greet him.

    Walking with his head held high, Long Chen walked to the throne at the end of the hall.

    Turning back at the end of the hall, he sat proudly.

    "You may sit."

    After getting comfortable on the throne, he gestured for everyone to sit.

    "Your Majesty, you called for us?" The Ministers asked Long Chen.

    "Yeah, I did. I had something to discuss with you and to meet you all. As you all may know, I'm the new King. I wished to meet you all and to tell you something," Long Chen replied.

    "What do you wish to say, Your Majesty?" The Ministers asked.

    Long Chen looked at the ministers before he opened his mouth to speak.

    " You know that I'm a Spirit Warrior, and I'm very strong. I feel like sitting here is a waste," he said.
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