800 Chapter 800: Sore Loser

    He held the Sword of Time in his hand proudly and smiled.

    "It's the same. Good work, Xun. You saved my hard work from going to waste!" Long Chen said as he patted Xun's head. "You're really the best!"

    "Of course, I'm the best," Xun declared as she smiled confidently.

    " Hahaha, cute too. Let's get going now. We need to do a lot of things," Long Chen said as he pinched Xun's cheeks softly before he brought the talisman out of his pocket, which showed the direction of its second portion that was given to Ji Shen by Long Chen.

    "Oh, so he's in that direction," Long Chen muttered as he looked towards his left. He started walking in that direction.

    "Oh right, I'm forgetting so much today. I need to tell father as well," he remembered as he slapped his forehead.

    "I can understand. It's your first day back at your real body, and you have some excitement too. It'll take some time for you to get back to your calm self," Xun replied, acknowledging that Long Chen wasn't like this normally.

    Long Chen brought his father outside and told him that he safely left the tomb.

    "Where are you now?" Long Jun asked Long Chen.

    "I have no idea, but I do have this talisman which shows me the direction of the place I need to be in," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    Long Jun nodded before he replied, " That's good. As long as you're not lost, it is good."

    "Alright. You can relax and Cultivate back at home. Tell everyone else I'm outside as well. I'll call Xue to accompany me for a week," Long Chen said as he spent Long Jun back.

    After sending him back, he called out Xue.

    "Sorry that I had to postpone our outing last time. No one will disturb us this time," Long Chen said gently as he held Xun's hands.

    He called all his beasts to make them know that he was back. He hadn't seen any of his beasts in the last seven months, so he wanted to see them once. He couldn't deny that he missed them a lot.

    He brought all his beasts out of the Beast Region.

    As soon as all of them came out,  Little Snow jumped into Long Chen's embrace.

    "Hey, little girl. How are you? Did you miss me?" Long Chen asked cutely as he rubbed the head of Little Snow, who snuggled into his arms.

    "Prr." Little Snow made a barely audible noise.

    "Hahaha, I missed you too, little one," Long Chen laughed as he gazed at little snow.

    He shifted his gaze to the Heart Devouring Insect, who was flying in front of him.

    He rubbed the head of the Heart Devouring Insect with his single finger since it was so small. "Hey, Cati. You got bigger, if I'm not wrong. Your wings also grew. You look a lot more powerful now."

    The Heart Devouring Insect looked excited as Long Chen rubbed its head. It gave out a joyful noise.

    "Big guy, you used to carry me so much. Did you have a good rest when I wasn't here?" Long Chen said as he looked at the Sun Swallowing Condor that was standing in front of him. "I missed you a lot."

    He shifted his gaze at the Dark Horned Armored Rhino, who was standing nearby.

    "Big guy, long time no see. That big snake isn't bullying you, is he?" Long Chen asked, laughing as he patted the head of the Dark Horned Armored Rhino.

    "Hmph, you stingy human, you finally remembered this king of yours after seven months?" The Snake Monarch chided Long Chen.  "And why would I bully my subordinate! Stop trying to turn the little guy against me."

    "Little Snakey, I missed your sharp tongue a lot! It truly feels like home after hearing you," Long Chen laughed, looking at the Snake Monarch.

    "You're Little Snakey! Your father is Little Snakey! Your whole family is Little Snakey! Stop insulting this Monarch, you pesky mortal!" the Snake Monarch scolded Long Chen.

    "You never change. I like that. I really missed you," Long Chen chuckled.

    "I missed you too, little human!" The Snake Monarch replied.

    "Where's Orion?" Long Chen muttered in confusion.

    He looked around and only saw Orion when he turned back.

    "Hey there, Orion. Why are you hiding behind?" Long Chen asked Orion, patting his head.

    Orion made a little noise as he lowered his head.

    "Shut up! You have nothing to be shy about! You didn't win that battle! The Judges were biased! It was cheating! I want a rematch!" Orion thundered in anger.

    "Grr!" Orion roared, looking at the Snake Monarch.

    "To hell with your judges! You all cheated! It was a draw at best! You didn't win! You all cheated! It's a scheme! Yes, it's a big scheme against me! How dare you scheme against your king? I'll throw you in prison for treason!" the Snake Monarch roared in anger.

    "Calm down, Little Snakey. Tell me what happened. What battle? What judges?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    "Stop calling me Little Snakey! Anyway, We were all bored after you didn't call us out for months. To remove our boredom, we decided to have a battle tournament to see who the strongest beast is. Everyone except that little fluffy participated, so we made her judge!"

    "Everything was fine until the finals. She was a good judge until then. The final battle was between Orion and me! That's when she became unfair and said that Orion won! How can he win? The rule was that the beast who stayed down on the ground was considered to be lost! I was only down for 2.9 seconds! It wasn't three! She cheated and declared that Puppy is the winner!"

    "At best, it can be considered a draw since the battle wasn't over!"

    The Snake Monarch started complaining about the results to Long Chen.

    "Oh? So Orion is my strongest beast? He even defeated you? Hahaha, that's interesting. The great king Snakey lost," Long Chen let out as he chuckled.

    He walked towards Orion and patted his head. "Great work Orion and congratulations on your victory," he congratulated Orion.

    "They cheated! Why can't you understand! I wasn't down for three seconds! They are all lying! The judge is unfair! I protest. I'll hunger strike! The judge was unfair! I want a rematch!" the Snake Monarch let out, not giving up.

    "Big guy, being second isn't bad either. As for the unfair judge, you're both the brothers of Little Snow." Long Chen said to the Snake Monarch, sighing.
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