786 Chapter 786: Getting to betray

    Wu Xun seemed to be just as shocked.

    "You really shouldn't underestimate the enemy, Master Xun. Not using your War Spirit can even cause your death before you get the opportunity to do anything," Long Chen said as he looked into the eyes of Wu Xun. His right hand was holding the fist of Wu Xun, not letting it move even an inch.

    Packing his left fist, Long Chen swung it, connecting it with the right cheek of Wu Xun, making him fly far away.

    'You helped me a lot, but this is the path I just take,' Long Chen thought as he used his movement skill to chase after Wu Xun.

    Even though he could've used Teleportation to appear behind Wu Xun instantly, and it would've made the battle much easier, he didn't do it knowing full well that Dragon Squad would realize that he was Long Chen who caused the war in the first place.

    Since he was able to Teleport, he had stopped using his Movement Skills; however, these situations needed him to use his old skills.

    Using his old movement skill, he appeared near Wu Xun, who had managed to balance himself like last time, however as soon as he turned to look in the direction of Long Chen, he saw another fist coming towards him. The fist connected his face once again, making him fly far away.

    "New plan, I'll take care of Wu Xun, and you do what I was supposed to do!" Long Chen called out Vermilion, who was looking blank-faced, unable to believe that Long Chen was actually fighting Wu Xun and winning the fight from it seemed.

    "Stop standing like a puppet and do as I say!" Long Chen roared in anger as he saw Vermilion not moving.

    Vermilion came out of his daze as he was scolded by Long Chen. Instantly turning back, he started running towards the other Dragon Squad members as his hands burned in flames that didn't harm him in the least.


    Finding an opportunity to breathe as Long Chen stopped to talk to Vermillion, Wu Xun asked, "Who are you?!"

    "I'm the King of Aksha Kingdom! Surrender and join me! I don't want to lose a great Spirit Warrior like you. If you swear to be loyal to me, I can let you live!" Long Chen replied to Wu Xun, who expected a different answer.

    Wu Xun thought Long Chen would say that he was a hidden Warrior of the Phoenix Organization, which was kept secret, only to be used in war; however, he was the King? That wasn't something he could've expected.

    "The Previous King?" Wu Xun asked in confusion.

    He couldn't understand why he hadn't heard of a new king yet. It must've happened recently, he thought.

    "What's your decision? Join me? Help me unify the Kingdoms! There would be no wars. You and your family can live happily. You'll be given a high position in the new Kingdom that will come from the merger of two Kingdoms!" Long Chen said, trying to convince the man.

    "You're asking for me to betray my Kingdom? You take my loyalty too lightly, little kid! No real Warrior will ever betray their Kingdom!" Wu Xun snorted as he replied.

    "And you're talking as if you have already won! We have only started, little kid! You're strong, but you haven't seen anything yet!" he continued as he packed his fist.

    A War Spirit that seemed like a bird appeared behind him, increasing his aura many times.

    "You finally decided to listen to my advice!" Long Chen let out as he laughed. "You're growing!"

    Wu Xun flew towards Long Chen like lightning as he formed an invisible Sword of Wind in his right hand.

    Using his left hand, he threw knives made of wind towards Long Chen.

    Reacting just as fast, Long Chen moved to his left with his speed bordering teleportation. Wu Xun swung his right hand, which held an invisible sword, while Long Chen was focused on dodging the Wind Blades, succeeding so far.

    Long Chen failed to see the invisible sword, though. It cut Long Chen's head, passing through like cutting the wind; however, Wu Xun didn't seem happy.

    Long Chen's body didn't fall down on the ground; instead, it disappeared into thin air.

    "Congrats, your Wind wins against wind," Wu Xun heard a mocking sound behind him just as he saw Long Chen's body disappear like it was a mirage.

    He turned back; however, it was too late. An ice blue blade came towards his next, roaring to slice his head off from his torso.

    Wu Xun closed his eyes as if he had given up already. He was prepared for death; however, the death he was looking for didn't come. He didn't feel any pain around his neck.

    Slowly opening his eyes, he saw Long Chen standing in front of him, looking at him.  The Flaming Ice Sword was just an inch away from his neck.

    "You didn't die now. How about you take that as the death of Wu Xun of this Kingdom. Your life belongs to me now. Work for me! I really don't want to kill you," Long Chen said softly.

    " Why? Just kill me! I don't want to owe my life to you! Take it yourself and free me! I don't want to betray my Kingdom at any cost!" Wu Xun said, not underestimating why Long Chen wasn't killing him.

    "Your life belongs to me now, and I'm the King of Aksha Kingdom! That makes you owe your life to the Aksha Kingdom! Don't stick to the fleeting loyalty to the King. The Warrior that King owned is already dead in my eyes. The one who's living is my Warrior! Help me unify the Kingdoms! It might cause a river of blood, but in the long run, it'll be good for everyone!" Long Chen said, sighing.

    "Look behind you! With your death, the other Dragon Squad Members will die too. The Kingdom can't win. It'll fall. The only question is, if you want your weak son to grow without a father? You're the strongest Warrior of this Kingdom! Most of the blame of this loss will be placed on your shoulders even if you die for the Kingdom!"

    " They'll say that you were weak and that caused the downfall of this Kingdom! Your son will be bullied to no end by the people of this Kingdom!"

    "I don't want that to happen, and you can stop it! Change the future! A few deaths in this Kingdom can result in a better life for your son! Think for yourself. I'm giving you a minute," Long Chen said in a severe tone.

    Wu Xun closed his eyes as he fell into deep thought. He couldn't help but see the face of his son flashed before his eyes. He saw how his son was beaten before. He knew that Long Chen was right. Some people of Sunai Kingdom will be salty about this loss, and they would take it out on his son if he weren't there. For the safety of his son, he only had one option, and that was to join Long Chen.

    "The one minute is over. Have you decided?" Long Chen asked after the time he gave was over.

    Wu Xun slowly opened his eyes, looking at Long Chen.

    "What position will I have after joining you? I don't want my son to suffer if you have me arrested after I help you," Wu Xun replied.

    "You'll be the Head of the Dragon Squad just like you are now. Both the organizations will exist in my rule, not as enemies but as friendly competitors that help each other grow," Long Chen answered with a subtle smile on his face. "As for arresting you, I'm the man of my words. Help me, and I'll keep you as you are. You won't be punished."
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