805 Chapter 805: Different Timeline

    "What are you going to do?" Xun asked Long Chen, feeling confused about what he intended.

    'What I wish to do? That's simple. I'm going to control the reason for his anger! Through the eternal illusion," Long Chen muttered as his eyes changed color and became misty grey.

    "Calm down. Why are you so angry? Did you see a bad dream?"

    Long Chen created an illusion of the old lady walking towards the boy. He didn't go himself this time.

    He could feel that the boy wasn't stable. He had lost someone close to him, which made him lose his mind as well.  According to him, only the old lady could heal the boy and calm him down.

    Unable to make the old lady alive, he used the second-best way he could imagine. He created an illusion.

    He explained expected the boy to calm down; however, it didn't happen. The boy seemed like he was getting even more furious as he screamed, "Shut up! You killed my Grandma!"

    A third energy wave came out of his body, which was even more potent than the first two times. Long Chen again suffered the brunt of it as he was tossed back like a rock.

    Cough Cough,

    Long Chen stepped out of the rubble again, wiping the dust from his clothes. "Ok, I'm starting to get annoyed now."

    "Your previous plan was a disaster. It looks like the illusion didn't work on him, or he's not in a mindset to comprehend what just happened," Xun told Long Chen. "What's the next plan?"

    "Are you willing to listen to me and run now?" She asked.

    "Not yet. It has just started. I'm not giving up on the kid. This kid is not someone simple. My blood has been booking since the moment I saw him. This can only mean this kid is related to my bloodline. Maybe he's the son of Tian Shen since he was the one who received this bloodline before me? Whatever being the reason, I need to knock the kid out," Long Chen muttered, shaking his head.

    "His kid? He did have a few romantic endeavors with ladies, so this isn't a far stretch. Still, even if it was his baby, he shouldn't be this strong, unless his mother was..." Xun muttered, but she stopped as she thought of something.

    "C-could it be that she got pregnant after he did that... No! Even if she were pregnant with his child, her son wouldn't be on this lowly planet. But this kid doesn't seem like a person born on this lowly planet with his strength. Could it actually be..." she wondered as she frowned.

    Long Chen stepped on the streets once again, cracking his knuckles.

    He brought out the Phoenix Blood Robe from his Ancient Ring and wore it around his back to protect him against the energy waves.

    "I wanted to do it the less painful way, but if that's not what you want, then I can play the hard way too."

    He used his Teleportation to appear behind the young boy; however, his Teleportation was broken mid-way as he was thrown out of the space ten meters away from the young boy.

    "Heck! The space around him is so unstable. By Teleportation, I can't reach near him either. Fuck it! I'll heal you after hurting you a little! I have Life-Giving pills. You won't die!"

    Feeling frustrated, Long Chen pulled out his Sword of Time.

    He flew straight towards the young boy; however, he had already prepared himself for the energy waves this time. Surrounding his body was a space barrier, which was further reinforced with the Blood-red robe.

    He flew towards the young boy with the Sword of Time in his hand.

    Another energy wave left the boy's body when Long Chen reached near him; however, before it could reach Long Chen, he slashed with his Sword of Time.

    The rusted sword hit the energy wave; however, nothing happened. Long Chen prepared himself for the impact,  which he believed to be barely harmful to him as he surrounded himself with all these protections.

    The semi-transparent energy wave touched the tip of the rusted sword as it passed through, continuing towards Long Chen.

    The energy wave passed through Long Chen without harming him in the least. The energy wave, which looked even more powerful than the last time, didn't do even the slightest of damage to Long Chen. Instead, it felt like a breeze passed through.

    "What happened? Could it be the sword?" Long Chen muttered in confusion; however, he didn't stop running towards the young boy.

    "It was the Sword of Time. I don't know how, but it sent that energy wave in a different timeline. That's why it didn't touch you. It's just like how an attack made in a different space can't harm a person standing in a different space. It's the same with time. The attack was tossed in a different time, or maybe you were sent in a different time  briefly to protect you from the attack?" Xun gave her assumption in his head.

    "Hah, truly a God Grade Weapon!" Long Chen laughed as he ran with even more zeal, feeling safer and more confident.

    "You killed your Grandma! You killed her! You killed the lady that saved you and helped you! You're an ungrateful bastard!"

    While Long Chen was flying towards him, the young boy was still seeing the shadow blaming him for the death.

    His entire world was surrounded by darkness. He only saw a shadow that was blaming him.

    He was drowning in the depths of despair as time kept passing.

    "You killed her, not me! You took my family! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Xu Liang roared as he closed his ears.

    An even denser energy wave left his body, creating an even deeper crater where he stood.

    "Come! Throw everything you have! Let me face it all!" Long Chen thundered as he gripped his Sword of Time even more firmly as he slashed.

    The Energy Wave that looked life-threatening until a moment ago had its entire aura disappeared as it passed through Long Chen, without harming him in the least.

    It again recovered its strength as soon as it passed through Long Chen, destroying everything on its way.

    'it was me who was in a different timeline! This must be it,' Long Chen thought, noticing the damage on the ground. Only he was saved.

    Long Chen was now only a meter away from the kid. He thrust his sword to stab the kid, thinking that he'll heal him with a Life-Giving pill.

    The Sword advanced towards the chest of the boy, towards his heart.
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