781 Chapter 781: Closing

    I need to join the battle, but I won't leave like the Previous King by giving my responsibility to others. I'll go as a King and take over the Sunai Kingdom myself!" Long Chen declared proudly.

    "It will be the final battle for the union of two Kingdoms! How many soldiers do we have in the Royal City?" He asked the Ministers.

    "You wish to fight? Your Majesty, Previous King is already there along with our greatest experts. I think you should stay here and not take any risk," the Ministers stood up, trying to talk Long Chen out of it.

    "That's not the answer to my question, is it?" Long Chen inquired with an amused smile on his face.

    The ministers were taken aback a little before they understood.

    "We should have around a hundred guards within the Royal City," the Minister answered.

    "Good. You're coming with me. The guards will stay behind and maintain discipline within the Royal City," Long Chen declared.

    "Announce this to our citizens. We'll be leaving tomorrow and joining the previous King in battle," he said before he stood up and left the Royal Hall. "I'm going outside to see the city."

    "Your Majesty, I'll accompany you," the Ministers said before they started following after Long Chen.

    Long Chen left the Royal Palace with a few Soldiers and the ministers following behind them.

    He walked through the city, enjoying the respectful greetings of the Citizens who addressed him as His Majesty.

    Long Chen left the Northern Part of the city, which was a place for nobles. He entered the commoners' area and walked to a certain place where he had been previously.

    He stood in front of the building, which was the first place he saw Mi Liayi, who recognized him as his son. Without her, he wouldn't have known where Fu Chen's house was. Mi Liayi was dragging her beaten body out of this Pleasure House where people paid to torture poor people to get their anger out.

    "Your Majesty, this place..." The Royal Minister muttered in confusion as he saw Long Chen looking at the building.

    "I want the place shut down this instant. Arrest everyone who operates this place and abuse the mystery of poor people to make money from them," Long Chen commanded.

    " But Your Majesty, according to previous King's orders, this business was perfectly legal," The Ministers reminded Long Chen.

    "I don't care what the previous King said! I'm the King now, and this is my Kingdom. I will make it better than it was when I received it," Long Chen said sternly.

    "As Your Majesty wishes. I'll call more guards since what we have isn't enough to take this establishment down," the Minister said, ultimately giving up.

    "You don't have enough men? Fine, I'll make it easier for you," Long Chen said as he smirked before he started walking towards the establishment.

    Pushing the door open, he stepped inside.

    "Your Majesty!" The Ministers called out as they ran inside after Long Chen, with the guards.

    As they all stepped inside, they saw Long Chen walking deeper into the building. Long Chen held two swords in his hand.

    His right hand held a rusted black heavy sword while his left hand held a lighter sword that seemed to have a red hilt and blue blade.

    "Guards! Take over this place! Those who refuse to have their hands tied, you can kill!" Long Chen declared without looking back.

    Walking forward, he entered the closest room and found a young man beating an old man who seemed to be wearing old clothes.

    Walking closer to the man, Long Chen said, "That feels good, doesn't it?"

    The young man looked back and saw Long Chen. Looking at the crown on Long Chen's hand, he recognized him as the new King whose talks were everywhere in the kingdom.

    "Ah, Your Majesty. Greetings. I had a bad day, so I came here to let out the stress. Are you here for that too? Here, you can use my time. I'm sure you'll be stressed about many things. I just say, this works like a miracle for stress," the man said as he gave the whip to Long Chen.

    Placing the Flaming Ice Sword in its scabbard on his back, Long Chen shifted his Sword of Time to his right hand.

    Long Chen took the whip in his hand as he looked at the young man.

    "Are you sure? Does it really feel good to beat people poorer than you?" Long Chen asked with an amused smile on his face.

    "Of Course, Your Majesty. It feels amazing. I come here many times," the young boy replied grinning.

    "I'm the richest person in this Kingdom, right?" Long Chen asked again.

    'Of Course. You're the King. You're the one with the most wealth. Everything in this place belongs to you," the young man replied, confused as to why Long Chen was talking like this.

    "Then you're poorer than me. Let me test your theory on you and see if it makes me feel better," Long Chen muttered, grinning as he hit the ground with the whip while waiting towards the man.

    The whip made a sharp noise as it cut through the air. The nose itself was enough to scare the young man who stepped back.

    "Ah, Your Majesty. Please don't jest. I get scared easily. Please test on that poor bastard," the young man told Long Chen.


    He waited for Long Chen to turn back and whip the old man; however, a pained scream escaped his lips as the whip hit him.

    "Your Majesty, what are you doing!" the young man asked; however, Long Chen didn't listen and whipped the man's back again.

    The man hissed in pain as he fell down on the ground while a red mark was left in the place he hit.

    "You're right. This does feel good!" Long Chen laughed as he kept whipping the young boy, again and again, enjoying each hit.

    Only after five hits, the man lost consciousness.

    "Idiot," Long Chen muttered as he glared at the young boy. He threw the whip over the man.

    "You, scram from here! We're destroying this place!" he thundered while looking at the poor old man who was looking back at him.

    The old man stood up and left the place without wasting a single moment.

    Long Chen left the room and walked deeper. While the Ministers and a few guards stayed with him, most of the guards had gone deeper to arrest others.

    As Long Chen reached near the end of this building, he entered the last room. Everyone else within the place was already arrested.

    He entered the last room only to find a guard lying on his knees.

    "You bastard! I have all the permissions I need! You dare to tell me that I'm arrested for running my business?" An old man stood in front of the guard, looking down at him.

    " Attacking a Royal Guard. That's a crime worth death. You'll receive a death penalty," Long Chen said as he used his movement technique to appear behind the old man instantly.

    Before the man could even react, Long Chen swung his Heavy Sword, separating his head from his body

    "That should be all of them, unless there's some hidden room. Take them all to the prison. I'll hear their plea after a week," Long Chen said before he turned back and left the place.

    He walked through the city before ultimately going back to the place.

    Entering his room, he started cultivating as he waited for the ministers to prepare to leave with him tomorrow.

    The night passed away in the silence before the brightness of day shrouded the world.

    Leaving his room, he met with the v ministers and called out his Spirit Eagle before he left with him.
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