785 Chapter 785: Plan to Change

    "He's only bringing one person with him? How can that be? Did he go crazy? He thinks he can go back by coming here, that too with only one man as a backup?" A Dragon Squad Member said as he frowned.

    "He might be going senile at a young age. I wonder who he decided to die with. Let's see," Another Dragon Squad member replied, laughing.

    Wu Xun didn't say anything throughout this conversation. He only seemed to be lost in some thought.

    He also stepped out of the tent with the other Dragon Squad members.

    Looking into the distance, he saw Vermilion and Long Chen coming towards them on their Spirit Eagles

    While the others were more focused on Vermilion, Wu Xun seemed to be looking at the young man flying on a different beast instead.

    ' That young boy? Why does he give me the same feeling as Long Chen? He looks different and has different clothes, but his persona seems to be the same. He seemed just as confident despite his young age as Long Chen was when we were going to battle against the Royal Tutor,' Wu Xun thought, frowning. "Could I be wrong?"

    "Hah! The last time when we went to the Sunai Kingdom to kill Royal Tutor, these guys brought all their Members to kill us. It might be the perfect time for revenge. Time to show them how it feels! Should we all go and kill them faster?" The Dragon Squad members asked Wu Xun.

    "There's no need to take everyone. It might be a diversion technique. Half of you should stay here. The other half of us will go there to kill them," Wu Xun declared, refusing to take the risk of taking everyone.

    "Wu Xun! I'm here to kill you and all your Dragon Squad members! All of you come here if you dare! None of you shall go back alive!" Vermilion declared as he jumped down off his Spirit Eagle.

    Long Chen didn't jump, despite having the ability to jump. He let his Spirit Eagle land before getting off the Spirit Eagle.

    "That bastard dares to act so boldly! Let's take everyone to see his scared face! We'll see how he dares to act so bravely when we call his bluff!' One of the Dragon Squad Members sternly told Wu Xun, trying to get him to agree.

    "No. I find it highly suspicious that he would call out everyone like that. I have a strange feeling about this. It's better if we leave others back. I don't want there to be a sneak attack on our base when we're fighting!" Wu Xun said, shaking his head.

    " You're worrying unnecessarily. Maybe that's what they want? They want us to feel so suspicious of their intentions so that we are wary and don't use all our strength!" The Dragon Squad member responded, not giving up.

    "You cowards of Dragon Squad! What happened? Are you all scared? Hahaha,  you're all kids! I bet even the ladies in your houses would be braver than you are!"

    While Wu Xun and the other Dragon Squad members were discussing, Vermilion kept mocking them. Usually, Vermilion didn't talk like that even if he needed to mock someone; however, Long Chen especially told him to do it.

    "Come here, you bastard! Stop hiding in your cave. Be a man! Today, I'll finish this war, once and for all. It'll be your last day in this world. Your death will keep a new era for this world where the Sunai Kingdom won't exist anymore!" Vermilion continued without caring for anything.

    "Let's go. I'm not listening to anything you say. Only half of us will go. Nothing more than that. Even half of us is more than enough to take care of two people since I'll be killing Vermilion myself. The rest of you seems to be only for the kid," Wu Xun said, refusing to listen.

    He started flying towards Vermilion.

    "Fine!" The others muttered as they also started going after him.

    "You're finally here, looking for death. Do you think you can prove that you're brave this way? It just makes me think that you're foolish. You're not a strong warrior like Demon, neither are you a good leader. That's what I used to think until now, but now I realize how wrong I was! You're not even worth comparing with anyone with your stupidity," Wu Xun said as he reached near Vermillion.

    "This will be the last time you mock me since you won't be alive after today!" Vermilion roared as a shadow of a flaming Vermilion appeared behind him. Packing his fist, he flew towards Wu Xun.

    "Is that it? I'll see how you do that!" Wu Xun laughed as he flew towards Vermilion; however, as always, he didn't use his Wind Spirit. He only used it when he couldn't deal with the problem with the power he had.

    A layer of dense air appeared around Wu Xun's fist, which worked as a Shield to protect his fist. His and Vermillion's fist was about to cash when Vermilion suddenly smirked.

    Wu Xun found it strange, but it was too late to stop now. Just before the fists could clash, Vermilion opened his right flaming fist and dodged the fist of Wu Xun. Instead of battling face to face, his intention was something else. He was given a task to take Wu Xun away so that Long Chen could get time to deal with the other Dragon Squad Members.

    Dodging the fist of Wu Xun, Vermilion caught his wrist. Without giving him a chance to dodge, he twisted his body, throwing Wu Xun far away from him.

    Wu Xun was about to fall on the ground; however, using the help of Wind, he made sure that he didn't fall.

    Standing straight, he looked at Vermilion.

    "I must say, that was unexpected. I expected you to attack me after what I said. Are you controlling your anger or trying to get me away from the kid? Hahaha, I'm sure now! You have something planned!" Wu Xun laughed out loud as he saw Vermilion flying towards him.

    "Plan change! You're taking on Vermilion! Delay him while I kill the kid!" Wu Xun commanded his men, who were about to attack Long Chen.

    The men didn't feel angry at being stopped. Instead, they felt excited that they were getting to fight the stronger enemy instead of a boring kid. Without a second question, they started flying towards Vermilion, who was about to attack Wu Xun.

    Wu Xun, however, was flying towards Long Chen.

    It seemed like a chain was formed where everyone was chasing the other person. Only Long Chen seemed to be the one who wasn't doing anything.

    Long Chen stood still, enjoying the scenario in the field.

    'Why isn't he attacking the men? What is he doing? Wasn't the plan that he would take care of other Dragon Squad members while I delay Wu Xun? Why does it feel like the complete opposite!' Vermilion thought, frowning.

    "Die, Kid!" Wu Xun reached Long Chen and punched out towards Long Chen's face.

    "I'm too late!" Vermilion exclaimed, finding it impossible to reach Wu Xun before he could get to Long Chen.

    He had almost given up hope. In his eyes, Long Chen was already dead. There was no way Long Chen could survive if that fist landed on him.

    The fist reached Long Chen's face; however, it stopped just when it was a few inches away from his face.

    Vermilion's face opened slightly in shock. Not only him but the other Dragon Squad Members who chased after him also looked shocked as they saw what was happening.

    Wu Xun's fist was a few inches away from Long Chen when it stopped, but it didn't look like Wu Xun was intentionally stopping it.
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