791 Chapter 791: Leaving

    " I wasn't going to let you love even if three people had given their lives for you. This was simply a little trick to find out your loyal people. As for the people that aren't loyal, I think Wu Xun would be more than happy to kill them without feeling bad," Long Chen said.

    He shifted his gaze toward Wu Xun and asked, "Right?"

    Wu Xun didn't say anything. He simply moved and appeared in front of the First Minister.

    He punched out. As soon as Wu Xun's fist connected to the first minister's head, his skull broke as he died.

    "He'll handle your ministers. You can be at peace knowing that traitors of your court died with you," Long Chen told the King, who was looking at his ministers being killed.

    "You bastard! You lied to me! Even if I die, I'll pull you down with me!" the King roared furiously as he ran towards Long Chen with the knife in his hand.

    "You overestimate yourself. I'm surprised how you're so weak. The Sunai Kingdom was stronger, but it's King had a useless Purple Mist Spirit like myself. The Aksha Kingdom was weaker, but their King was the strongest in their Kingdom. The two kingdoms are so contradictory," Long Chen muttered, shaking his head as if he wasn't in a hurry to move.

    He let the King arrive near him when a shadow moved through space and time, cutting the King's neck. The King's eyes opened wide as he dropped to his ground. He was surprised at the swiftness of Long Chen.

    Long Chen's sword moved so fast that the Sunai King only saw a shadow before his eyes as he died.

    "Your death will be the last peace in stopping this long-lasting violence and hostility between the two kingdoms. You should be happy that your death is so useful to your kingdom," Long Chen muttered as he looked down at the body of the King.

    Turning back, he walked over to the throne.

    By the time he sat on the throne, the ministers were dead. Only Long Chen's men were still standing in the room.

    "It's over. Wu Xun, you're in charge of dealing with everything within the Sunai Kingdom. Go and tell everyone and the new King and the Unification. Vermilion, you go to the Aksha Kingdom and declare the good news there. In two weeks, my official coronation will be held. It'll be at the Border Town between the two Kingdoms to signify the Union. Deal with the preparation," Long Chen declared, glancing at Wu Xun and Vermillion, gesturing them to leave.

    "I'm going out. I'll be back by then," he continued as he stood up.

    "Yes, Your Majesty."

    Wu Xun and Vermillion left with the others, leaving only a few people behind for Long Chen's protection.

    "I don't need protection. You guys go help out as well," Long Chen told his guards before he left as well.

    Stepping out of the Palace, he called out for his Spirit Eagle and started flying away with no one knowing where he was going.


    Long Chen constantly flew without resting. He even used his Law of Space to Teleport instantly within Two Hundred Kilometres range twice a day while he continued the rest of his journey on Spirit Eagle, ultimately reaching his destination.

    "You heard the news? The Aksha Kingdom forces have started attacking the Sunai Kingdom. Who do you think will win?"

    "Of course, Sunai Kingdom will win. The Aksha Kingdom lost last time, and they'll lose again. They have lost their mind to decide to attack the Sunai Kingdom. I'm sure their King went crazy for attacking!"

    "I'm not sure. Since they decided to attack, they might have something to fall back on. They wouldn't attack if they didn't have a chance."

    Long Chen walked through the city as he heard the conversations around him.

    Most of the conversations were about the war in two Major Kingdoms. Apparently, the news about his Victory and the Unification hasn't reached this Kingdom.

    Long Chen went straight to the hotel where he had left Mi Liayi.

    Standing in front of her room, he knocked on the door as he called out, "Mother!"

    Soon, the door was opened. Mi Liayi stood in front of Long Chen and firmly hugged him.

    "You're back. Don't leave now. We don't need anything. Just stay here with me." she told Long Chen. Her voice seemed to be breaking down as she was getting emotional.

    " I found work here, as well. We can settle down here. You can have a good life too. No need to get involved in the matters of the Kingdoms," she continued.

    'She is still thinking like that. Mothers are really caring beings. Too bad her son is already dead. I wish I could do something for her. I hope two kingdoms are enough of a gift to make up for her loss caused by me,' Long Chen thought as he heard her words.

    "Loss caused by you? You didn't kill her son. You didn't do anything," Xun told Long Chen, refuting his statement.

    'Not directly, but I wrote the death sentence of her son when I chose the door to take part in this Trial as her son. Anyway, I think I've done enough for her to make up for it in my own way,' Long Chen replied to Xun.

    "Mother. Don't worry. Everything is settled. I'm here to take you back. It's time you get back to your rightful place," he told  Mi Liayi as he patted her head like she was the kid instead. "Let's go. It's time we leave. Take the things you need. I'm waiting."

    Mi Liayi freed Long Chen and looked at him. She asked, " Really? Everything is over?"

    " Yeah. No one will try to hurt us anymore. I'll tell you more on the way," Long Chen replied as he sent her inside to bring her things.

    Mi Liayi nodded her head as she went inside.

    She came back after a few minutes.

    "I'm done," she told Long Chen after she came back.

    Long Chen held her hand and left the hotel.


    Long Chen stepped out of the hotel. He brought his Spirit Summoning Flute out to call Spirit Eagle.

    "Hahaha, right. Who would have expected it? The Two Major Kingdoms are unifying. I heard the new King of Aksha Kingdom made it possible. He's barely 20, from what I heard. Father and I just got this information today. We're even leaving tonight to attend his coronation!"

    A dark-haired chubby man was walking towards the hotel, talking to the people who were following him.
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