795 Chapter 795: Choice

    Long Chen found himself standing in the bloodline temple.

    "I'm back. Why don't I feel any link with my body? The other part of my Soul should be linked to me, but I can't feel it. Did I just create a second entity completely different from me?" Long Chen asked Xun as he frowned.

    "Not at all. It's because you're too far away. You can feel the second body when you're in the same world as it. Without being in the same world, you can't share the same thoughts. Also, don't worry about a second entity. That soul is yours, and that body is yours now. Just think an independent you with same memories and same thoughts," Xun replied to Long Chen, calming him down.

    "The only difference is that your memories will be different from this point on since both of you will live a different life, far away from each other. When you're in the same world, the rest of the memories that the two of you make in the future will be shared as well,"  she continued.

    "Oh, that's how it is. It's better," Long Chen replied as he smiled. He understood what Xun tried to convey.

    "Now, what are my rewards for finishing the third trial?" Long Chen said excitedly as he rubbed his hand like a greedy businessman.

    "Hahaha, you are really like a kid when it comes to rewards. Anyway, your rewards are prepared. You see the two doors in front of you?" Xun pointed towards the two doors in front of him.

    Long Chen noticed the two doors and facepalmed himself.

    "Don't tell me I have to make a lucky draw for my rewards again. Can't you give some rewards without making things complicated?" he asked Xun as she smiled wryly.

    "Don't worry; it's not like that. I can tell you that all your rewards are behind the first door," Xun told Long Chen, shaking her head.

    "What about the second door, then?" Long Chen inquired in confusion. If all the rewards were behind the first, what did the second one have?

    He looked at Xun suspiciously.

    "I don't know. All I know is that you have two choices. You can open the first door and get all the rewards for finishing the first trial and open the second door to see for yourself what's behind it," Xun told Long Chen. She really looked as if she didn't know, but Long Chen didn't believe her. There was no way she wouldn't know what was behind the second door.

    "You can only open one of the two doors, and the other one will disappear. The decision is yours," she continued.

    "Come on, tell me what's behind the second door. You must know it," Long Chen insisted as he looked at Xun.

    "Not really. I seriously don't know what's behind the second door. I don't own the bloodline temple, after all. I can only know what the bloodline temple tells me. I only know that the first door had all the rewards of finishing the first trial. As for the second door, I have no idea," Xun replied as she raised her hand ignorantly.

    "So the bloodline temple is tricking me. I don't think it's a lie that the first door had all the Rewards of this trial, but what does the second door have?" Long Chen thought as he stepped closer to the two doors.

    "The Bloodline Temple decided to tell me that the first door has all the rewards, so it's not a lucky draw with split rewards. If all the rewards are in the first door, the second one should be empty. However, it can be reverse psychology as well. Any sane person would choose the first door after knowing that it has all the rewards. The Bloodline Temple would know that I will choose it too after knowing it has all the rewards," he muttered as he frowned.

    "So it effectively decreased the chances of me opening the second door. It just means there's something behind it that is not a reward of the Third Trial," he started walking back and forth as he thought which door to choose.

    "Don't think too much. If the first door has all the rewards, choose it. Don't take the risk," Xun reminded Long Chen.

    "No. It can't be that simple. I have a feeling that the Second Door isn't empty either. There is definitely something behind it that's comparable to the rewards!" Long Chen exclaimed as he walked over to the second door.

    He placed his hand on the door but didn't open it. He was still hesitant.

    "Think carefully. We are talking about high-level rewards here. Don't miss out on them," Xun said, sighing.

    "That's why I'm taking so much time. I don't want to lose the rewards of this Trial, but I don't want to lose this opportunity either. I have a feeling that this second door is certainly an opportunity for me that I shouldn't wish. I can't back off," Long Chen muttered as he clenched his left fist and pushed the door open with his right hand.


    Back in the Spirit World, the new body of Long Chen had opened its eyes before Long Chen had disappeared.

    This second incarnation of Long Chen was still wearing the Mask of Mischief to make himself seem like Fu Chen.

    "Hah, so I'm a backup now. We're both the same person, but it feels strange that I won't have my real body. At least I won't have to worry about Bloodline Trial or constant enemies. I can live my life in peace and cultivate here."

    The Second Incarnation of Long Chen was still sitting on the bed. Since the main soul was too far away from him, he didn't know what was happening in the bloodline temple.

    "I wish I could see the rewards I am going to get. My main body will get them all. I hope the rewards aren't bad," Long Chan muttered as he got off the bed.

    He walked towards the door to leave his room since he was free of everything. All he had was time now. He could live for hundreds of years and cultivate here to get even stronger to live even longer. He decided to take a walk within the Kingdom.

    As he reached near the door of his room, the door suddenly opened, hitting him.

    The door hit Long Chen's face, hurting him.

    The Eunuch stepped inside.

    "Y-y-your Majesty, I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I didn't know you would be there."

    Noticing that he had injured Long Chen, he started apologizing repeatedly.

    Long Chen gazed at the old Eunuch as his eyes turned red.

    Raising his hand, he slapped the Eunuch. He didn't control his strength even a little as he slapped the Eunuch. The Eunuch flew away, crashing on the wall as his head burst open. He died instantly.

    "Scums of this World! Can't you ants knock!" Long Chen thundered furiously.

    Suddenly his expressions changed as he noticed what he had done.

    "What the heck? My anger! My arrogance! I killed him for just that. Is it that doing of that heart demon?" Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    Glancing at the dead Eunuch, he sighed.  "Looks like this life won't be as peaceful as I thought."

    "Guards! Take the body away," he called out the guards who took the body away without asking questions.

    He changed the plans of going outside and decided to rest.

    Walking back to the bed, he started cultivating.

    A few minutes later, the door of the room opened. Mi Liayi stepped inside.

    "Chen'er. I heard you killed the Eunuch?" she asked Long Chen.

    "What's that to you? Get out and let me rest," Long Chen declared, not realizing how rude he sounded.
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