797 Chapter 797: Reunion

    "My family might be worrying about me. I was pulled for the Third Trial, so suddenly, I couldn't inform them," Long Chen muttered as he remembered about his family.

    Without taking any time, he sent his consciousness into the fake world to call his family out to let them know that he was fine.

    "Hmm? They are not at home? The entire place is empty? Even the Spirit Fairies aren't here? What happened?" Long Chen muttered, not seeing his family or anyone else there.

    He started searching for the entire fake world to find his family.

    "Ah, Xue and Mei are there. Why are they so far from the house? Mingyu is in a completely opposite direction? There's father and mother. Grandfather is there. Everyone is spread out in all directions, going faster and farther from the house. Are they looking for something?" Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    " I'll ask them myself," he muttered as he brought everyone out of the fake world.

    Everyone appeared near Long Chen, making the empty place seem crowded.

    All of them looked confused about where they were before they noticed Long Chen.

    "My son!" Sima Ziyi called out as she hugged Long Chen. "You're fine."

    "Of course, I'm fine. What will happen to me?" Long Chen asked in return as he smiled.

    "Hey, why do you all have tears in your eyes," he let out in concern as he saw his girls looking emotional.

    "You Idiot! You didn't contact us for seven months! What were we supposed to think?! You know how worried all of us were?" Mingyu asked, glaring at Long Chen.

    "I, ah, I have no excuse. I was involved in something that didn't give me time to contact you. I finally finished and called you out," Long Chen replied, apologetically.

    "What had happened? Xue said that you were surrounded by someone when you sent her back. What happened after that?" Long Chen's father, Long Jun, asked.

    " After that? Nothing. I showed them my strength, and they all apologized. They let me leave with respect. Then I entered the next town where people asked me for help. Helping them took seven months. During that time, I couldn't contact you," he replied, making up a random excuse, which was simpler than explaining what really happened.

    "Sigh, alright. If you say it happened, I'll believe you. Tell me the real truth when you're ready," Long Jun replied as he smiled wryly.

    " Where is this place?" Long Jun asked Long Chen as he looked around. He couldn't see where they were. It seemed like a hall inside the dungeon, but there were no exits that could be seen.

    It was completely closed. The only other thing it had was a small pond at the center.

    "This place is an old tomb. I stepped on a Teleportation portal and found myself in this tomb. I was walking in the hallway of this tomb when the ground disappeared, and I fell here," z Long Chen explained, truthfully this time.

    "You fell here? Where did you fall from? That should be the path of leaving this place," Long Jun responded after thinking for some time.

    "I fell from that place, but that opening has closed as well. There doesn't seem to be any exit here. It's more like a prison with no path to leave," Long Chen replied as he sighed.

    "I was just about to attack the walls, trying to break them," he continued.

    "If you're trying to attack, aim at the place where you fell from. If there's an opening there which was covered by rocks, it should be the weakest spot," Wu Xun said after his initial observation.

    "That makes sense," Long Chen muttered as he glanced towards the roof.

    "Everyone step back. Some boulders might fall down after I attack. Stay back," Long Chen called out as he got ready to attack.

    He suddenly stopped as he frowned. He turned back to look at everyone.

    "Wait a minute. I called all of you out so I could collect you all in one place since you were spread out. In all this, I forgot to ask my main question. Why were you spread out everywhere?" he asked.

    " We were looking for an Exit Portal," Long Jun said to Long Chen as he sighed.

    "Exit Portal? What's that?" Long Chen asked, not understanding what they meant.

    "Each storage world that can house living beings has a spatial portal that can help people inside the space leave in case of emergencies. We were trying to find that portal of this world so we could come out to help you, thinking that you were in trouble," Long Jun explained.

    "Oh? I don't think this world has anything like that. Does it?" Long Chen muttered.

    He glanced at Xun to get a confirmation.

    "This Fake World does have an Exit Portal, but it's equal to not having it since they can't reach there no matter how much they search," Xun replied, shaking her head.

    ' Hmm? Where is it? If it exists, why can't they reach it? Don't tell me it's in the sky,' Long Chen asked Xun through his thoughts.

    "It's not in the sky. It's in the depths. That spatial portal is in the depths of the ocean. Three thousand Meters underwater," Xun told Long Chen, shaking her head, stunning Long Chen.

    "No. It should exist. Every Space like this is supposed to have one. That's what I read, at least," Long Jun explained to Long Chen.

    "You're right. I forgot about that. This world also has that portal, but it's inside the ocean, so it's as good as impossible to find it," Long Chen replied, sighing.

    " Inside the ocean? We wouldn't have found that even if we had searched the entire world," Long Chen's grandpa chimed in, glancing at Long Jun.

    "We can't stay there. We have no way of finding out if something happened to you or not. We can't even leave if you need us. What's the benefit if we live and you don't?" Long Jun asked Long Chen, glaring at him.

    "No, it's not that. I am really not in any trouble. If I was in trouble where I could use your help, why wouldn't I call you?" Long Chen replied as he smiled wryly.

    "Really, it's much more helpful if you stay there. If I need you, I can call you out, and we can shock the enemy. If you're with me all the time, there will be no element of surprise. Also, there is power in numbers, but sometimes they can become weaknesses as well," he continued.
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