783 Chapter 783: Brute Force

    "You tried to help my family, is it right? I'll believe you. Just tell me why you couldn't help us more. Who was stopping you? You were the strongest person within the Kingdom. You shouldn't be in danger. Why didn't you do more?" Long Chen asked with an amused smile on his face as he prepared to dodge in case Vermilion attacked him

    " You don't know the strength of the King. He is very powerful. I'm not the strongest, but he is. If I had done anything against him, my family would be in danger. I could only save you from the shadows since the King was under the influence of the Royal Tutor," Vermilion said to Long Chen, frowning

    "That does make sense. So you were free after the Royal Tutor was killed by the enemies. However, even if I was to believe you, why were people chasing after me when I left the city with my mother as per your suggestion?" Long Chen asked another question.

    "That happened to be a strange coincidence. That happened to be the day the Royal Tutor sent his men to kill you. Fortunately, he had left before they reached your hut. They chased you, and I wasn't able to do anything even after I found out. I would like to apologize, but there was nothing I could do," Vermilion apologized to Long Chen as he sighed.

    Long Chen nodded his head as if understanding everything.

    "It's fine. I understand it now, back to the topic at hand. What's the situation here?" he asked Vermillion.

    "The situation seems to be stable. Wu Xun hadn't joined the battle yet, but I haven't either. Our men are trying to break through to the defense of Sunai Kingdom; however, that's proving to be tough. I'm keeping an eye on everything to utilize whatever opportunity we get; however, we're not getting any. It's like they don't want to win the war but delay us," Vermilion told Long Chen, sighing.

    " Yeah, I think I know why they would do that. I don't have time to play this game of 'Who could last longer' though," Long Chen muttered as he started walking back.

    Reaching back to the group of others, Long Chen made a shocking announcement.

    "Bring our entire army here! This will be our one and final assault! I expected to see everyone who can fight in this battle. There will be no waiting game. One war! Either we win, or they win," he declared, stunning even the Eldest Prince.

    "But, isn't that too rash? We need to weaken the enemy, strategize, and then win the battle. Being rash can result in losing a war easily," the Eldest Prince chimed in with his opinion, trying to explain to Long Chen that this plan was too rash.

    "I know this plan is rash, but that's what we need at times like these. Do as I said! I'll bring us to victory!" Long Chen replied.

    "Just like you think that this plan is rash, the enemy would think the same. They wouldn't think that we can do this, so they'll be careless. That's the perfect time to fight to the death!" He continued as he smirked.

    The Eldest Prince sighed deeply.

    "Shouldn't we wait for the Previous King? He'll be a strong addition in our forces, and he had experience with strategies," he suggested again.

    He could see that he wasn't able to change Long Chen's mind with logic, so he was about to try to delay it as much as he could until his father was here. The previous King might be able to make Long Chen understand that it was a bad idea to be rash in a battle.

    " I can't wait for anyone. I'm winning this war and unifying the two kingdoms. Do as I say. You won't regret it," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    "I'll wait here while you go back and arrange everything. I need our army here in six hours!" He told the Eldest Prince as he frowned.

    Having no choice, the Eldest Prince nodded his head before he left the place with Vermilion.

    Long Chen stayed back with some Phoenix Organization Members who were amazed at how ambitious Long Chen was. He had just become the King, but instead of looking at the way to win the war, he was already thinking about unifying the two kingdoms.

    They were somewhat proud to have an ambitious King while they were disappointed in having a King whose entire strategy was to use brute strength to destroy the enemy.


    " He's too ambitious. He might be the cause of our destruction. Should we delay it until Father comes? We can make excuses and delay without outright opposing him?"

    While Vermilion and the Eldest Prince were flying back on their beast, the Eldest Prince was trying to convince Vermilion to delay.

    The Eldest Prince didn't want to go with Long Chen's wishes, whose entire idea was to force their way in.

    "Eldest Prince, I can understand where you're coming from, but he's the King. Good or bad, it's for him to decide. As citizens, we can only follow! Still, I might have agreed with your suggestion if it was some other person as a King but not Long Chen," Vermilion replied, sighing.

    "Why is that? Why would it be okay with some other king but not with Long Chen?" the Eldest Prince inquired with a confusion filled look on his face.

    Vermilion looked at the Eldest Prince as a subtle smile appeared on his face. He has opened his lips to answer.

    "It's because he's Demon's son. Not only that, but he himself is special. Think for yourself! According to what we heard, he managed to kill over two hundred top Sunai Kingdom Warriors on his own. Not only that, but he did it easily. You know as well as I do that this kind of strength can't be gained in a day or a month. It takes years of Hard Work," he said.

    "From what I can understand, he has been getting stronger for a long time. However, he hid his strength. He kept getting bullied and beaten by the citizens; however, he never showed his strength. He was always careful as if he was waiting for the right opportunity. Think for yourself. Can this kind of guy really use brute force without having a plan? The answer is no. He must have something in his head," he continued as a knowing smile covered his face.

    "Ah, so that's what you meant! That does make sense. I didn't think like that at all. He might actually have a plan to win. I guess we can put our faith in him if what you say is true," the Eldest Prince said as he nodded his head.
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