793 Chapter 793: Meeting again

    "Did you plan all this? Did you make us attack the Royal Tutor?" Wu Xun asked Long Chen straight away as he walked beside him.

    "What do you mean? I don't understand what you're trying to say," Long Chen acted surprised as he asked Long Chen.

    "The reason we attacked the Royal Tutor. It was because of Long Chen, which means you. You came to us, claiming that you want Revenge on the Aksha Kingdom, and you know about their plan to attack us. You also told us about the mystical ring they'll use to attack us. Don't tell me it wasn't you and someone else was using your name since you are the one that profited from this war the most," Wu Xun explained, glancing at Long Chen.

    "Your reputation of a savior rose. Instead of the Traitor's son, you became known as the one that saved the Royal City. Surprisingly, the king gave you the throne before he left to join the war, but he hasn't been seen since then. It all seems a little too coincidental, don't you think?" He continued.

    "What you're talking about does seem shocking. Who would pretend to be me? How can two people have the same face, height, hair, and body shape? It sounds so impossible. If what you said is true, that means there is someone else who looks exactly like me. He can be a problem. We need to find him," Long Chen exclaimed with a surprised look on his face.

    He knew that he went to the Sunai Kingdom with a fake face, so Wu Xun can't be sure it was him. He was probably bluffing to get him to tell the truth. Long Chen didn't use any abilities that he used in front of the Dragon Squad after that either. He was sure that he left no link between the two behind.

    "No, he didn't have the same face. He looked different," Wu Xun replied, shaking his head.

    "What? So a stranger came to you and said that he's me. Believing his words, you caused a war? Sigh, you're really naive. You should've done some research on how I look. If what you're saying is true, then someone fooled you. I still can't understand why someone will go that. Maybe he actually wanted the destruction of the Aksha Kingdom, but I saved him. When did you last see him, and how did he look?" Long Chen inquired.

    "I last saw him when I was leaving the Royal City for the border. He was supposed to be leaving with the second squad to surround the Royal City of Aksha and take over it," Wu Xun explained. "As for his looks, he had a round face. His lips were thin, and his eyes were blue in color. And..."

    Wu Xun described the looks.

    "Wait, I remember someone like that. What you describe sounds exactly like the person who was leading your attack in the Royal City of Aksha before I joined the battle and killed them all. If I knew he was impersonating me, I would have kept him alive to get some answers out of him. Too bad we'll never know why he did it," Long Chen lamented as he sighed.

    "Anyway, we don't need to find him, though. That's good," he continued as he patted the shoulder of Wu Xun.

    He turned back to leave.

    "Oh, wait. I forgot," he suddenly muttered as he turned back to glance at Wu Xun.

    "I wanted to talk to you as well. That's why I stopped you here. In your concern, I forgot about it entirely," he muttered as he smiled.

    "It's about the Dragon Squad Members that are in prison. I want you to convince them to support us since everything is already over now. If they're not ready, kill them. If you can't even do that, I'll do it myself. I don't want any threat to the stability of this Kingdom that has finally gained peace and hopes of no war," he told Wu Xun.

    "That's all," he said as he turned back and left.


    Two days passed away, and it was finally the day of Coronation.

    A big stage was prepared at the border that seemed very grand and luxurious.

    Long Chen was sitting on his throne. Wu Xun and Vermillion were standing on his right side and his left side.

    Many of the guests had arrived, and many were still coming. Kings from the nearby Kingdom had also arrived to greet Long Chen. Both, Aksha Kingdom and the Sunai Kingdom were two giants that could crush any kingdom. Their merger was enough to create a godly kingdom that was even more powerful, and it was the Coronation of its King.

    None of the neighboring Kings wanted to be disrespectful to the person who was technically the most powerful being on this continent.

    One such king had just stepped out of his carriage with his son.

    "We're going to meet the King. Make sure you're not disrespectful, or our Kingdom can be wiped out if that man is offended," the King seemed to be teaching his son as he walked towards the area where Kings and their families were supposed to sit.

    "Don't worry, father. I'll treat him like a god. He might even ask you to allow him to adopt me. Say yes if that happened," the chubby young man who was the son of this King replied as he laughed.

    "Cough Cough!" He was laughing when he started coughing as if he had choked. It all happened when he saw the person sitting on the Throne.

    "T-that boy is the King?!" he asked the King with a pale face.


    The King slapped the back of the head of the young man as he started scolding, "Shut up! You're already being disrespectful to him! Didn't you hear anything I said? He's not someone you can call a boy!"

    "He's the King of this new Supreme Kingdom," the King explained.

    The Chubby Man became even paler as he heard that. He couldn't help but remember the time when he met Long Chen. He couldn't believe he told the King of this Giant Kingdom to move aside for him.

    ' I even called him poor. He'll kill me! I can't let myself be seen,' the Young Man thought as he covered his face with his hand.

    Long Chen was sitting on the throne, watching the guests. His eyes suddenly fell on the chubby man and saw him hiding his face.

    "Hahahaha, interesting boy indeed. Does he think hiding his face can help?" He laughed out loud as he saw the young man.

    "Vermilion. You see that King there? Call him and his son to us," he said as he looked to Vermillion.

    " Yes, Your Majesty."

    Vermilion stepped down the stage and walked over to the father of the Chubby Man.

    "His Majesty wishes to meet you and your son," Vermilion told the white-haired King.

    "Ah, Right away. It would be my pleasure," the King said, smilingly as he stood up.

    "Why are you still sitting like a shy lady? Come and meet His Majesty!" the King told his son, who was still sitting, hiding his face.

    "Ah, I'm fine. You go and meet him," the chubby man replied, shaking his head.

    A frown appeared on Vermilion's face. The King noticed it and started getting worried, thinking that he might be offended if his son kept refusing to meet Long Chen as it would be considered disrespect to the new King.

    "You idiot, stand up! Stop being a shy kid. Not meeting His Majesty is disrespectful! You are coming with me to meet him this instant!" the King let out as he held the hands of his son and pulled him.
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