810 Chapter 810: Physique

    The sun started rising in the distant horizon, making the land warmer.

    Long Chen was lying on the bed, and Xun laid on top of him. His hands were wrapped around her back. None of them had any clothes on their bodies.

    "Xue, it's morning," Long Chen said softly in Xue's ears.

    "Sleeping, huh," he smiled as he didn't receive any response. He gently rubbed her back and closed his eyes, not disturbing her.

    After about half an hour, Xue woke up. She got off of Long Chen and started getting dressed, thinking that Long Chen was sleeping.

    After finishing with dressing, she looked back, only to find Long Chen gazing at her with a gentle expression on his face.

    "When did you wake up?" Xue asked Long Chen.

    "I was up before you," Long Chen said, smiling. He stood up and got dressed as well.

    Xue walked closer to Long Chen and kissed him on the lips before she stepped back.

    "I'm ready to go back. I'll see you soon, my prince," Xun said, smiling.

    "We will, my princess," Long Chen said gently as he held her hands. He gave her a light peck on the lips before he sent her back.

    He sent his consciousness inside the Fake World and brought Mei outside.

    "Welcome, Mei. We're going to have a great week ahead of us," Long Chen said as he stepped forward and hugged Xue.

    "We will," Mei replied as she hid her face in Long Chen's chest. "You know, I missed you a lot."

    "Me too, baby. Come, let me introduce you to someone else who will be accompanying us," Long Chen said as he started telling about Xu Liang.

    " An old lady I met along the way gave me her grandson to take care. He's like my unofficial disciple who will be cultivating under me. He's a nice kid. You'll like it," he said, telling the story he had told Xu Liang.

    He did not wish to make Mei lie to Xu Liang during the seven days she was with him. She knew that Mei would be stressed to keep this farce if he told her that the kid was a powerful person who can easily kill them and that they were to lie to him constantly.

    He wanted Mei to be relaxed for the next seven days. He had already talked about this with Xue and told her to explain the truth when Mei went back after seven days.

    "Oh, nice. Since he treats you like a big brother, I can be his sister in law. It will be fun," Mei said, smiling like a child.

    Long Chen had always known that amongst Xue and Mei, Xue was more serious while Mei was more childish. He quite liked the contrast between the two sisters. Since Xue was older, she became more serious to take care of her little sister. Mei, on the other hand, had the advantage of being the younger sister who could relax under the protection of her sister.

    He stepped out of the tent with Mei and found Xu Liang standing in front of Xia.

    "Who are you? Where did you come from?" Xu Liang asked Xia.

    Xia looked at the young boy but didn't answer him

    " She is Xia. She is my friend. I called her here to help us keep guard so no one attacks us. Also, this is Mae. She is my wife."

    "What happened to big sister? You said she was your wife yesterday. Where did she go? Where did these two come from?" Xu Liang asked Long Chen, frowning.

    " She went back home. It's a power you can gain when you get strong enough. Let me explain."

    Long Chen walked closer to the boy and placed his hand on his head.

    "When you start Cultivation, you start becoming one with the world, and you get stronger not only in body but in soul as well. After you get a high enough realm, you become so powerful that you can even form a world inside you. That's the world where my wives and family live. I call each of them out regularly to make them see this world with me. In the coming time, you will see more new people," Long Chen explained.

    "Don't worry about this. Keep working hard. One day, you'll be able to do it as well," he continued before he walked closer to Xia and sent her back.

    "Let's continue on our way," he said.

    Long Chen had sent Orion back, and he called out the Sun Destroying Condor whenever he needed to travel since he had three people now. He only called out Orion outside to accompany him once in a while when it was time to eat.

    Long Chen climbed on the Sun Destroying Condor before he helped Xu Liang and Mei up as well.

    The three of them sat down as the Condor started flying.

    " Hello, I am Mae. It's so nice to meet you. I heard you're here to learn from him. He's a great teacher. I am sure that you will be a really powerful person in the future, just like him." Mae started talking to Xu Liang.

    "I hope so. I really want to make my Grandma proud," Xu Liang said as he smiled innocently.

    Long Chen looked at the young boy and remembered the scene where the kid was using his powers. He was sure that this boy couldn't be the grandson of that old lady. He was most probably someone from a higher realm.

    He was even suspicious that this kid was the son of Tian Shen.

    'Xun, what do you think? What are the chances of this kid being from higher realms?' he asked Xun.

    "I feel that he's not a human at least. Without Cultivation, that amount of power is not something a normal person can possess unless they have some special Physique. If this kid has a special physique, he can be from this world. If he doesn't have a special Physique, there's no doubt that he's from a higher realm," Xun answered Long Chen what she thought.

    ' How can I know if it's his special physique or something else?' Long Chen asked Xun.

    "I don't know. It's not easy to find if someone has a Special Physique. There are ways, but they are more dangerous, which puts your life in danger," Xun answered, shaking his head.

    After thinking for a while, Long Chen sighed. He felt like it wasn't worth the risk.

    "Hey, Liang'er. I had a question. What do you remember of your childhood? I mean, what's your oldest memory?" Long Chen asked the kid. "Do you remember your parents?"

    "My oldest memory? I only remember standing in a desert. I did meet a strange person there who disappeared as well, leaving me alone. Maybe he was my father? Grandma found me in the desert and took me home. She said that the guy was probably my father who abandoned me," Xu Liang answered after remembering his oldest memory, which itself was mostly blurry.

    " How long ago was it?" Long Chen asked.

    " Somewhere close to a year, I think," the boy replied.

    " So you don't have any memory until you are 8-9 years old since you're 9-10 years old now. Ninety percent of your life is missing," Long Chen muttered, frowning.

    "Nine years old? I am only six years old, according to Grandma. She said I have a special physique that makes me grow fast," Xu Liang answered, shaking his head.

    "Special Physique? So it is indeed that. I guess you aren't from a higher realm," Long Chen let out with an understanding look on his face. "Special Physique is nice indeed. It gives so much strength without even Cultivation."

    "There it is, the city," he suddenly said as he saw the city on the distant horizon.
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