811 Chapter 811: Growth

    "That should be the Kingdom those guys were from. I should be able to get a map there," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the city, but he should his head.

    He passed over the city without stopping.

    "Are we not stopping?" Mae asked Long Chen as she saw him not stop despite talking about the map. "Do you not want a map?"

    "It's useless. As long as I know that I'm on the same continent, it should be fine. I have this talisman to show me the path. Why would it matter if I don't know the names of the kingdom," Long Chen replied as he observed the talisman in his hand.

    "Where does that talisman take us?" Xu Liang asked Long Chen as he heard his words and saw the talisman.

    "This talisman will show me the way to get to a dear friend," Long Chen replied, smiling.

    "You'll like that guy. He's similar to me. He should be married by now. I don't think he will wait for so long unless he didn't find a decent girl," he continued as he looked into the distant horizon.

    He looked at the booklet in Xu Liang's hand.

    "Did you finish reading this?" he asked.

    "I finished reading it," the young boy said, slightly hesitant.

    "You didn't understand anything, did you?" Long Chen inquired, understanding the reason for his hesitancy.

    Xu Liang looked at the book in his hand before he shook his head.

    "I didn't. It talked about something that I couldn't understand. I do know how to read but the words written here are something that you don't understand. The Qi, internal energy, dan, diversion, soul region... I didn't get anything."

    "It's fine. I expected something like that," Long Chen answered gently.

    'If I hadn't entered the body of this guy that already had the basic knowledge of cultivation, I would be having a hard time too. It's not unexpected,' he thought.

    He reached out his hand and took the booklet back.

    "It's not really complicated when you understand the basics. Let me tell you in simpler terms."

    "This world that we live in is filled with the energy of the universe. Even our surroundings are filled with such energy. The air we breathe also contains such energy, but we have no way to absorb that energy for our advantage; that energy always goes to waste. We call that energy as Natural Qi. Using that Qi to elevate your body and your soul is the entire basis of Cultivation. It's all about using the Qi and nourishing your body and soul."

    Long Chen started explaining the basics of Cultivation.

    " Really? Can the air really make us so strong? You killed the people so easily. Is this Qi really able to make me this strong?" Xu Liang asked in shock.

    "That's not all. That's just the least of it. You can do much more. You can even fly after you get high enough Cultivation," Long Chen replied as he chuckled.

    "Can you fly too?"

    "Of course I can fly."

    Long Chen told the Sun Destroying Condor to stop as he showed Xu Liang his flying ability. He didn't use his wings or his swords to do it. He simply used his Sky Realm Cultivation, which allowed him to walk on air.

    After a brief demonstration of his abilities, he came down. The Condor again started flying.

    "That was amazing!"

    Xu Liang was amazed after watching Long Chen fly. He now understood why his grandma sent him with these people to study.

    "It was morning. You can do even more. That's the power of Cultivation that we mortals were provided with to help us reach immortality with proper effort," Long Chen casually said.

    "How can I absorb this Qi?" Xu Liang inquired curiously.

    "Just do this..."

    Long Chen described the method of Cultivation carefully based on the booklet that he had given. He didn't share the details about his own Cultivation method.

    After hearing the explanation, Xu Liang nodded his head.

    "I will try," he nodded his head as he started doing what Long Chen said.

    Watching the boy Cultivate, Long Chen muttered, "If he is really talented, he should be able to become a Cultivator in a few days."

    A day passed away in silence.

    When the night arrived, Long Chen decided that it was time for them to shelter. Since he was with Mae and a kid, he didn't wish to fly constantly.

    He also thought about giving rest to the Sun Destroying Condor while he and Mae enjoyed the few nights they had together.

    After landing, he set up two tents again with the help of Xia. Hunting a beast, he made another barbecue, which all three of them ate together this time.

    After they finished eating, they went into their tents. Xia was again responsible for keeping them secured during the light.

    As morning arrived, Long Chen and Mei got dressed before they stepped out of the tent.

    They again resumed their journey.


    "Hmm? It's only the second day since he began, and he already broke through to the first stage of Body Refining Realm? This first level should have taken longer for him since he is a complete novice, but he achieved it so fast. The kid is really talented."

    Long Chen was looking at the young boy beside him who had just achieved a breakthrough. He couldn't help but praise the kid.

    "This Special Physique makes me jealous," He let out, smiling wryly.

    He felt a hand touch his shoulder. Looking to his left, he saw Xun sitting there.

    " Don't worry. All special physiques fail in front of true power. Based on your potential, you can reach the level where no special physique will be able to compare to you. Also, no matter what, he's still a kid. If you can make the kid attached to you, he can be a great weapon for you who is no less than your own power," Xun said to Long Chen, smiling.

    Long Chen didn't answer and simply looked at her.

    'Do you feel clever repeating my own plan to me that I told you at the beginning?' he asked with an amused smile on his face.

    "Hmph, can't it be that great minds think alike?" Xun let out as she snorted. She soon disappeared.


    Days kept passing slowly, which soon turned to months.

    Two months were already over since Long Chen had called out Mei.

    He was now being accompanied by Su Zhiqing, whose turn it was to accompany him. It was her last day with him, though.

    "How long is it going to take before we get to Ji Shan? It's already over a year since we last saw him, and it's been close to ten months since we came to this continent?" Zhiqing asked Long Chen. She was genuinely wondering how long it was going to take since they traveled for so long and passed through many Kingdoms, and still they weren't able to get to Ji Shan.

    "I have no idea how long it would take. This Talisman only shows the direction of the other talisman. It doesn't show the distance," Long Chen replied as he smiled wryly.

    "Sigh, if it's like this, let alone his marriage, we would get to him when his grandkids are getting married," Zhiqing chuckled as she joked around.

    She was sitting on Long Chen's embrace in his lap while he was hugging her from behind.

    "It wouldn't be bad to attend his grandkid's wedding either," Long Chen said as he laughed.

    He looked towards Xu Liang, who still had his eyes close and was lost in cultivation. He was cultivating even more eagerly to become what his Grandma desired even faster so he could get back to her more quickly.
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