803 Chapter 803: First Clash

    "Who are you?! How dare you approach us with a sword?" One of the bandits saw Long Chen as he faced him without getting down the horse.

    "Hahaha, the kid is trying to be a hero. The Sword looks good, though," another bandit chimed in.

    " The sword? It's pretty good indeed. Want it? Here," Long Chen replied as he tossed his sword towards the bandit that had spoken.

    The bandit reached out his hand to catch the sword as he laughed, "Hahaha, sensible kid. I'll give you a nice death since you've been such a good kid."

    His hand was about to touch the hilt of the sword; however, before he could touch it, the sword moved itself, changing its trajectory suddenly.

    It flew straight, impaling the neck of the man. The sword flew back after killing the man, leaving a hole in his neck.

    The man held his neck as he tried to stop the blood. He kept struggling to breathe; however, he was unable to. His face turned pale as his body grew weaker. He fell down the horse.

    "Hah, it's so good to be able to use my Spirit Sword. It's like fighting with a friend," Long Chen smiled as he watched the Spirit Sword flying towards another bandit after killing the first one.

    "Sigh, these guys aren't even proper Cultivators. Only in the Spirit Establishment Realm. I don't even need to move my finger to kill them," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    " Leave me! Stop!"

    As Long Chen watched the bandits being killed, he heard the screams of a woman coming from a nearby house.

    He looked behind and saw Xue looking at him, probably expecting him to do something.

    "Orion, these guys are weak. Kill anyone who dares to approach you," Long Chen told Orion as he ran towards them.

    He ran towards the house, leaving the Spirit Sword to deal with the enemies on the outside.

    Standing in front of the door, Long Chen kicked it open.

    He stepped inside to find two naked men trying to force two women in different sections of the house.

    " Do you need any help?" Long Chen asked the man, frowning.

    Frowning, the two men looked behind towards the young man standing near the door. "Hmm?"

    "Who are you? How dare you come inside?!"

    " I came the same way you will go out," Long Chen muttered as he Teleported in front of one of the men. Grabbing the man by his neck, he threw the man outside.

    The man flew out the door where the Spirit Sword was waiting for him already. He was still midair when his neck struck the sharp edge of the sword.

    His body split in two parts, crashing on the ground.

    The second man soon flew out, suffering the same fate.

    Without glancing at the barely clothed woman, Long Chen stepped out of the hut.

    As he stepped out, he noticed that all the bandits that were here had died.

    " This was finished faster than I thought. If only this were a little more challenging," Long Chen muttered.

    "Orion, come here. Let's move forward. The women aren't in any condition to talk. We'll need to find someone else for our answers," he let out.

    Xue struggled to get down from Orion; however, Long Chen stopped her. "No, you keep sitting there."

    He placed his hand on Xue's back as he walked deeper into the village beside Orion.


    Xu Liang reached near his house, only to find an old woman, lying near the feet of one of the bandits.

    The bandit's sword was resting on her next, ready to slice him in an instant.


    Long Chen reached near the other end of the village, not finding anyone alive.

    As he reached near the end of the road, he saw a bandit's sword slashing towards the next of an old woman.

    He instantly Teleported; however, he was too late.

    He appeared beside the Bandit, but the sword had already killed the old lady. Without wasting a single Second, Long Chen killed the bandit.


    Long Chen had just killed the Bandit when he heard a sharp scream, which was followed by a powerful force. The force seemed to be so powerful that it tossed Long Chen fifty meters back.

    Long Chen's skin was already tough since his comprehension in the Demon Monarch Physique was high, but still, the force that hit him was so powerful that it left many wounds on his body that were bleeding.

    He crashed on the ground far away.

    The force didn't move towards Long Chen only. It moved towards Orion and Xue as well. Both of them suffered the same fate as they were tossed back; however, Xue was much weaker than Long Chen. She suffered the most as her head hit the ground and started bleeding. She instantly lost consciousness.


    Xu Liang ran towards the old lady that had helped him so much, but before he could reach near her, he saw the bandit cutting her head.

    A strange man also appeared behind the bandit and killed him, but Xu Liang didn't care. His head was thumping. His body was shivering as he saw the head of the old lady lying on the ground.

    Soon, his head went blank as his eyes.

    He didn't know, but inside his body, there were powerful chains that were binding his soul. There happened to be hundred and twenty chains that bound his soul; however, one of those chains was broken when he was freed from the ancient dungeon because of Long Chen's blood, leaving only hundred and nineteen chains.

    The Chains were placed around his soul to stop his powers; however, after the first chain was broken because of Long Chen's blood, the force of the impact was powerful enough to make even the Ghost Temple Master lose consciousness.

    After leaving the ancient dungeon, the boy didn't feel that kind of power again. It seemed like a one-time thing that the boy already forgot about.

    The current trauma of watching the old lady die wasn't enough to make him remember his past or his powers but was enough to make his soul restless. His soul was so restless that it managed to break the second weakest chain as well, leaving only a hundred and eighteen chains around his soul.

    As soon as the second chain broke, another restriction was removed from the boy.

    His blue eyes turned pale Golden. A powerful energy wave left his body, which spread everywhere.


    "That hurt," Long Chen muttered as he rubbed his head while standing up.
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