802 Chapter 802: Long Chen and Xu Liang

    "How can that be?! We sent our men to place the orbs in all realms and planets of this world. If that beast isn't appearing in there, then where is he appearing? Does he appear in the emptiness of space where no one lives? How can this be?! Just where is this being!" the Dragon King let out,  stunned.

    "It seems that way. He must be floating in space, far away from any life forms," the Old Man replied.

    "Stop with this nonsense! I don't care if he's in the sky or deep in the ground! I want him found at any cost. Find it at any cost! If he isn't found soon, I'll have all your heads on a pike in front of the Place!" the Dragon King thundered.

    His voice was so powerful that it was enough to throw the man back.

    The old man flew back like a helpless doll and crashed on the wall.

    The old man struggled to stand up as he said, "I-i will find it! I promise!"

    He left the hall, not even daring to wipe the sweat off of his forehead.

    "You... Where are you? Why are you hiding!" the Dragon King muttered as he sat back on the throne.

    He didn't know that what they thought was wrong.

    They thought that their orbs were on all planets. They didn't know that there was one planet where these were not present.

    The Dragon Warrior placed this on the planet that Long Chen was currently at; however, a member of the Black Tortoise God Beast Clan noticed that. Out of his curiosity, he had pulled out the orb and took it back to their realm, making that world void of this orb. Thus, when Little Snow appeared outside the Ancient Ring, there was no orb on that planet to give the exact location.

    The Dragon King had no idea of that. Thus, not only did it remove his suspicions of those places, but it also safeguarded Long Chen against the future endeavors of the Dragon Clan in these worlds to find Little Snow.


    In a Small Village, Xu Liang was carrying a bucket of water from a distant pond. The young boy seemed like he was ten years old. He had beautiful blue eyes and long black hair that came down to his shoulders.

    The young boy was the same boy who was found in the mystical dungeon of the Ghost Temple. He was Teleported out of the place after he had touched the statue of the Rainbow Phoenix.

    The Statue broke as soon as he touched it, which sent him far away from that dungeon. It Teleported him to a barren desert where the young boy met the Young Prince of the Black Tortoise God Beast Clan.

    While their conflict was increasing, the Young Prince of the Black Tortoise Clan saw the people of his clan that were searching for him. He left, leaving the young boy alone.

    The young boy stayed there alone until he was found by an old lady who brought him back to her home in a nearby village.

    The lady taught him to speak correctly, even though he knew. She even taught him to write.

    The old lady believed that the young boy didn't have a family, so she started treating him like her son. She even named him, calling him Xu Liang.

    The young boy grew faster than people could expect. He grew up with speed faster than a normal human was supposed to grow at. Within a few months, he had grown up to look five years older.

    People found it strange, but there was a legend in the town about people like that.

    The legend said that there were humans that had extraordinary growth. They got older at a faster speed than average; however, they died faster as well. The legend talked about this as a sickness in the person.

    Believing this legend, people didn't doubt the growth of the young boy.

    The boy grew up even faster. He was already ten years old now. In such a short time, he had become a part of the village.

    Xu Liang reached the small village with a bucket of water in his hand; however, as soon as he entered, his face turned pale.

    He saw dead bodies everywhere. The streets of the village were covered in blood.

    A group of black-clothed men was going around on their horses, killing everyone they could find, but there was none left.

    "Grandma!" Xu Liang screamed as he ran towards his hut to make sure that the old lady who cared for him was fine. The hut of the old lady was on the completely opposite side of the village.

    As Xu Liang ran through the streets towards his house. As he ran, he could hear screams of women coming from nearby houses, which seemed to be screaming to free them.

    Without stopping, the young boy ran towards his house to check the old lady.


    "There's a village. It looks like we can find out where we are now. I hope we are not too far from our destination," Long Chen muttered as he noticed a village in the distance.

    He had been traveling for hours; only now did he find a glimpse of a village.

    His hand was still wrapped around Xue; however, it wasn't on her stomach. His hand had slid upwards to rest on her soft breast. Xun's face was red, but she didn't oppose it. She was liking Long Chen's touch.

    Only when he reached near the village did he stop squeezing and removed his hands from her chest.

    Orion also slowed down as they reached near the village entrance.

    "I smell blood. Something's not right," Long Chen muttered as he reached the entrance. As soon as Orion entered the village with them, Long Chen was able to see dead bodies everywhere. He could hear the screams of ladies as well.

    "Looks like bandits are attacking the village. Well, I can collect some Slaughter Aura while getting my answers. Two targets in one arrow," Long Chen muttered as he laughed.

    "Orion, protect my wife, alright. I'll be ahead of you," he let out as he jumped off of Orion.

    He brought his King's Sword out of the Ancient Ring. He looked towards his sword and felt the familiar grip once again as he muttered, " It feels good to hold you again, old friend."

    He stepped deeper into the village with his sword in his hand.

    In a different part of the same village, Xu Liang had sneakily managed to get past the bandits as he ran towards his house.
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