790 Chapter 790: Loyalty

    "Minister Wei, you know that our Kingdom's in a perilous situation. Your actions can save us from being destroyed. Please give your life for our kingdom," the King asked the first minister.

    "I-i apologize, Your Majesty. You know that my wife died last year and I have a young son. I can't let him go orphan by dying. Please forgive me. If I didn't have a son to take care of, I would have done it in a heartbeat," the Minister replied, shaking his head. He refused to give his life for the King.

    The King's face turned pale; however, he didn't do anything. He couldn't force anyone, according to Long Chen. Seeing that he still had more people to ask, he moved over to the second one.

    "Minister Gu, You don't have a wife or a kid! You wouldn't be leaving behind anytime. You can do it for the Kingdom. Please give your life for the prosperity of our kingdom!" the King told the second minister.

    "Ah, that's right. I don't have a family, but that also means that I don't have anyone to carry my bloodline. I can't die before passing on my bloodline. I still want to marry and have kids. If I die, how would I be able to do it? Please, don't ask me to do it. I'm unable to give my life for you, Your Majesty. Ask Minister Yu. He would definitely agree!" the Second Minister replied, refusing to do it as well.

    "Hah, so much for loyalty toward you. I'm starting to feel like it wouldn't be any trouble after I kidnapped you," Long Chen laughed out loud, seeing what was happening in front of him.

    It was what he had expected as well.

    " You bastard! You traitor! I'll deal with you later!" the King couldn't let out his anger on Long Chen, so he placed all his rage on the Second Minister who had decided against helping him.

    He moved over to the third person.

    "Minister Yu! You are the most loyal person in this Kingdom! Pl..." The King was about to plead. However, Minister Yu stopped him.

    "Your Majesty, you don't need to ask me. If my life can save this Kingdom, I'm willing to die!"

    The Third Minister agreed, finally bringing a hope in the King's face.

    The King turned back to show Long Chen that there were people loyal to him.

    He turned back towards Long Chen; however, that's when a knife thrown by Long Chen landed near the Third Minister.

    The King understood Long Chen's intentions. After picking up the knife, he gave it to the Third Minister.

    " Your sacrifice won't be in vain," the King said gently as he patted the shoulders of the Third Minister.

    The Third Minister placed the knife on his neck.

    "Your Majesty, please take care of my family after I die," the Third Minister said in a low voice. Even though he was talking in a low voice, it was obvious that his voice was breaking down in fear.

    "Long Live the Sunai Kingdom, Long live His Majesty!" he said before he thrust the knife in his throat, killing himself effectively.

    Minister Yu's body dropped to the ground.

    "That's one. You need to get two more," Long Chen reminded the King about what he needed to do

    The King clenched his fist in anger and frustration. If everything weren't in Long Chen's control, he would have killed him right now.

    'I need to get two of the Three remaining Ministers to die. It shouldn't be tough since the last three have been the closest to me. After I get two of them to die and have this monster leave my Kingdom, then I'll show the ones that didn't die for me what true terror actually means! I'll have them die the cruelest death for their treason and disloyalty!' the King thought we. He glanced back at the first two ministers before he moved over to the Fourth Minister

    "Minister Qin, You have been one of my most trusted people. You're also the brother of my wife. For the sake of this Kingdom and your sister, please die!" the King told the fourth minister.

    "Hmm? Your Majesty, I love my sister the most, and I can do anything to keep her happy; however, killing myself is a little too much. Also, my sister loves her brother too. She would be sad if I die. As for you, you can simply give the Kingdom to that man later. Both of us can survive. The Kingdom isn't worth more than my life, is it?" the Fourth Minister replied, shaking his head.

    " But..." The King tried changing the Minister's mind; however, he was cut off mid-sentence.

    "No buts. I'm not dying, and that's final!" the Fourth Minister replied, staunchly shaking his head.

    "You disloyal scum! I was right! You can never be loyal to this kingdom! You're more greedy for your life than you're for this Kingdom!" the King raged as he caught the man by his neck.

    "Ah, no touching. Get to the next person. I don't have all day to wait," Long Chen chimed in, stopping the King.

    The King released Minister Qun, but he didn't stop glaring at him.

    After a brief moment, he moved over to the next minister.

    "Minister Cu and Minister Auqin, Everything depends on you two now. If both of you die, this Kingdom can survive. Please do this much for me. I will take care of both your families like they're my own!" the King said, almost pleading.

    "Remember the day you said that you could give your life for this Kingdom? Finally, you have the opportunity. Please do it! The future generations of this Kingdom will know you as the heroes who saved everyone! Please! I've never pleaded before anyone. However, I'm doing it in front of you. Please! Everything depends on your choice!" he continued.

    The Two Ministers looked at the King before they lowered their heads in shame, unable to look in the King's eyes.

    "You! Don't tell me that you can't do it! You're my last hope!" The King pleaded as he dropped to his knees; however, the Ministers didn't respond. They simply stepped back.

    "That's enough," Long Chen let out as he stood up.

    He slowly walked towards the King.

    "See? That's the nature of this world. When you don't have power and authority, no one will care for you. That's the life of a King," he said. "Don't feel bad, though. I wouldn't have left you alive even if you had managed to get three to die."
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