798 Chapter 798: Exi

    "I'm not lying. If I'm in trouble and I need you, I won't hesitate to call you outside. Just have faith in that much. I'm not dying without you knowing, at least. The day I die should be with you if that day indeed comes," Long Chen replied, smiling innocently.

    "Fine. We'll stay there," Long Jun said, sighing.

    "But I'm not leaving before you find a way to leave this place," he continued.

    The boulders will fall from the roof when I attack. The fewer people we have here are better. Father, you can stay behind. The others need to be back for the moment," Long Chen said, nodding his head.


    "No buts Grandpa. It's for your safety. Father is here with me until I get it. He'll take care of me. You all searched far and wide for the portal. I'll send you back home so you can rest."

    Long Ren tried speaking, but his words were cut off by Long Chen.

    "Fine. Jun'er, take care of my grandson." Long Ren agreed to go back, but he didn't forget to remind Long Jun to be careful.

    "Father, he's my son as well. You can go back without worries," Long Jun replied, giving confidence to Long Ren.

    Long Chen touched everyone and sent them back until only his mother, and his girls remained.

    " Xue's one week with you isn't over. Why don't you keep her with you so her week with it is finished and our turn can come?" Zhiqing told Long Chen cheekily.

    "I remember that. I will resume that when I'm outside," Long Chen replied as he touched Zhiqing's cheeks gently, sending her back.

    He walked over to the others and sent them back until only Xue, and his mother were left behind.

    "I'll call you out when l leave this place," Long Chen said as he rubbed her head.

    He sent her back as well.

    "I'm sorry for worrying you, mother. I won't disappear for such a long time again," he apologized to Sima Ziyi before he sent her back.

    " Alright. Father, you step back. It's time to test your theory," Long Chen muttered after he finished sending everyone back except his father.

    Long Jun stepped behind.

    Using his Martial Skill, Long Chen formed a bow using his Qi. He also formed an Arrow using his right hand. Getting it on the Bow, he aimed it towards the roof on the spot where he fell from.

    He shot out the arrow towards that spot. The Arrow made of Qi was as powerful as an Earth Grade Weapon.

    It flew like a lightning bolt and struck the roof.

    He had expected the boulders to fall or at least a crater to be made on the roof, but nothing happened. It seemed as if a wooden arrow had a metallic door, not leaving even a scratch behind.

    "It didn't do anything. I don't think it's the weak spot.  If it's a weak spot, I don't even want to think about the strong spots," Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    "The rocks are very strong. That attack should have shattered any normal rock, but there's not even a scratch left behind. It's not a normal place," Long Jun said as he looked at the roof.

    "There should be a path to leave. It can't be like this," he muttered as he walked towards the wall. He started observing the walls as he went along, trying to find something that could help them.

    "Your father seems to have some experience dealing with these things. Don't you want to help them?" Xun said to Long Chen, who was sitting in front of the pond.

    "Let him check the walls. If there's something, he will find it. I'm more interested in this pond," Long Chen muttered as he observed the water.

    "Why?" Xun asked.

    " I don't know. I just have a feeling. The walls and everything else is in front of our eyes, so it must be made strong if this place was made to make it difficult for people to leave. The only place that can't be seen here is the bottom of this pond," Long Chen muttered.

    "The water is crystal clear, but I can't see the bottom of this pond. I'll have to go inside," he continued as he stood up.

    "Father, I'll check the bottom of the pond," he told Long Jun before he took a dive inside the water.

    Long Chen swam downward and reached the bottom of the pond. Looking around, he found something that brought a smile to his face.

    He swam upward.

    "Father, I found a path to leave! There's a way at the bottom of the pond!" Long Chen called out Long Jun.

    Long Jun was knocking on the walls when he heard Long Chen's words.

    "What did you find?" Long Jun inquired.

    "There's a hole on the wall near the bottom that leads out of this place. It must be connected to another room," Long Chen explained, telling Long Jun about what he saw at the bottom of the pond.

    "Oh, it must be the path then. Let's get out of here," Long Jun lamented as he walked towards the pond and jumped inside.

    The two of them swam to the bottom and entered the hole in the wall that was wide enough for two people to enter at once easily.

    After going through the hole, they swam upwards from the other side.


    Getting their head out of the water, they started breathing again. After calming down, they got out of the water and sat on the ground.

    Looking around the room, the two of them found this place to be the exact copy of the last room. However, this place had one difference.

    There was a hallway leading out of this place, unlike the last place.

    "Hah, looks like we managed to find the way. As long as this hallway doesn't lead to a trap, we should find a way out. You can go back too now. Take rest. I'll finish the rest of the way," Long Chen said to Long Jun, glancing at the hallway.

    He believed that the hallway might have traps. Since Long Jun was only a gold realm Cultivator, he didn't want him to take the risk by going there. As a Sky Realm Cultivator, Long Chen believed himself to be safer without Long Jun.

    "I told you I'm staying until you get out of here. We're going together," Long Jun replied as he stood up.

    "Come. Let's get going," he said as he reached out his hand towards Long Chen to help him up.
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