801 Chapter 801: Nowhere

    "I don't think she'll be impartial to any of you. I know that it is difficult to accept defeat sometimes. However, the judge's decision is final. You can't change that. Work hard and get stronger so you can win in the next such tournament," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    "Hmph, even if I work hard, the judge will cheat again. Whatever, I won't complain. I'm a wise king. I forgive the mistakes of my subordinates," the Snake Monarch replied, snorting.

    " Spoken like a wise guy. Good," Long Chen let out, smiling.

    " Alright, guys. It was really nice to meet you again. I'm really happy to be able to meet you again. Because of being stuck somewhere, I couldn't call anyone from outside. Now that we are back, we will often be meeting," he said happily as he looked at everyone.

    All his beasts except the Snake Monarch cheered happily.

    "Humph! This King is really happy to have his subordinate back. Don't go missing like that again," the Snake Monarch let out, grumpily.

    "I won't, hopefully," Long Chen muttered, not certain himself.

    "So, where are we going? Don't ask me to carry you again," the Snake Monarch snorted, as he found his surroundings entirely empty.

    "I have no idea where I am. Anyway, I won't ask you to carry us. I've been thinking about spending some time with Orion as I travel since I haven't in a long time," Long Chen replied, shaking his head.

    "Oh, right. Most of you guys haven't met her. She's Xue. She's my wife," he introduced Xue to his Beasts.

    As soon as Xue heard, Long Chen introduced her as his wife; her face turned red. She lowered her face.

    Long Chen felt her grip tighten around his hand. He glanced at her, "Xue, these are all my beasts."

    He started introducing his beasts one by one.

    "They're all so cute. Especially this little one," Xue said cutely as she walked even closer to Long Chen and started rubbing the head of Little Snow, who was sleeping cozily.

    "Yeah, they're all cute," Long Chen replied before he took a glance at the Snake Monarch. "Except one."

    The Snake Monarch noticed this taunt. It proudly replied, "What do you mean! Why did you say that while looking at me? Am I not cute?! You have no idea! Young girls die to be with me, and old girls beg to be with me! Even the Heavenly Princess isn't immune from the charm of this handsome monarch."

    "I didn't say anything about you, little Snakey. Anyway, it was nice to meet you all again. I'm glad to see that you're all getting stronger. The rare herbs of the Beast Region are working really well for you guys. Good work," Long Chen said, observing the strength of all his beasts. He could see that all of his beasts were stronger than they had been when he last saw them.

    "Alright, you guys can go and rest. Orion will accompany us on this journey," he continued before he sent all his beasts back except Orion and Little Snow.

    "Little Girl, you're sleepy as well. Have rest at home," he muttered as he patted the head of Little Snow, who was looking sleepy. He sent her back.

    He gazed at Orion after sending Little Snow back. "Big guy, let's make it like the old days. Let me see how fast you have become all this while."

    "He's grown very tall. Let me help you," Long Chen said, realizing that Xue would have a hard time climbing on Orion because of his height.

    He walked behind her and placed her hand around her slim waist as he picked her up like she was a doll. He placed Xue on the back of Orion before he climbed up himself and sat behind her.

    "I'm sure he'll be talking with the winds at his speed. It's better if I dot behind so you don't fall. Enjoy," Long Chen said as he wrapped his left arm on Xue's stomach and held Orion with his right.

    "Let's go, big guy," he commanded.

    As soon as Orion received Long Chen's command, he started running like lightning.

    As Orion moved so suddenly, Xue was pushed back by the wind; however, Long Chen sat behind her like a rock, saving her from falling. The wind only worked to decrease the distance between the two of them as Long Chen's chest stuck closer to Xue. His warm breaths brushed against her neck, feeling even warmer than the hot winds of the desert.


    As Orion raced through the desert, carrying Long Chen and Xue, a bearded man was walking inside a beautiful palace.

    The bearded man was stopping in front of the giant doors of what seemed like a hall.

    He took a deep breath. There was fear evident on his face as he seemed to be hesitating.

    He took another deep breath before he clenched his fists. Taking a step forward, he pushed the door open and stepped inside the beautiful hall.

    There was a giant throne in front of him. On top of the throne, a well-built man was sitting. He had beautiful blue hair on his head.

    He was sitting on the throne that was made of bones.

    The man seemed to be lost in some thoughts.

    "Your Majesty," the old man said as he bowed his head.

    The Blue Haired man raised his eyes and looked at the old man. " I felt the aura of the new God Beast. We especially placed those items on each planet to be able to find that beast. Tell me it worked. Give me the location of that beast, so I can send my Dragon Generals to bring it here."

    "Your Majesty, W-we..."

    "What we? Don't tell me that you failed! You know how people will look at me? The Dragon King! The strongest of the God Beasts failed to find what he desired despite sending his men to all the planets?! Don't you dare tell me that you couldn't find it!" The Dragon King thundered,  without letting the old man finish his words.

    "Ah, Y-your Majesty. I-i don't know how but none of the orbs we placed have the signal of the beast back. This new God beast isn't in any of the planets where we placed them," the Old Man finished his words before he lowered his head again in fear.

    "What? That God Beasts appears, but he isn't in any of the planets we placed those items in?" the Dragon King let out as he stood up.

    "Yes. He isn't on any of the planets," the old man replied.
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