796 Chapter 796: Overpowered Reward

    Long Chen didn't know, but the Heart Demon's anger amplifying property was merged with his soul during the Soul Transmigration. Now it didn't only amplify his anger when it wished, but it always did.

    It was more accurate to say that anger was now a part of his characteristic, at least when it came up Long Chen's second soul that was in this body.

    His main soul was unaffected by it. In fact, Long Chen's main soul didn't need to worry about it at all since it's heart demon didn't have anger even if it became active. In a way, the real Long Chen had unintentionally dumped his anger on this body.

    The anger of his other body was permanently increased.


    Unaware of what was happening to his other self, the Main Soul of Long Chen was still inside the Bloodline Temple.

    Long Chen had decided to open the second door and take the risk. He didn't know if it was actually going to be worth it or not, but he didn't want to have the regret of not taking this risk.

    As soon as Long Chen opened the second door, the first door disappeared as the wall appeared in its place.

    With a deep sigh, Long Chen stepped inside the room; the second door let to.

    As he entered, he realized that it was only a small room with nothing inside it.

    There was only a table inside the room, and something was lying on top of the table.

    "T-that! Is it what I think it is?" Long Chen asked Xun with a shocked look on his face.

    " Ah, I get it," Xun muttered as she smiled.

    "The first door had all the Rewards of the Third Trial, but since you finished the Trial so fast, the Bloodline Temple selected another gift that wasn't supposed to be a reward. It placed the second gift here. I must say, it even surprised me this time," she continued.

    Long Chen walked towards the object that was placed on the table.

    "This Orb! It's really a Law Orb, right?" Long Chen inquired as he looked at a circular orb placed on top of the table.

    The Orb had a mixture of multiple colors, from violet to red. It seemed just like the Law Orbs he had seen in the past.

    "That's right. It's a Law Orb. Not only that, it's the Law Orb that was in the Spirit World. To reward you, the Bloodline Temple pulled it out of that world. If you hadn't chosen this door, it would be sent back there," Xun replied to Long Chen.

    "It is so colorful. Which Element does this Law Orb have? What's its grade?" Long Chen asked, looking at Xun.

    "It is a Supreme Grade Law Orb. It's on the same level as your Law of Space and Law of Darkness," Xun explained to Long Chen as she smiled.

    "Supreme Grade Law Orb? The Element inside it is as strong as Space and Darkness? Is it Time?" Long Chen inquired with an excited look on his face.

    "No. This is not the Law of Time. It contains Destiny! It's the Supreme Law of Destiny!" Xun told Long Chen as she laughed.

    "Law of Destiny? So I can't control Destiny after comprehending it?" Long Chen asked.

    "Not instantly. Just like you can't control Space perfectly yet. You know that you need to form your Law Seed into an Ancestral Tree of that Law to become a true ruler of that element. Similarly, when you comprehend the Law of Destiny and form the Ancestral Tree of Destiny, you can rule it like a true king! You can finally have destiny under your control!" Xun informed Long Chen.

    "Amazing. Truly amazing. Isn't this the most overpowered Law then? Being on the same level as Darkness and Space seems like an insult to it. The power to control destiny! Isn't this what a true God is?" Long Chen let out as he started laughing.

    "You're still underestimating Darkness and Space. There's a reason those two laws are on the same level as Destiny. No one truly knows what they're capable of yet. Destiny seems overpowered, but Space and Darkness are similarly overpowered. You just need to reach their peak truly," Xun replied.

    "What do you mean?" Long Chen inquired in confusion.

    "Look at the darkness, for example. Darkness has no destiny. Your Control over destiny can't affect darkness. On the other hand, every being that has a destiny can be affected by darkness. So Darkness is more influential. Darkness can even corrupt destiny. Won't it out Darkness at a higher level?" Xun pointed out.

    "Similarly, Space is Eternal. It can be infinite, and it can be nothing. Space can imprison anything. Can't it imprison Destiny then? Think about it," she said with an amused smile on her face.

    "Sigh, all of these laws have so many mysteries behind them. I truly underestimate them," Long Chen replied as he sighed.

    "I just say, this reward sounds worth it. I don't even want to know what Rewards the other rooms had. The Law of Destiny is worth it. Destiny has always been my enemy. Once I control it, nothing can get in my way," Long Chen muttered as he reached out his hand to the orb.

    "Wait. You should be in your body when you do it. Don't attempt the test of Destiny Comprehension now," Xun said as she held Long Chen's hand, stopping him from leaving.

    "Why?" Long Chen asked, looking at her.

    "Because the Bloodline Temple will block all attempts of the Law Orb. It wouldn't let the Law Orb take your soul for the test. Your soul will be stuck in a painful back and forth if you do it here," Xun reminded him, scaring him in the process.

    Long Chen frowned as he looked at the law orb. He retracted his hand.

    "Thanks for saving me," he thanked Xun.

    "I have one question, though. How will I take this law orb outside?" he asked.

    "Simple. Just leave this place. Since it's already your reward, it'll appear in the Ancient Ring," Xun explained to Long Chen.

    "Ah, that's good. How do I leave now? I'm done here," Long Chen let out, deciding to listen to her.

    "Simple. Just close your eyes and think about your main body. You'll wake up," Xun explained.

    Long Chen nodded his head, acknowledging her suggestion.

    He closed his eyes and started thinking about his body.


    Long Chen's main body laid in the enclosed Dungeon near a pond when he was lying when he was called for the Third Trial.

    In the time he spent inside the Spirit World, his body laid here. Fortunately, the Bloodline Temple provided it with the nutrition it needed so that his body didn't die when he was in the Third Trial. His hair had grown even longer in the time he spent inside the Bloodline Temple.

    Long Chen slowly opened his eyes and sat up.

    He looked around in confusion.

    "Ah, right. I was trapped in this dungeon when it happened," Long Chen muttered as he stood up.

    The first thing he did after standing up was to check his ancient ring.

    "Good. The Law Orb is there," Long Chen muttered as he breathed a sigh of relief.

    He walked over to the pond to wash his face.

    He looked down and saw his reflection in the water. He noticed that he looked older. His hair was longer as well.

    "Xun? How much time has passed here?" Long Chen asked Xun, suspiciously.

    "Seven Months has passed since you left for the Third Trial," Xun replied.

    "Ah, seven months. I thought it was a year or more since I looked older. It might have been my misconception," Long Chen thought as he smiled, shaking his head.
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