809 Chapter 809: Last Nigh

    "Good work," Long Chen complimented as he glanced at the Spirit Sword in his hand before he put the Sword back in his storage ring.

    He walked back and sat near the bonfire.

    He noticed that Xu Liang was staring at him.

    "Do you have something to say?" he asked the kid.

    "You killed humans," Xu Liang answered.

    "Oh, you're talking about that. Lesson number one, if someone dared to disrespect your family and your friends, there's nothing wrong with beating them up. And if they dared to put their hand on your family or friends, killing them isn't wrong in this world. It's a world where people will eat you alive if you're not strong," Long Chen said to Xu Liang, justifying his actions.

    "So it isn't wrong?" Xu Liang asked.

    "No, it isn't. Only when it's justified. Killing innocent people isn't good either unless there's a really good reason behind it," Long Chen explained, giving a sense of right and wrong according to his understanding of this world.

    "Anyway, you should go and sleep now. The tents are already placed. Have a good sleep. It's going to be a long day tomorrow," he continued, pointing towards the left tent.

    "Yes," Xu Liang stood up with the Cultivation Manual in his hand and walked inside the tent.

    After Xu Liang left, Long Chen looked at Xue and placed his hands on her cheeks. "We should get going too."

    He called out the female Puppet he had received from the Bloodline Temple that he had named Xia.

    "Xia, Your task is to protect us tonight. Kill anyone or anything that comes near the tents. It doesn't matter if they're humans or beasts. No one should put out safely in jeopardy," he commanded Xue before he held Xue's hand and stepped inside the room.

    Long Chen and Xue sat inside the tent, looking into each other's eyes.

    "It's the last day of you with me before it's Mei's turn. Time passed so fast, I didn't even realize it," Long Chen said, remembering that Xue's time was up, and from tomorrow, it was Mei's turn. He was feeling somewhat sad that he has to separate from Xue. The last few days have been so good, and Xue took care of him perfectly.

    "It's fine. These seven days have been the best for me already. It was already more than I could have expected as during this time, I was the only one in your eyes. I'm so glad I got to have these seven days with you," Xue said as she placed her head on Long Chen's shoulders.

    "I'm glad to have such time as well. I wish I could give all my time to you," Long Chen muttered as he rubbed the cheeks of Xue.

    "No. The others deserve your time just as much as I. I'm satisfied with these seven days itself. I'll get another seven days after everyone gets their turn. It's more like waiting for the great times. These memories should be enough for the next few weeks until it's my turn again," Xue said, gently.

    Long Chen placed his hand on Xue's chin and looked into her beautiful eyes.

    "I love you," he said gently as he kissed her soft lips.

    [[Warning: The upcoming scenes might be considered R18 by some. Those that hate this can skip to the next chapter]]

    Xue didn't oppose and let him do as he wished. She even opened her lips to give him a free rein inside her mouth.

    Long Chen placed his right hand on Xue's neck as he slid his tongue inside Xue's mouth in search of her tongue.

    His left hand found the path to Xue's breasts, which he started rubbing as he kissed her.


    Xue couldn't help but moan as her breasts were touched by Long Chen. Her moans only intensified as Long Chen began pinching her peaks as of toying with them while he played with her tongue.

    Soon, he slid his hand downwards, freeing her breast; however, Xue didn't feel relieved. Her face only turned redder and redder.

    As she felt Long Chen's hand slid down to her stomach, where it stayed for a brief second before it slowly slid downward, only stopping when his fingers were between her lips.


    Xue kept moaning, but her moans didn't come out of her lips as her lips were closed by Long Chen already.

    Long Chen rubbed her sacred place from above her clothes before he inserted his hand inside her skirt and started rubbing it directly without any clothes in creating an obstruction.

    "Uhhn!" Xue wrapped her arms around Long Chen's back, feeling her body shivering just from his touch alone.

    After a few seconds, Long Chen could feel wetness on his fingers.

    He freed her lips and bit ear earlobes as he whispered, "Looks like you're ready."

    He sticky fingers out while also removing his hand from the back of Xue's neck.

    Placing his hands on the bottom of Xue's dress, he started pulling it upwards.

    Xue raised her hand, cooperating with him as he removed her top.

    She did, however, close her eyes in embarrassment.

    Long Chen removed her top and placed them to the side before he moved his face forward and placed his lips on Xue's right breast, kissing it gently.  He opened his lips and took the pearl inside his lips, and gently began sucking on it.

    He placed his hand in her left breast as well, as he started playing with it.

    "Ahh... That!" Xue moaned while trying to control her voice.

    Long Chen didn't stop and continued sucking her breast, gently biting them in between.

    After some time, he released her breasts and placed her hand on Xue's shoulder.

    He gently pushed her back, making her lie down on the bed.

    He placed his hand on her skirt and started pulling it down to remove it.

    Xue raised her hips, making it easier for Long Chen.

    The skirt slid down to reveal Xue only in her underwear. Keeping the skirt to the side, Long Chen removed the last piece of clothing from her body the same way before he stood up and took off his shirt.

    Xue sat and watched him take his pants off as well.

    As soon as Long Chen was completely naked, Xue didn't wait. Her face was as red as a tomato, but she still took the lead as she reached out her hand and held Long Chen's sword.

    He moved closer as she started moving her hand back and forth.

    Long Chen smiled as he looked at Xue's red face while she did it.

    He opened his lips to say something, but he stopped as he saw Xue taking his entire thing inside her mouth as she started using her lips to give him pleasure.

    He placed his hand on her head as he closed her eyes, letting Xue do her job while he felt it while keeping his eyes closed.

    'She's so good,' he thought, smiling. His staff was already hard, but it got even bigger and harder the more Xue sucked it.

    "It's enough," he muttered after a ten-minute long session as he opened his eyes.

    He placed his hand on her shoulders as he made her lay down on the bed before he got on top of her.

    He placed his staff at the entrance of Xue's sacred reason as he thrust forward. He easily slid inside Xue while he kissed Xue's lips.

    He started thrusting back and forth, hearing Xue's pleasurable moans. Xue still tried to keep her voice low.


    Xia was standing outside the tent, hearing the slow sounds coming from inside the tent. She didn't check out, though.

    Xu Liang, on the other hand, was already asleep by now, so he didn't hear anything.
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