799 Chapter 799: Forgotten Sword

    Long Chen caught the hands of his father and stood up.

    "Stay behind me. There might be some traps in the hallway. Be careful," Long Chen told his father as he started walking towards the long hallway leading out of this place.

    Long Jun followed Long Chen closely as they entered the hallway.

    Long Chen walked more carefully this time, trying not to fall on any traps again.

    Everything in this place seemed normal so far; however, he still stayed alert.

    Fortunately, nothing terrible happened to them as they reached the end.

    The two of them found themselves in another room; however, this was where all the paths stopped. There was no way out of this room. The only way to leave this room was from the path where they came from, which led them back.

    There was a small triangular crystal lying on the ground at the exact center of the room.

    Long Chen walked towards the crystal and looked at it before he glanced back at his father and said, " There is no way out. We can either go back near the pond, but there's no way to leave from there. This place also has nothing except this crystal."

    "What do you think?" Long Chen inquired, trying to see if his father had some suggestions.

    Long Jun walked closer to the Center of the room and looked at the crystal grimly. "This crystal is the only way out. I read in an old book about these crystals. If I'm not wrong, this should be one of those crystals."

    "Ah, right. I forgot you were more into reading books than I was," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    "What is this crystal according to you then?" he asked Long Jun.

    Long Jun gazed at Long Chen and started explaining. "In ancient times, people created these tombs for various reasons. Some created these to house their bodies after they died, while others created these tombs to hide their treasures. Some even made tombs as traps or as a form of entertainment. The only thing common within the tombs was that they always left a way to leave the tomb."

    "One of the most common ways to exit the tomb was through the exit crystals. These crystals were more like long-range Teleportation crystals that could Teleport people outside the tomb. Some Crystals were so powerful that they could even Teleport people far away from the tomb so much so that the tomb and the person are half-world apart from each other," he replied.

    "Ah, as long as it gets me out of this place, I don't care where it throws me," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    "Now that I have a way out, you can go back. I don't want you to touch it after me only to be thrown at a different part of the world far away from me," he said as he reached out his hand towards his father.

    "Yeah. That might happen," Long Jun muttered as he touched his hand. Call me out after you successfully appear outside, so I don't worry," Long Jun said as he touched the hands of his son.

    Long Chen sent him back to the fake world inside their house. "I will call you out when I leave."

    "Xun, was he right?" Long Chen asked Xun after sending his father back.

    "Yeah, he is right. This is the way to leave this place. Your father is pretty knowledgeable for a person of this lowly world," Xun told Long Chen as she smiled.

    "I wonder if I should leave first or comprehend the Destiny Orb first. This place is pretty safe, after all," Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    "Whatever. I can do that outside as well. I don't wish to stay in this prison any longer than I have to," he let out as he touched the crystal.

    The triangular crystal started shining brightly as a light encircled Long Chen.

    Everything turned white for a brief moment. When the light decreased, Long Chen found himself standing in a deserted field.

    The bright sun was shining in the sky, making the sand even warmer.

    "Where am I?" Long Chen muttered in confidence as he looked at the deserted land as far as his eyes could see.

    "Somewhere in this world," Xun replied to Long Chen, appearing beside him.

    Long Chen looked back at Xun and smiled before he said sarcastically, "Oh really? I'm somewhere in this world? Geez, I thought I reached hell. Thank you for telling me where I am so accurately."

    "Don't worry. At least you're not in that tomb anymore. Find a village or something to find out where you are," Xun said to Long Chen, not minding his tone.

    "Where will I find a village? Every direction seems barren," Long Chen muttered as he looked around.

    He suddenly thought of something as his depressed expressions recovered. "Oh, right. I forgot. I have the talisman that can bring me to Ji Shen. I should go towards him. I can definitely find a village along the way while I reach closer to my target."

    He looked towards his storage ring to bring out the talisman but stopped to appreciate the storage ring.

    "It feels so good to have my ancient ring again. In that world, it was so annoying without it. I hated carrying the swords on my back," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    "The swords... Wait... Fuck! My swords are with my other body! The Sword of Time! It was lying in front of my first when I started soul transmigration!" He cursed out loud as he suddenly remembered about his Flaming Ice Sword and his Sword of Time.

    He couldn't help but drop down to the ground in disappointment.

    Xun looked at Long Chen and started laughing before she said gleefully, " It's fun to see you like that after you scolded me. However, we have many things to do. You can't sit there, crying. Don't worry, the Sword of Time isn't there. Only the Flaming Ice Sword was left behind for your other self. I brought the Sword of Time with myself when your soul came back to the Bloodline Temple. It's in your storage ring."

    "It is?"

    Long Chen stood up, stunned.

    He hadn't looked inside his Ancient Ring clearly after he came out of the Spirit World. He had only looked inside once to find the Law Orb and stopped after that. Thus he wasn't able to see the Swords of Time.

    "You're right! It was inside!" Long Chen exclaimed as he brought his Sword of Time out of the Ancient Ring.
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