792 Chapter 792: Suspicious Wu Xun

    "Hey, kid. Stop blocking the door. Move to the side," The man told Long Chen, seeing him standing near the entrance of the door. "Poor people like you should never block the path of Royalty!"

    Long Chen glanced at the chubby man as he smiled. He had seen too many of such people to find the attitude of Royalty an odd sight.

    "You're going to the Coronation of the two Major Kingdom's king?" Long Chen asked the Dark Haired man.

    "Yeah, so what? Do you want to beg me to take you with me? Scram to the side! Trash like you don't deserve to attend the Coronation of such a powerful being who took over two Major Kingdoms so shortly," the chubby man said as he rolled his eyes.

    He entered the hotel, ignoring Long Chen.

    "Don't you want to kill him for that disrespect?" Xun asked Long Chen as she appeared near him.

    "Hey, I'm not this intolerant. Also, I feel like letting him live is more fun. Also, he had an attitude but no malice. He didn't use his men to move me aside. He just talked big but didn't do anything bad even though I didn't move," Long Chen replied to Xun, shaking his head.

    He played his Spirit Summoning Flute.

    A Spirit Eagle landed in front of Long Chen a few minutes after he played the flute.

    Long Chen stepped on the Spirit Eagle and helped Mi Liayi as well.

    The Spirit Eagle started flying, going back towards the two kingdoms.

    "The Prince talked about the Unification and the new King. Did it actually happen? Who's the new King? He said it's from the Aksha Kingdom. The Royal Tutor was dead, so it can't be him. After that, it only leaves Vermillion? Is it him? No, that guy said he's barely twenty years old. Is it the Eldest Prince of Aksha? It must be him. I talked to him before. He's really kind and talented. He achieved so much at such a young age."  Mi Liayi asked a question and answered it on her own, which Long Chen found to be somewhat funny.

    He didn't say anything to call out how wrong he was. He didn't explain to her that the real king was sitting beside her.

    " When the Two Kingdoms are unified, where would you prefer to live? The Aksha Kingdom or the Sunai Kingdom?" Long Chen asked Mi Liayi.

    He wanted to know where he needed to establish the Royal City of the Unified Kingdom.

    "Aksha is our home, so I wish I could live there. But people there hate us. You'll suffer if we stay there. Let's stay in the Sunai Kingdom. You are already a Spirit Warrior. If you join the army or the Squads, you can gain the respect of citizens again, clearing the dark spot in your father's name," Mi Liayi replied as a glint of sadness flashed in her eyes.

    "No one hates us in the Aksha Kingdom. We'll live there," Long Chen told her as he smiled gently.

    He flew with Mi Liayi, stopping only to get her food along the way.

    Soon, he reached the Border Town where the Coronation was going to take place.

    There were still two days left in the coronation.

    The armies of both Kingdoms were already there, arranging for the Coronation.

    But buildings were already constructed there in a short week for guests to stay.

    "This is my son," Wu Xun introduced his Son to Vermillion.

    "Nice to meet you, little guy. I heard you're going to become a scholar. Since there won't be any more wars, scholars are going to be the next big deal. Work hard. You'll be really important to the future," Vermilion patted the head of Wu Xun's son while complimenting him.

    "Thank you, Master Vermilion," The young man thanked Vermilion.

    "What Master? You don't need to be that respectful, little guy. Your Father and I will be working together. You can call me uncle," Vermilion chuckled as he replied.

    "Hmm? His Majesty is here with the Queen Mother of our Kingdom," Vermilion muttered, looking at Long Chen.

    Wu Xun looked towards Long Chen, frowning. He was really confused about some things.

    In the last few days, he got to know the new King was actually Long Chen, who was the son of Demon. That made him even more confused. If he was Long Chen, then who was the young man who made them attack the Royal Tutor, which caused this war in the first place? Who was the guy that could use Teleportation?

    After research, he found out that the new King couldn't use Teleportation; instead, he had a War Spirit of Illusion.

    He also had a different face. He couldn't be the same man who caused all this. That's what Wu Xun thought, but he was still suspicious.

    Long Chen's Spirit Eagle landed in front of Vermilion and Wu Xun.

    Long Chen came down with Mi Liayi.

    Mi Liayi looked at the young man who stood between Vermilion and Wu Xun. Unaware of the fact that he was Wu Xun's son, she thought that he was the new King instead.

    She was about to bow to the new King, but before she could, she saw the three of them bowing in her direction.

    "Your Majesty!" All of them greeted Long Chen.

    Long Chen smiled as he turned back to look at Mi Liayi. He was expecting her shocked look, and he wasn't disappointed.

    "Ah, right. I forgot to mention. I'm the new King who Unified the Kingdoms, and you're the Queen Mother now. I thought you wouldn't believe me, so I let you see for yourself," he explained to her as he chuckled.

    "It's my coronation in two days. You'll be the one Crowning me. The Kingdom that took everything from you, belongs to you now. Mother, I and the Entire Kingdom is for you to rule. You'll never have to be sad or worried again. There shall be only happiness within the two Kingdoms now,"  he continued as he placed his hand on her back.

    "Vermilion, can you take mother to the room where she'll stay? I want to talk something to Wu Xun.

    Vermilion glanced back and forth between Wu Xun and Long Chen before he nodded his head. He noticed that Wu Xun was acting weird since a few days. He decided not to interfere as he took Mi Liayi with him.

    "Go play. I'll be back after talking to His Majesty," Wu Xun told his son while patting his head before he left with Long Chen.

    "I noticed that you were looking at me, weirdly. Did something happen?" Long Chen asked Wu Xun.

    "Did you plan all this? Did you make us attack the Royal Tutor?" Wu Xun asked, straight away.
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