782 Chapter 782: Death

    Long Chen traveled with the Royal Minister on his Spirit Eagle.

    The Royal Minister was uncertain about this, but he couldn't do anything since it was the King's order which he gave in front of everyone.

    He might have opposed the decision if he was with the Previous King; however, in front of Long Chen, he didn't dare to do it. He had seen Long Chen kill anyone and everyone who stood in his path. He had killed an entire army of the Sunai Kingdom. Offending a person like this was never wise.

    He was sure that if he said no, Long Chen was undoubtedly going to kill him for something like treason.

    He could only sigh and accompany Long Chen on his journey.


    "I just got a message that there's a new King. His Majesty gave the Throne to someone else who is not of the Royal Bloodline after the death of the Princes. Your Highness, shouldn't you oppose after going back? Since there isn't any other Prince, the throne sound belongs to you. How can it be given to someone else like that?"

    One of the Aksha Kingdom Spirit Warrior said to the Eldest Prince, trying to express his support for the Prince.

    The Southern Border was where the war was going on. Not only the Kingdom Army but the Phoenix Organization was also here, fighting against the Sunai Kingdom and the Dragon Squad.

    They had just received the letter with information about the new King.

    "I never desired the Crown. If father chose this new guy called Long Chen, then he must've seen some leading qualities within the man," the Eldest Prince said as he looked in the distant horizon.

    "I'm more concerned about Father. He lost the sons he loved. He must be stressed," he continued.

    "He's coming here, right? He should be here soon. We can fight with him together. It can be a good time to mend your relationship with him," the Spirit Warrior said in a calm tone.

    The Spirit Warrior was a member of the Phoenix Organization who was injured in the War. He was getting treated at the border town. The Eldest Prince had came there to visit the wounded when he saw this Spirit Warrior and recognized him as his old friend he used to know from when he was the Prince.

    "Yeah, I read the message. He is coming to join the battle now that he handed over the throne to someone else," the Eldest Prince muttered.

    "He should've been here by now, though. I hope nothing bad happened." The Eldest Prince looked behind him as a concerned look shrouded his face.

    That's when a person ran inside, screaming, "His Majesty is here!"

    "Father is here?!" The Eldest Prince exclaimed as he ran outside to see his father.

    As he left the place with the others, he saw a big crowd so surrounding a person.

    The crowd kept moving aside to give space for the Eldest Prince to go through.

    The Eldest Prince moved forward, trying to see his father.

    As he reached the front, he saw the Royal Minister. Standing beside the Royal Minister was a young boy who was wearing the Royal Crown.

    "Long Chen? The New King?" The Eldest Prince muttered as he recognized Long Chen as the person he met before.

    Long Chen was the same person in his eyes who came here on vacation with his mother. He only talked to Long Chen once. After that, he didn't see him ever again. He was wondering why Long Chen and his mother stayed inside their room most of the time.

    Now that he was seeing Long Chen in front of him, he wondered when he then left this town. When did he go back?

    " Is Father not here yet?" He asked one of the soldiers who stood nearby.

    "No, Your Highness. Your Father isn't here yet. The New King arrived just now," The Soldier replied.

    "Where is the Previous King? I want to apologize to him. He gave this kingdom to me and left to fight against the enemies. Despite him telling me to stay inside the Royal City, I came here to join the battle as a King! Where is he?" Long Chen asked the men.

    "Ah, Your Majesty. The previous King isn't here yet," the soldiers replied.

    "Oh, he isn't? He might be on the way. He must've stopped somewhere. I want an update on the situation of the Border. You, Come with me," Long Chen said as he pointed towards the Eldest Prince before he walked towards the south where the border was.

    The Eldest Prince walked over to Long Chen and greeted him.

    "No need to be formal. We met before. You can treat me like a friend even though I'm the King. Anyway, where's Vermilion and the rest?" Long Chen asked the Eldest Prince.

    "Master Vermilion and the others are at the Border, guarding the place while trying to destroy the enemies. We've been at a stalemate, though," the Eldest Prince told Long Chen.

    "Of course, you'll be at a stalemate. They're trying to delay you since their Second Army was their main plan. They probably don't know that I've destroyed their army that attacked the Royal City," Long Chen replied casually as he smiled.

    "That might be it. Their defense is solid, though. We haven't received any success so far. Master Vermilion hasn't been able to do anything either," the Eldest Prince said as he sighed.

    " Don't worry. Now that I'm here, the war will be over soon. I don't have much time to stretch it anyway," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    " Minister Wang, you start here. I'm going ahead to finish the battle," he told the Royal Minister before he called his Spirit Eagle.

    "Come over," Long Chen said to the Eldest Prince as he reached out his hand. Holding Long Chen's hand, the Eldest Prince climbed over the Spirit Eagle.

    The Spirit Eagle started flying in the direction of the border.

    After flying for only a short distance, the Spirit Eagle landed in front of a group of the Phoenix Organization, where Vermilion seemed to be telling something to the others.

    Vermilion saw Long Chen, and a smile appeared on his face.

    "Hahaha, Welcome, Young Man. I didn't expect to see you here. I heard that you became our new King. Congratulations!" Vermilion said to Long Chen as he walked over. "What are you doing here, though?"

    "That's for later. Let's talk about important topics for now. I am here to win this war. Come with me for a few seconds," he told Vermilion before he started walking away from the group.

    "I'll be right back," Vermilion told his Squad before he started following after Long Chen.

    Long Chen and Vermilion walked together; however, none of them said anything.

    Only when they reached far away from others did Long Chen open his mouth.

    " Are you going to tell me the truth about my father or not? The real truth, not the made-up one I've been hearing from others," Long Chen said as he sighed.

    " I'll tell you now that everything's over. Your Father is dead. The Royal Tutor did it. He had an argument with your father. He didn't like him one bit. He schemed in such an intricate manner that no one understood everything."

    "Your father was killed right before our eyes, but we couldn't do anything. It was such an intricate plan. I still don't understand completely. All I know is that we had no choice but to comply. Even the King didn't believe us when we told him the truth. The narrative was spread everywhere. Your father was made a villain, and your family was punished."

    "I continued trying to help your family and kept you guys alive, but that was all I could do, unfortunately," Vermilion exclaimed as he sighed.
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