806 Chapter 806: Eternal Banishment IP

    The Sword reached near the chest of the boy, but as it was about to touch the kid, it stopped. Changing his plan, Long Chen decided to use a simpler way instead since he didn't need to worry about the kid's attacks anymore.

    Instead of stabbing his sword, he hit the back of the boy's head with his other hand, making him lose consciousness.

    "This is better," he muttered as he watched the body lying on the ground, unconscious.

    Reaching out his hand, he touched the boy and picked him up in his arms.

    As soon as he picked up the young boy, he felt a sense of familiarity as if he had met someone he lost long ago, but his blood was acting up as well.


    A young boy was floating in infinite space, unaware of where he was. He slowly opened his eyes, only to see another person before him.

    It seemed like a kid of the same age as him.

    " Who are you?" the second kid asked the first.

    "Who am I?' the first kid muttered, unable to remember himself.

    "You don't know?" the second kid asked.

    The first kid replied, blankly, "I don't."

    "Who are you?" he asked.

    "I don't know." The second kid replied.

    The two of them floated in the space for what seemed like an eternity. There were no stars or worlds. Only the infinite space existed where the two kids floated.

    As time kept passing, the two of them got older until they were looking more like young men from the human race.

    "It is so empty. Why are there only two of us? What is our purpose?" the first young man asked the second, who was looking older as well.

    The second young man shook his head, not understanding himself. He asked, "I don't know. Why do we exist?"

    "It is too empty. There is only this void and the two of us," the first young man answered blankly. "This isn't right."

    " What more can we need?" the second young man asked, confused.

    " More people like us?" the first young man muttered, thinking of something.

    Time kept passing as eons passed. The two young men gained knowledge with the passing of time. The two young men realized that they possessed many powers, which they slowly started to understand about.

    One of these powers happened to be the power of creation.

    The two of them had become something akin to friends, but they didn't understand what it meant.

    They created more people like them, trying to find more people to accompany them.

    They succeeded in creating more people like them; however, they couldn't create perfection. The beings that they made looked like them, but they didn't speak or do anything else. They couldn't breathe in this void either and died soon after.

    More time passed as they tried again. As hundreds of years passed, they succeeded in creating planets, greenery, and many more things. They even created stars so that this vast space doesn't look so empty.

    They created many things, but they didn't succeed in creating beings like themselves.

    Thousands of years passed away before they finally managed to create beings like them. Those beings had a soul that gave them understanding. They were also able to speak however this wasn't perfection either.

    For hundred years, the two of them stayed with the beings that they created, feeling like they had found more friends; however, they didn't know that their perfection wasn't perfection at all.

    The beings that they created were just like them except for the fact that they had a limited lifespan. When the beings died of old age, the two eternal beings felt the pain of loss.

    They realized what losing someone meant.

    One of them hated this feeling, finding it to be a form of imperfection. The other one, however, felt like this feeling was something new that he never felt in his eternal life. He felt the sadness of the loss; however, that made him appreciate life when more.

    Was this the meaning of life? Was finite life the actual perfection? Were they the imperfect beings? This thought appeared in his head; however, he didn't think too much about this.

    The other Eternal being hated limited lifespan after this event.

    The two of them decided that they will create beings like them that could have an eternal lifespan.

    In the upcoming years, they went on to create many perfect beings that had infinite lifespan like them; however, they didn't keep them close to them, fearing attachment and loss like the first time.

    They settled their creations in the world they created.

    The second being was happy at the success as he watched his creations live for thousands of years. The first being, however, felt like something was missing. This life seemed worthless. It was like they just lived for the sake of living. There was no value in life.

    This thought stayed in his head for eons, getting stronger day by day.

    Ultimately, he decided to create something that the other being thought to be morally wrong.

    He decided to create beings with finite life spans while giving them the ability to absorb the natural energy to increase their lifespans if they wished to live for longer. He gave them finite life but an infinite potential to gain immortality and true strength.

    This made the second being angry, who thought that it was against the rules of Nature that they were sent to safeguard. Creating what he considered to be imperfection was against the worldly laws that he had created. With these creations, the world balance was in danger, and the one who caused it was the person he stayed with since he gained an understanding of who they were.

    The second being hated his closest person who went against him.

    He decided to punish the first being for destroying the world balance; however, their strengths were equal. In his head, it was impossible to kill the other one without dying himself.

    Still, for the sake of his beliefs and the world balance, he decided to imprison the creator of imperfections at the danger of losing all his powers if he faced resistance.

    The creator of imperfection promised not to resist and take any punishment he was given in exchange for a promise.

    He received the promise that his imperfect creations wouldn't be destroyed; only then shall he take the punishment without fighting back.

    He did so because he was worried that if he fought, the entire universe and everything they created would be destroyed. So he agreed to the Punishment for the sake of his imperfect creations.

    The second being agreed too, and the destiny was sealed.


    Xu Liang was drowning in a sea that was filled with black water.

    A figure was standing in front of him, watching him drown, but it was impossible to see who or what it was as the mist surrounded that person.

    The sky was covered in dark clouds, which was hiding the sun.

    "You escaped your prison, but you can never escape your punishment. You will always suffer the punishment for eternity. You will be brought back to your he'll. You will suffer for an eternity for what you did," the figure said. It was difficult to judge if that voice was male or female.

    After saying that, the figure disappeared.

    Xu Liang continued struggling to stay afloat in the pitch-black water.


    While Xu Liang was struggling to swim, he heard a screeching sound from the sky.

    He looked up only to see the clouds splitting apart, giving the path for Sunlight to fall on top of him.

    He also saw a flaming figure coming down from the sky that seemed like a Rainbow Phoenix.

    The Rainbow Phoenix came crashing down towards Xu Liang.
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