807 Chapter 807: Lies

    The Rainbow Phoenix came crashing down towards Xu Liang, who was struggling to stay afloat as it dove inside the pitch-black water.

    As soon as the Rainbow Phoenix entered the water, it's black color started changing as it became more transparent.

    The Rainbow Phoenix arrived under Xu Liang's feet and started taking him into the air as it rose towards the sun.

    Xu Liang sat on the Rainbow Phoenix, struggling to breathe as the Rainbow Phoenix flew upwards.

    "What is happening?" Xu Liang muttered in confusion after his breathing calmed down.

    The Rainbow Phoenix didn't reply as it continued flying however that's when another beast came out from the sky, looking like a small two-tailed cat that was falling towards the Rainbow Phoenix.

    The small two-tailed cat started getting bigger and bigger until it changed shape into a giant White Tiger that had the wings of a Phoenix and the Claws of the dragon.

    The beast opened its mouth and fired a blinding ray of light towards Xu Liang.


    Xu Liang suddenly sat straight as he was hit by that Ray of light. He looked around, only to find him lying on the ground.

    He saw a young dark-haired boy sitting in front of a fireplace, cooking a freshly hunted beast.

    He looked around, finding no one else there.

    Only after some time passed did he got his memories back of what happened. He remembered that the old lady was killed right in front of his eyes before everything turned dark. He didn't remember anything after that except for the weird dream he had.

    "Grandma! Was it a dream too?" He muttered in confusion.

    Long Chen looked back at the young boy after hearing a noise. He smiled gently. "Oh, you're up. Your Grandma said that you would sleep for longer since she gave you the sleeping pills."

    "Come, have something to eat. You might be hungry." he continued.

    The young boy looked in confusion, not remembering seeing the young man ever before.

    "Who are you? What sleeping pills? Where am I?" Xu Liang bombarded Long Chen with questions.

    "I am Long Chen. I am a wandering Cultivator. When I was passing through your village, your grandma approached me. She told me to take you with me to help you grow up. She said that your growth was stilted in the village since she already taught you most of the things she could," Long Chen said, making an excuse.

    "She begged me to help you, and I agreed. She did say that you love her a lot, and you wouldn't agree. So she fed you a sleeping powder so that you sleep when I bring you far away with me," he continued with his lies, making up a believable story that would work for a kid.

    "No! She can't let me leave her! She loved me! You're lying!" Xu Liang said, not believing him as he took a step back.

    "I know she loved you. I could feel that immense love in her eyes. You underestimate her love. She loved you so much that she even agreed to let you separate from her for your better future. Are you going to betray her trust by going back without becoming a better man and learning everything from me? Or are you going to take my help and make her wishes come true? The decision is yours. If you go back in that direction for two days, you'll get back to the village. I leave the choice to you," Long Chen said in a careless manner.

    "I-i..." Xu Liang muttered in confusion, not understanding what he needed to do. He was still young and inexperienced. Just of his conscious life was spent with the old lady, far away from lies and dishonesty. He didn't think that Long Chen was lying even if his story was so stunning.

    He looked back towards the direction he was told his village was before he looked back at Long Chen.

    He clenched his fist as he nodded his head. "I will become a better man with you and make Grandma's wishes come true; only then shall I go back. I will make her proud," he said, full of determination.

    "Good decision. Your Grandma will be really proud. Come, you haven't eaten anything in a long time. You must be hungry," Long Chen let out as he called the young boy closer to eat.

    "Oh, right. This is my wife, Xue, and this is my partner in crime, Orion."

    He introduced Xue and Orion. The two of them knew the truth about the boy, but they were already taught what to do by Long Chen.

    " Your Grandma was a really nice woman. Make her proud, alright," Xue said as she patted the head of Xu Liang, who nodded in reply.

    He sat down in front of Long Chen.


    Long Chen gave him beast meat to eat. He distributed the rest between Orion and Xue.

    "Aren't you going to eat, Big Brother Chen?" the boy asked as he noticed that Long Chen wasn't eating and only giving others.

    Long Chen looked at the boy, stunned at being called Big Brother.

    " Ah, S-sorry for calling you that. Senior Chen." The boy corrected himself.

    "It's fine. I'm older than you but not that much old. You can call me big brother," Long Chen said, rubbing the head of the young boy.

    "I'll call you little brother," he continued.

    He didn't know the name of the boy, and he couldn't ask either. He had claimed that the boy's Grandma met him. If he asked for the boy's name now, it was going to arouse suspicions. So he decided to forget about the kid's name and decided to address him as little brother in the future.

    "It's fine, Big Brother Chen. You can call me Liang'er as my Grandma did," the young boy replied, shaking his head.

    Hearing the boy's answer, a smile appeared on Long Chen's face. He had told his name himself without being suspicious. It made Long Chen's work easier.

    "Alright, Liang'er. I'll address you the same way," Long Chen said, smiling.

    "So, how will I become a better person for Grandma to be proud of? How long will it take?" the boy asked curiously.

    "It is a slow process, so it would take a long time. I will have to teach you about cultivation since you don't have any. I'll teach you many more things, but by the time I'm done, you'll be the best version of yourself. When you succeed and finally come back, your grandma will be really happy," Long Chen said, smiling.

    "Oh, right. I forgot to ask this question to your Grandma. Can you read?" he asked, acting as if he had forgotten something important.

    "I can read. Grandma taught me," Xu Liang answered.

    "Good boy. Finish eating. Then I will give you a Cultivation Manuel. Read that yourself and try to understand it. It's fine even if you don't understand a single thing. Just finish reading it completely. After you finish, I will explain about it. I'll make sure that your grandma's wish is fulfilled since I promised her," Long Chen said, smiling.

    Everyone except Long Chen finished eating. The boy didn't know that Long Chen had already eaten hours before, and he actually wasn't hungry now.

    After everyone finished eating, Long Chen brought a Cultivation manual from his storage ring. It was one of the strongest Cultivation art that he had collected. He didn't give the Nameless Cultivation skill that he was using, though.

    "Here it is. It's really powerful, but it's similarly complicated. Just try to read it entirely while trying to comprehend," Long Chen said, giving the Cultivation Manuel to the boy.

    "I will," the boy nodded his head as he accepted the Manual.

    "Hmm? Do we have some guests?" Long Chen suddenly muttered, looking back.
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