808 Chapter 808: Attacked

    Long Chen stood up and looked back as he heard the sound of footsteps.

    "Stay here. I'll be right back," he said as he walked towards the noises, only to see a group of people stepping out of the bushes.

    There happened to be twelve men that came towards them.

    "So this is where that tasty smell was coming from. Kid, did you cook something? Come, serve us what you made," one of the men asked, laughing as they noticed Long Chen.

    "Hmm? Boss, he not only has the food but ladies too. It looks like our day is going to be very colorful. We came to look for the golden flower in this forest for the Princess, but we found an even prettier flower that we can pluck all day long," another man chimed in as they noticed Xue standing near the fire.

    "Hahaha, it's really our lucky day. I have been missing my wife since I left the city. Who knew I would find an even prettier lady to fulfill my desires." The leader laughed as he looked at Xue while licking his lips.

    "You want her? Go," Long Chen said as he stepped aside and gestured for them to move forward.

    Despite this, Xue didn't look scared, as if she trusted Long Chen completely.

    Xu Liang, however, looked stunned, confused as to what was happening. He didn't understand the concept of bad guys trying to take someone's woman. He didn't know anything about love and romance other than the motherly love he shared with the old lady.

    "Hahaha, sensible kid. Good work. We will reward you handsomely after we are done," the leader stepped towards Xue.

    As he reached near Long Chen in an effort to pass him, Long Chen moved again, standing in front of him.

    "What are you doing?" the leader said furiously.

    "I told you to go. Why are you stopping?" Long Chen asked innocently.

    "Move aside then!" The man said as he placed his hand on Long Chen's shoulder to move him aside.

    As soon as the man's hand touched Long Chen's shoulder, a fist landed on his chest, cracking his bones. The man flew back, crashing on the ground as a white liquid came out of his mouth.

    "Boss!" The men ran towards the man that lay flat on the groom.

    "He's dead," one of the men muttered as he looked at Long Chen with a pale face.

    "He died from just that? I thought he would be stronger since he was acting so bravely before me," Long Chen muttered, shaking his head.

    'Just where am I? These men said that they were looking for a flower for a princess. This must mean that work for the royal family, but even their strongest person is only a Spirit Established Realm Cultivation. Am I still in the Continent of Dreams? How can Royal Cultivators be this weak here? Even in the Shui Kingdom back home, Royal Cultivators were Gold Realm Cultivators. Just where am I?' he thought, confused.

    "I have people I can ask, though. Let's see where I am," he muttered as he stepped closer to the men, only Eleven of whom were left.

    "You dared to kill our boss! Do you know who we are? You dare to go against the Gale Kingdom?!" The men stood up as they pulled out their weapons before they started running towards Long Chen to kill him.

    "I only need one of you alive. The one that was to live come in the end," Long Chen called out, watching the men run towards him as he pulled out a sword from his Ancient Ring.

    The sword he brought was the Spirit Sword that could attack on its own.

    He threw the sword towards the men, which started flying on its own, cutting the men.

    "It's boring when the enemies aren't strong. Just this sword alone can handle you all. I know I should be happy that I don't have strong enemies, but it's just too boring," he muttered as he walked towards the men while their headless bodies kept falling on the ground.

    Ultimately, only one person was left. He started shivering as he watched all his friends being killed. He dropped down to his knees, fearing that it was his turn soon. He was clever, though. He had remembered Long Chen's words, so he ran back to the end, making him the last person.

    Long Chen wished to leave one alive for his answers, so he was left alive.

    "Clever guy. Now be more clever and answer me what I want to know. Only then shall you be left alive. Otherwise, you'll share the same fate as them," he said, threatening the man.

    "I-i will. I will answer everything honestly!" the man said, barely controlling himself from wetting the ground.

    "Good. Now be a good guy and stand up," Long Chen replied, tapping the shoulder of the man who couldn't control anymore and wet himself.

    "Cheh! Disgusting. No need to stand up. Just stay there," he let out, shaking his head.

    "Tell me the name of the Kingdom you came from," he inquired before he slapped his forehead. "Oh wait, that guy already bragged about it before he died. The Gale Kingdom, I think."

    "How far is that Kingdom from this place?" he inquired.

    "We are on the outskirts of the kingdom. It'll take a few hours of walking to enter the borders of the Kingdom," the man replied, feeling disgusted himself that he was sitting on his own pee, but he was relieved as well that he was alive.

    'So the next kingdom itself,' Long Chen thought, understanding his words.

    "Tell me the continent we are in?" he asked.

    " We are in the Light Heaven Continent," the man replied.

    "The Light Heaven Continent? It's the same kingdom. I'm not in the wrong place. Why are Cultivators so weak? This is the Cultivation heaven. What's happening?" Long Chen muttered as if talking to himself.

    " Not all Kingdoms are strong here. We live on the outskirts of the Continent and don't have many resources. Only the Royalty is strong, and that too because they go to the Central Kingdoms to study and use the resources there. We and the others are left to fend for ourselves," the man replied, sighing.

    "Don't they buy resources and share them with the guards? Which Kingdom can let their guards be weaker? What if other kingdoms attack?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Who would dare attack such a desolate Kingdom? There are many Kingdoms like that nearby. We barely survive on the resources we already have. Who would dare to spend resources conquering such a useless Kingdom," the man said, not feeling shy at all about talking bad about his kingdom.

    "What flower were you looking for? Is it something rare that can help in cultivation?" Long Chen asked, thinking he could get some special herbs for himself.

    "Not at all. It's just a useless flower that's known for only it's beauty. There is said to be only one such flower in this kingdom. The Princess asked us to find it and bring it to get since it's her favorite flower," the man replied, shaking his head.

    Placing his hand on his chin, Long Chen smiled. "Oh? It looks like the Princess won't be getting her favorite flower this time. Anyway, do you have a map of this place?"

    "I-i didn't bring a map since we know the region like the back of our hands," the man answered.

    "Alright. I got all the answers I need. You can die in peace now. You did good before your death," Long Chen said as he turned back to walk towards Xue.

    The Spirit Sword flew behind him, cutting the neck of the men before it placed itself in his hands on its own.
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