794 Chapter 794: Leaning the Spirit World

    He dragged him to his son. The chubby man only had one hand to hide his face now since the King caught his other hand.

    The King dragged him towards Long Chen.

    "King Chen, I finally get to see you. My deepest congratulations on your Coronation," the King greeted Long Chen as he smiled with a fawning look on his face.

    "Aren't you going to say anything?" Long Chen asked with an amused smile on his face as he looked at the chubby man.

    The King patted the back of his son, gesturing to him to congratulate Long Chen.

    "C-congratulations, Your Majesty," the Chubby Man replied with stuttering.

    "Hmm? Why are you hiding your face?" Long Chen chuckled as he saw the chubby man still covering his face.

    "Don't worry, kid. I won't do anything. I'm nothing but a poor King. I can't compare to you," he continued, enjoying the situation.

    The King looked back and forth between his son and Long Chen, wondering if something happened between them.

    'He's hiding his face, and he's talking like that. Did they meet before? I hope this stupid son of mine didn't offend him,' the King thought, feeling worried.

    "Anyway, thanks for your wishes. The two of you can go back," Long Chen said, deciding to end this entertainment. He didn't try to punish the young man.

    The chubby man only had a bit of arrogance, and Long Chen was sure that it was over by now.

    'He'll remember this in the future whenever he meets another person. He would always be wary. It's good. He's going to be the King of a Kingdom. A little bit of humility is needed,' Long Chen thought as he smiled.

    "T-thank you," the Chubby Man stuttered as he turned back and left with his father.

    His father asked him if he met Long Chen before, but he lied, thinking that his father will kill him if he found out that he had called the New King a beggar in the past.

    "Your Majesty, did that boy offend you somehow?" Vermilion asked Long Chen, getting some hints.

    "Hahahaha, not really. No one can offend me nowadays. I have achieved everything I could. I'm only happy. I was just having some fun with the kid," Long Chen replied, talking about the person who was the same age as him.

    He was actually feeling pretty happy nowadays. Since he had finished his long-awaited Third Trial, it was soon the time to leave. He could finally meet his family again. He was feeling generous because of that.

    That's why he had forgiven the Dragon Squad Members that were in prison. As long as they agreed to give up and accept him as King, he was fine.

    That's what happened as well. Now that everything was over, the Dragon Squad Members that hadn't instantly agreed did so in the last two days. Everything was finally settled. There was no unrest either. It was like everything was going perfectly.


    The Coronation soon commenced. Mi Liayi came with the Crown in her hand and placed it on Long Chen's head while everyone started cheering.

    "Everyone, I would like to thank you for coming to my coronation. I appreciate all your best wishes. As you know, the Sunai Kingdom and the Aksha Kingdom had merged. Today, I would like to tell you the names of this new Kingdom. The Kingdom I rule shall be called the Eternal Kingdom, for it shall be glorious for an eternity!" Long Chen declared the name of the unified Kingdom.

    "Congrats on freezing the King. I have confirmed. You have Fifteen days before you can leave. You should learn that Soul Transmigration Skill that I gave you in that time and finish everything else that you have to do here." Xun appeared beside Long Chen as soon as his speech was finished

    'I haven't decided about using this skill, but I'll comprehend it for the future,' Long Chen replied to Xun as he nodded his head.

    After the initial celebration and the banquet, it was time to leave. Everyone departed, including Long Chen.


    Long Chen went back to the Aksha Kingdom Palace, which he had decided to make the Eternal Kingdom's Royal Palace since Mi Liayi wanted to stay here.

    Long Chen was sitting on his bed, thinking about something. He was wondering if he should use the Soul Transmigration Skill.

    "Xun, if I decide to use this Skill, will my main Soul go back to the Bloodline Temple while the little portion I separate stays here?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "Yeah, you really should do it. It means you will still be living in case something happened to your real body. Please take this precaution to make sure that you don't completely die even if your main soul is destroyed," Xun said as if she was subtly insisting.

    "What you said is good, indeed. I can have two lives like that, and I'll get this highly talented body as well. However, I can't take this body back," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "So what if you can't take this body back. It'll be much safer here as a King. This portion of you can have a peaceful life as a King, and it can even get stronger here. If it's strong enough, it can even leave the barrier of this world and go out. Take this second life," Xun replied.

    "True. I can't miss out on a second life. I'm not sure when my real body might die.  I'll do it. As an added bonus, Mi Liayi won't lose her son," Long Chen muttered as he nodded his head. He decided to do it.

    " This skill is pretty interesting, though. Who would have thought that I would need a heard demon to use it? Who knew I would be dividing my Heart Demon as well. With a fraction of my soul, I need to put my Heart Demon's one emotion inside as well. Fortunately, Heart Demon has been nice recently," he let out as he looked at his hand.

    "What emotion of the Heart Demon are you going to put?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    "Anger, what else. I don't want that plaguing my real body. Anyway, the Heart Demon doesn't affect me now as it's more sensible. It shouldn't affect this body as well, even if I do it. If the Heart Demon was to amplify my anger anyway, it could only do it if someone offends me. As a Supreme King, no one would offend me here. So this is the safest place to put my Anger Influence Heart Demon," Long Chen told Xun as he smiled.

    He closed his eyes and started chanting the Sutra written inside the Soul Transmigration Skill.

    As he started chanting, he felt as if his soul left his body. He opened his eyes, but he didn't stop chanting. He could see his body sitting on the bed in a Cultivating position right in front of him.

    'It's working. Continue," Xun told Long Chen as he looked towards his soul as if she could see it flying in front of his body.

    Long Chen closed his eyes again and continued his chant.

    After a few minutes, his expressions turned painful, as if his soul was hurting. It soon recovered as a small silver light left his soul and entered his body. Soon after, a red light also left, which was the Anger Influence Portion of his Heart Demon.

    It also entered his body.

    Long Chen's soul finally opened his eyes as he looked towards his body sitting on the bed.

    His body slowly opened his eyes as it looked towards the Soul flying in front of him.

    Long Chen noticed a red glint in the eye of his body, but before he could speak to his body to make sure everything was right, everything turned dark.

    He found himself standing in the Bloodline Temple.
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