789 Chapter 789: Chance

    "Master Wu Xun is leading the charge against us! You need to run!" the guard told the King, who seemed to be stunned. The King couldn't even get his hands to stop shaking as he heard this news.

    "What nonsense are you talking about? Why would Wu Xun betray us? There's no way the dogs of Aksha Kingdom can scare him. As for his betrayal, that's out of the question! He has been loyal to us since the beginning. Why would he betray the Kingdom that has the highest chance of victory?" One of the Ministers stood up, pointing his finger at the guard, refusing to believe his words.

    " He isn't lying, you see."

    Before the guard could reply, a sound came from behind him.

    With a pale face, the guard turned back and saw a Dark Haired boy in a King-like robe walking inside the hall in full dignity.

    On his left side stood the leader of Dragon Squad Wu Xun, while on his right side stood the leader of the Phoenix Organization, Vermilion.

    More people followed behind.

    " Wu Xun is on my side now. Honestly speaking, I want to merge the two Kingdoms under unified leadership. You need to die for that. I'm sorry, but this sacrifice is necessary," Long Chen replied as he started walking towards the King.

    "You bastard! You'll have to walk over my dead body to get to His Majesty!" the guard roared as he ran towards Long Chen, thrusting his sword towards his chest; however, the sword stopped before it could get close to Long Chen.

    The guard looked to his right side and saw Wu Xun standing there.

    " M-master Xun, don't..." the guard muttered, trying to stop Wu Xun from killing him by remembering his loyalty to the Kingdom; however, before he could even finish his sentence, his throat was cut by an invisible wind blade.

    The guard released his sword, which fell down on the ground. Wu Xun also released his hand at the same time.

    The guard caught his next that was bleeding as he dropped to the ground. His eyes had turned red, and tears had filled his eyes.

    Wu Xun looked down at the man and said, "I have selected a side already, and I'm not betraying this time."

    Long Chen smiled as he continued walking towards the King.

    ' Wu Xun's training seemed to have paid off. Getting him to kill the City Leaders along the way made it impossible for him to even think about being on Sunai Kingdom's side. After the experience of killing his own people, killing a few more isn't anything. It's good that this guy didn't ask me to leave everyone alive. Only the Dragon Squad members and his son seem to be the ones he cares for,' he thought as he tapped Wu Xun's shoulder before he left.

    The Ministers didn't move as Long Chen moved further and further inside the hallway. They didn't want to put their lives in danger for the King.

    "I don't want to take over forcefully. I don't want the hostility of the citizens for this. How about you make me the King on your own? That can simplify the Unification?" Long Chen asked the King as he stopped Five feet away from him.

    "Who are you?" the King asked as he stood up while glaring at Long Chen.

    "Ah, right! How could I forget the introduction," Long Chen said as if blaming himself for forgetting such an important thing.

    "I am the New King of Aksha Kingdom," he declared before he pulled out the Flaming Ice Sword, aiming towards the King.

    "Now will you handover the Kingdom, or should I kill you myself?" he let out grimly.

    The King didn't know why, but as Long Chen talked, he felt as if he could see a frightening aura surrounding him like he was a death god himself.

    "I can give you another choice as well. Prove that your people are loyal to you. If they have loyalty, that means I would have a hard time after unification. If you can prove their loyalty, we can come to a new agreement. You'll still be the King, and I'll go back to the Aksha Kingdom so that there is no bad blood between us," Long Chen told the King as he sighed.

    Wu Xun heard it and grew even more surprised. So far, he hadn't heard anything about this plan to go back without conquering the Kingdom. What happened to Long Chen? Was he feeling that he was wrong and trying to go back to the status quo? He didn't understand anything.

    The King was also surprised, but he felt like Long Chen's words made sense. He was a new king. Obviously, he would be afraid of taking more than he can chew. He believed the Long Chen didn't want to conquer a kingdom that loved their King. He probably didn't want a headache.

    Feeling like he found an excellent opportunity, the King decided to do it.

    "Of course, my Citizens are loyal to me. They respect me a lot!" the King said.

    "Of course, you'll need to prove it. I can't trust your words alone. Loyalty isn't seen by words, but it's seen by action!' Long Chen replied, shaking his head.

    "What do you want me to do to prove it?" the King inquired in confusion.

    "It's simple. There are six ministers in this room. As long as you can get three of them to give their life for you by killing themselves, I'll believe that the Loyalty of people for you is high," Long Chen declared.

    The Ministers turned pale as they heard Long Chen's words. It basically meant that half of them needed to die for Long Chen to free this kingdom.

    "You can't use force on any of them, and you can't touch them. As long as they do it willingly, I'll leave," Long Chen continued.

    "Now walk over and do it. If you fail, I'll kill you," he said.

    The King clenched his fist as he walked away from the throne, in the direction of the first minister.

    The minister had already lowered his head as he saw the King coming towards him.

    As the King moved away from the throne, Long Chen sat on it, making himself comfortable. He sat relaxed as he watched the events that were going to transpire in front of him.

    Vermilion walked over and stood beside him like a loyal protector.

    Wu Xun stood where he was standing, ready to take action if they tried anything. He didn't want to be negligent.
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