784 Chapter 784: Hes here

    Vermilion and the Eldest Prince reached the Border Town where half the army was resting.

    They made an announcement, telling every Warrior to get ready for battle and to come with them. Even the Warrior, who was slightly injured, was said to join

    In less than half an hour, all the soldiers of the city got prepared to do battle.

    Donning their Armor, they stood in proper formation, waiting for the Eldest Prince's commands who was leading them.

    While the Eldest Prince made the Soldiers arranged, Vermilion arranged for the Phoenix Organisation members to be ready.

    Once everyone was ready, they all left towards the border.

    The border was far, but it wasn't too far. Despite not flying, the soldiers managed to reach the place where Long Chen and the rest of the army was situated


    "Alright. Now that everyone is here, we can finally move! I'm sure Vermilion and the Eldest Prince told you everything. Anyway, I'll clear your further doubts," Long Chen stood in front of the army as he started talking.

    "I'm sure most of you are thinking that I'm an idiot for using brute force to attack while making it a decisive war, but that's not true. Even though this will be a decisive war, it's not the entire plan. We are attacking, but it won't be without a plan," Long Chen said as he looked at the faces of everyone.

    "The plan is for us to kill the Dragon Squad members. That's the most important part, and Vermilion and I will do that. As for their army, that can be easily handled by the Phoenix Organization and by you guys," he continued.

    "The logic is very simple. Vermilion and I will fly to their base, alerting them. Only the two of us will fight the Dragon Squad. Vermilion will keep Wu Xun just while I will wipe the rest of the Dragon Squad Members. That's when the rest of the Phoenix Organization members and you guys will attack!" Long Chen said as he finished giving the short explanation of the plan.

    "Since you're all prepared, we'll start it now. Remember everyone! This is the final battle! There is no going back! You either kill the enemy, or you die on the battlefield. The path back doesn't exist!" He said to everyone in a grave tone, strictly warning everyone against running away from an opponent

    Calling out his Spirit Eagle, Long Chen sat on it. Vermilion also sat on a Spirit Eagle; however, his Spirit Eagle seemed to be stronger and more intimidating compared to Long Chen's Spirit Eagle.

    Both of them started flying towards the south, in the direction of the Sunai Kingdom.

    "Vermilion, you can fly, right? Because you would need it. Wu Xun showed his ability to fly after he and his men attacked the Royal Tutor when they were running away. I'm sure that he'll use that in this battle. You don't need to win a war or kill him. Just keep him delayed while I kill the other Dragon Squad Members," Long Chen told Wu Xun while they were in the air.

    "I just say, that sounds similar to the strategy that was used in the attacks on the Royal Tutor. Wu Xun kept me busy while his men killed the Royal Tutor. It's because of that masked guy enough. He killed the Royal Tutor. I feel like I should thank that great man for killing that scum of this world!" Vermilion said as he sighed.

    "Oh, right. I heard that you fought really hard. Even if you couldn't save the Royal Tutor, it was heard that you put your life in danger to save the Royal Tutor while using a dangerous skill. Didn't you hate the Royal Tutor? Why were you working so hard to protect him?" Long Chen asked.

    "It was my duty. Also, I wasn't fighting to save the Royal Tutor. It's my responsibility, so I definitely needed to keep him safe, but I would never put my life in danger for that guy. I used that skill because Wu Xun annoyed me. I wanted to kill him and prove to him that I'm not weak! He compared me to your father so many times, always pulling me down as if I was useless. I hated him, and I wanted to kill him," Vermilion exclaimed, shaking his head.


    The base of the Dragon Squad was situated near the border inside the region of the Sunai Kingdom.

    Wu Xun and the other Dragon Squad members were sitting around a table, discussing something.

    "The Second Team of our army must've entered the Royal City of Aksha long ago? Did they really fail? Even if they failed, why isn't there an update on them?" One of the Dragon Squad members inquired, concerned about the state of the second army that was about to enter the Aksha Kingdom from the north with Long Chen.

    "There is no information yet. That can only mean two things. Either the army hasn't reached the Aksha Kingdom's Royal City, and they're still on their way," the Second dragon Squad Member replied.

    "How can that be possible? Are snails?" Someone asked.

    "Of course, that's a possibility. They might be going through tough battles. They might even be procrastinating. Anything is possible with them," the Second Dragon Squad member replied casually.

    "What's the second possibility?" The first person asked again.

    "The second possibility is that they are all dead. They all died, and no one was left to send us a message. The second possibility is that the mission failed," Wu Xun was the one who answered this time as if he was stating something that was supposed to be common sense for all Dragon Squad Members.

    "Ah, could it be? They're all dead? So we wasted our resources and our men on this failed endeavor while staying here like chickens, trying to delay the enemy? Man, killing the enemy would've been faster than going through this strange plan," the First Dragon Squad Member said.

    "It's only a possibility. Nothing is confirmed. We must even get the news that they have taken over the Aksha Kingdom very soon. Stay optimistic," one of the Dragon Squad Members said, smilingly.

    Wu Xun opened his lips to say something when someone barged inside.

    "Phoenix Organization Leader, Vermilion, is flying in our direction!" The guard told the Dragon Squad.

    "Hah, time for some action. I was getting bored. How many Phoenix Organization members is he bringing with him? I hope he brought them all. I want to cause a Slaughter to release my frustration.

    "H-he is only bringing one guy with him," the guard replied.
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