804 Chapter 804: Nightmare

    He looked towards Orion and Xue only to find them in an even worse condition. Orion was still better, but Xue wasn't even moving.

    "Xue!" Long Chen thundered as he instantly Teleported beside Xue, not caring for anything.

    He placed his hand near her nose.

    "She's breathing. Probably unconscious only," he muttered as he breathed a sigh of relief.

    Bringing out a Life-Healing Pill out of his Ancient Ring, he placed it inside her mouth.

    He picked her up in his arms and walked over to Orion, "Orion, are you alright."

    Orion was standing tall; however, even he was bleeding a little. Fortunately, his wounds didn't look serious.

    "Move back. I'll handle whoever it is. Stay far from us," Long Chen said as he placed Xue on top of Orion.

    Orion listened to Long Chen and moved back slowly, making sure that Xue didn't fall down.

    "Alright. Now that I'm done with them, time to deal with it," Long Chen muttered, glancing back in the direction that blast came from.

    He could see a young boy standing there. The boy had dark hair and golden eyes that seemed like the blazing sun. His eyes were similar to Long Chen's golden eyes; however, his eyes seemed more fiery.

    Long Chen looked at the person, realizing that he was only a kid; he muttered in confusion, " It's just a kid? We aren't in the spirit world. So he can't be a Spirit Warrior. He doesn't have any Cultivation. How did he attack me like that?"

    "My blood, it's boiling. It feels the same as I felt the day I entered that ancient dungeon. Why am I feeling it now? Who is that kid?" he lamented.

    " The kid, stay away from him!" Xun suddenly called out as she appeared beside him.

    "Do you know who he is?" Long Chen asked.

    His previous plan was to attack the one who harmed Xue but looking at the kid; he was more confused than angry.

    " I don't know who he is, but I feel fear. I haven't felt this type of fear for as long as I can remember. As a Treasure Spirit, I never felt it. Even in front of Master, I didn't feel this way. This Kid... I don't know who he is or what he is... But he isn't someone we should involve ourselves with," Xun let out in full seriousness.

    " He called out grandma before the attack. Maybe the old lady who died was his grandma. If that's the truth, then he should be a villager. With the town destroyed, he might be an orphan. If I can get him on my side, a strong person like him can be of great help in the future," Long Chen replied, as a thoughtful look appeared on his face.


    "No buts. You said that I shouldn't make him an enemy, but I'm not going to do that. He is a villager. There shouldn't be any harm in making him an ally," Long Chen muttered as he walked towards the young boy.


    Xu Liang didn't know where he was after he saw the old lady die. It was as if he was trapped in a sea of pain, drowning slowly.

    "You will suffer!"

    "You broke the balance!"

    "You will never be free!"

    The voices kept echoing in his head one after another.

    He couldn't see anything. Everything was surrounded by a mist. He didn't know if he was on the ground, in the air, or in hell.

    All he could see was the dead body of the old lady in front of her eyes.

    "Why! Why did she die! Why did they kill him! Why do people have to die! Why!" he felt like screaming, but no words were coming out of his mouth.

    "Isn't this what you wanted? You created these imperfections! These are your faults! You are responsible!"

    An ancient-sounding voice echoed in his head.

    The young boy looked to his left, where he felt the voice came from.

    He saw a shadow walking towards him.

    "It's your fault! It's your fault she's dead! It's all your fault!"

    The shadow kept saying as it walked towards him.


    "Listen, kid, none of it is your fault. It's those evil men who killed your Grandma. It's all their fault."

    Long Chen kept gently saying as he walked towards the young boy, trying to calm him down.

    "Since you don't have any family left, why don't you come with me? I'll take care of you," Long Chen said as he stepped even closer.


    "You don't have anyone left anymore. They all died because of you. Come with me! Let me take you to the hell you deserve to stay inside! Come! Come with me! Let me destroy you!"

    The Shadow continued talking in a grim tone as it walked towards Xu Liang.

    "Shut up! I didn't kill anyone! You killed my Grandma!" Xu Liang thundered as he smashed his feet on the ground.

    Cracks developed on the ground as another energy wave left the body of the young boy, hitting the shadow, tossing it back.


    "Let me help you!" Long Chen said as he continued walking closer to the boy who was looking at him.

    There were only five meters of distance between the two of them when the young boy suddenly roared.  "Shut up! I didn't kill anyone! You killed my Grandma!"

    "Hmm, Wha-"

    Long Chen was confused as to what the boy was talking about when he saw the boy smash his feet on the ground, creating a crater where he stood. Cracks developed everywhere as the ground started shaking.

    That wasn't all, though. An energy wave came from the boy once again, tossing Long Chen back again.

    Long Chen flew back and crashed on the wall of a house. The wall wasn't strong enough to stop him, though. The wall broke as Long Chen crashed inside the house.

    Cough! Cough!

    Long Chen stood up amidst the rubble, coughing.

    "Hah, Xun, I must say, you were right. The kid is definitely a psychopath," Long Chen muttered, laughing.

    "I told you. I'm always right. Let's leave him on his own. Don't involve yourself in his matters," Xun said to Long Chen, happy that he was listening to her.

    "You didn't let me finish. He is a psychopath, but he's strong as well. He is more powerful than any artifact I saw. He is like a treasure that I should possess. If I have him on my team, I can be much stronger. He probably doesn't know what he's doing if what I think is right. I have a way to make him mine," Long Chen muttered as he stepped out, smiling confidently.
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